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  • Shop Discount Travel Auctions for Bargains

    By Maria Wilmer

    I have a bit of a reputation among my close friends and family members, that of being somebody that loves to vacation. In fact, if I had things my own way, I would likely be vacationing much more often than I was at home. It really does not even matter what type of vacation I am taking, regardless of whether it is visiting a neighboring town and staying in a hotel or going on a cruise for a week or longer, I am going to enjoy myself. Of course, along the way I have amassed quite a bit of knowledge about finding the perfect vacation and doing so at a price that was affordable. None of them were quite as affordable, however, as when I discovered how to use a travel auction to save money.  Read..

  • Bidding Sites Have Awesome Travel Deals

    By Maria Wilmer

    It is difficult to find anyone that does not enjoy getting away from it all on vacation. We all tend to keep ourselves stressed out to the extent that we need vacation in order to unwind and to be able to live our day-to-day lives with a relative degree of normalcy. Of course, many of us find ourselves in the position where we are unable to afford the expensive vacations that we would like, but that does not mean that you are completely out of the mix for affording the vacation that you need. By using a vacation auction, you can get some time away, save a little bit of money, and have some fun in the process. How does a vacation auction work, and how can you use it to your advantage?  Read..

  • Visit the Travel Auction Website Everybody Is Talking about

    By Maria Wilmer

    Ever since the economy took a downturn people are struggling to make ends meet. The result of these struggles means every penny earned has to go to something completely necessary and all other unnecessary things have to fall by the wayside. The unfortunate thing for most people is this means their well deserved travel plans have to be canceled to make funds available for other activities and services. Up until not that long ago there was no easy way out for the avid traveler, however nowadays you are lucky enough to have an incredible travel auction website such as Ubidugo. There is no doubt you will find a lot of options after doing a search for vacation auction sites, however most of them do not uphold the promises they make nor do they offer the incredible deals they advertise. We started our company on a few simple principles, which is to outdo all of the other bidding sites around. We invite you to look at our website as well as our competitors so you can make a fair comparison and see exactly where our penny bid site excels and their penny auction site falls short. We would like to take a moment to discuss a number of the features you will find when you join our website.  Read..

  • Reasons to Buy Overseas Travel Insurance

    By Sameer Ujwal

    Buying a foreign travel insurance is very important if you intend to travel to new places, or if you would be working away from country. As any other kind of insurance, this kind assures your well being to safeguard you from the possible hazards or else to provide you with help for any type of emergency which could come along.  Read..

  • Why Do You Need Travel Insurance Coverage?

    By Alex L

    More and more people are enticed to explore the world and travel. It may not be cheap to travel but often the experience is beyond what money can buy. Sometimes, we really want to include a little trip here and there in order to break the mundane activities of life. As it has been said, traveling is not cheap and there are so many expenses you need to consider during a trip. Especially, if it is a trip abroad, one of the most important considerations you need to take is travel insurance.  Read..

  • Guide to Bidding on Inexpensive Flight Tickets

    By Maria Wilmer

    There's a constant upward motion on the cost of flight tickets and is the reason why travelers are looking out for ways in which they can save. One of the finest methods to save on travel is to use websites that offer auction bidding on travel and holiday packages. Bidding is now a common thing for many travelers who are searching for paths to save tons of cash. Many of these savvy travelers know that bidding can give them the opportunity to get the airline ticket that they desire at a small slice of the cost. Bidding on travel is generally simple so visit a travel auction site like and you'll see first hand how easy these sites are to use. If your travel dates are flexible, then bidding for your flight ticket is a way to save cash. Travel auction websites are one of the finest options for budget friendly travelers so long as your schedule is flexible.  Read..

  • Understanding Discount Auto Insurance

    By kinodrel

    If you are interested in acquiring discount auto insurance, it is very important that you have to know and understand how the providers think. Having the right knowledge and information from the discount auto insurance companies will absolutely help you have big savings. Getting a great discount is not bad after all it is your own money. As you familiarize with the essential information you are surely on the right path in choosing the correct provider.  Read..

  • Working Holiday Program and Travel Insurance

    By Mondassur

    The Working Holiday Visa (or WHV) allows young people, from 17 to 35 years old, to go abroad for at least one year in one of the six countries that signed agreements with France: Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.  Read..

  • Does it Pay to Buy Travel Insurance?

    By chris rowlands

    Picture the average family vacation, you purchase your accommodation, you acquire your flights, you think of any extras such as car hire you might need and you think you’ve got it all sorted. Then you remember you’ve not even began to consider the prospect of travel insurance . The question on the financial communities mind at the moment and indeed expressed by companies such as MarketWatch is as follows: Does it pay to buy travel insurance?  Read..

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