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God intended to make things with benefits. Prayer is the most beneficial acts toward God’s willpower. If we do not know how important prayers are, we do not realize and appreciate the benefit from it.

Like when someone dies, we remember all his goodness when he died but while they were alive, they are seems to be ignored and taken for granted. We even did not express and say how much we love them.
The benefits of prayers, is that God always has an answers.

Many of us forgot to appreciate God for what he has done to us. When are we going to offer our prayer for someone before we are gone in this world? Not tomorrow, not in the future but it has to be now. Pray and enjoy its benefits with love ones.
One of the benefits of prayer is that we can ask God what we want and just wait for his promise. When it is His will, let it be done. We can pray any time, anywhere and in as much as we can. We can pray overnight and be answered overnight. We can also ask for a prayer partner or join into the group to increase the power of your prayer. Just pray and be strong instead of staying in weak and failed. Prayer will get rid you out of the uneasiness. Through prayer the Holy Spirit will help us what do we want to pray, how to glorify and adore Him, what do we want to ask from God, how we give thanks and ask for supplications. Prayer brings peace in our hearts, in our family, in our community and in our country.
Prayers brings forgiveness and apart us from sins. Prayers united us as one. Consistent prayer and faith will deliver us from salvation and that is the ultimate benefit of prayers.
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Article By: Naomi Cook

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