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  • Low-Calorie Diet May Lead to Longer Life


    A low-calorie diet, even in people who are not obese, can lead to changes in metabolism and body chemistry that have been linked to better health and longer life, researchers are reporting.
    The findings lend support to the theory that eating less, long known to prolong life in rats and mice, may do the same for people, by preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases, and by slowing aging.  Read..

  • How To Do A Low Calorie Diet: Eat The Right Foods

    By Larry George

    For anyone that is looking to lose weight and seeking information on 'how to do a low calorie diet', one of the most essential qualifications for doing so is to eat less. No matter what type of diet you may be on, it will be necessary for you to pay attention to the foods that you are eating and the quantities of them, too. That means spending a few minutes looking fort he right food. That food is the food that offers the lowest calories possible but still packs a nutritional punch to it. If you can secure this type of diet, you will find rewards happening each day in dropped pounds.  Read..

  • Eat Up! Calorie-Free Foods

    By Carolina Diaz-Bordon - eDiets.com Staff Writer

    A great way to determine the value of certain foods is by its generosity. The best foods are the ones that make you work the least and give you a whole bunch of nutrition in return. When it comes to counting calories, they let you take your thinking caps off. They are calorie-free foods and while they may be every math teachers' worst nightmare, when it comes to helping you stick to a nutritious diet, they are a dream come true.  Read..

  • Where To Find Low Carb Recipes Online

    By Trevor Mulholland

    You may be surprised to find the number of things people are willing to share online for free. The one thing that online life makes easier is helping each other reach our individual goals, and dietary goals are no exception. Low carb recipes abound online, you just need to know where to look.
    In this era of fat-building fast foods and preserved snacks, the need to become conscious of our own health becomes more and more urgent. Learn how to cut down on "bad carbs" by going online and checking out user-submitted health recipes! Here are a few sites where you can find quality low carb recipes:  Read..

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