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  • Career Planning Tips

    By rupali akter

    Are you thinking about taking up a new role this year? Do you want to move to a new job or change your current one? Well, just like you would revamp every other field in your life, you need to take some time to plan your career. As such, you will be prepared to take up a new role when it arises  Read..

  • Breaking News: Dwarfs Succeed in Becoming Giants!

    By Amany Saad

    Once upon a time, in a frivolous festival, a group of dwarfs met a group of giants in the royal palace due to an invitation from the ruler of the country. The ruler wanted to know how can he change the dwarfs of his country into giants so that the country can become more developed ..  Read..

  • How To Overcome Stage Fright

    By CeciliaFaith

    Just like anyone else I too had stage fright until one fine day when I listened to a piece of advice from my teacher. I still remember the day, there was a cultural program in my school and I was supposed to speak on a social issue. Just like any other lad of 12 years, I too was very scared. Several questions popped up in my head, how would I perform? What if I fumble? What if I get choked? What if it doesn’t go well? All these questions were pulling down the little confidence I had in myself. I was so tense backstage when a teacher of mine saw me. He gave me a piece of advice, which I could never forget. He said that, “Just don’t think how it would go. Flush out all the thoughts. Be confident and think that the audience is not as intelligent as you are. They would see and hear only what you show them and what you speak to them”. I did exactly as he said and let me tell you that I won that extempore speaking competition.  Read..

  • Pounds To Pocket Able To Flourish Dream With Very Few People Into Life

    By Jems Fort

    Many people have different dreams but very few people are able to flourish their dreams by convert the dream into life. Some of them lack to fulfill their dreams due to financial deficiency. Financial emergency can approach us without our knowledge and will disturb all our financial planning’s. In this situation you are supposed to take some vital action to tackle this situation you must have some necessary funds from your salary.  Read..

  • We Help You Improve Your Revenue-Performance

    By Revenueperformance

    Plans to establish businesses, at very initial stages, are surrounded with three basic questions- What to sell? To whom to sell it?When to sell? and at which price?  Read..

  • Choosing right Housekeeping Services for us.

    By cosmos group

    Housekeeping Services is not just about removing dust but increasing aesthetics and increasing life of the assets. We have excellent reputation of being the best in the industry. We will ensure that your premises are clean, look beautiful and at the same time are cost effective for you. We utilize our systems and industry expertise to manage your housekeeping enabling you to concentrate on your core business.  Read..

  • How to dispose of negative ideas and negative thinking?

    By Amany saad mohamed

    To dispose of negative thinking and negative ideas that prevent you from progress in your life and take what you want, there is an easy technique you can use it and can convert your thinking to a positive thought and let you focus on everything positive in your life and get you the desired results by GOD willing.  Read..

  • My Message To You Today" Be Brave"

    By Amany saad mohamed

    "Liu Rosen" Says :) Courage is the ability to face anything You Can Imagine). And what thing that you can imagine but you cannot do it? My Message To You Today:" Do now what you think that you can't do it "Be brave'' –Yes-"Be brave".  Read..

  • How do you create you own luck? Five Practical Steps

    By Amany Mohamed

    Some of us may think that there are lucky or successful people and other who are unlucky or losers, they think that if you were loser then you have no luck and if you were successful then of course you must have luck in all your life matter.  Read..

  • Eight Distinguish Marks between Successful and failure people

    By Amany Mohamed

    Many of us ask why these successful people succeed. And what did they do to be so? And either they had talents and qualifications more than others or they had lucks more than others?
    Also, they ask why the failures are so. What they need to achieve success? And either their failures are because they are less talented and qualified or they are less luck than others?  Read..

  • Do you need High IQ to be Successful?

    By Breian Malupa

    I think most of us at one point in time thought that in able to be successful in life that we have to be gifted or talented and even have a very high IQ. Then as we go along in life we meet and see average people doing better than the people who we thought would be more successful in life.  Read..

  • How to Turn Fear into Success

    By Terence Young

    Fear can be a healthy emotion. When a person is completely fearless, such as a person who is experiencing a manic episode, they can gamble away the family's life savings or risk their life and honor in foolish behavior. There is a natural aspect of fear that protects us from disaster. On the other hand, fear can keep us from success. While natural caution is a good thing, there is also a place for taking a risk, especially when you are seeking to gain success.

  • Yes, You Can Achieve Your Impossible Dream.

    By Jim DeSantis

    Achieving a level of success, a level we can be comfortable with personally, varies with expectations and goals.
    Often we compare our level of success with that of someone we admire or, in fact, someone we envy. We want what they have. We want to be where they are in life. We want it NOW!  Read..

  • Life is a Bitch?

    By Chris Tierney

    I recently had some t-shirts made up for one of my consulting customers. In the process of developing the design, I came across a shirt with the old phrase, “Life is a Bitch, Then you die”. This is one of the phrases that at first glance sounds pretty true. For example, a service or quality complaint can pretty much ruin an entire day for most managers and owners, making life a bitch.  Read..

  • Success is about choosing what you want in life!

    By johnny

    You can choose success. Do you believe this? If you do not then you have chosen (yes chosen) a different route and success will not be a prominent feature! Success is about choosing what you want in life and taking the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Success is not stopping until you get there!  Read..

  • How to achieve success..

    By Apurva Dhiman

    Success is more than mere professional trainings, degrees, diplomas and technical skills. The real success reaches your intrinsic worth, the real you-YOUR PERSONALITY. Your personality gives direction to your life and is very much a deciding factor for accomplishing success.  Read..

  • Welcome To The World Of Serious Success!

    By Gary Crow

    You may hear stuff about better communication being the cure for the rumor mill contagion. Though that is possibly true, beware. Listen in and draw your own conclusions.
    • "Our problem around here is communication. No one knows what's going on." -- But didn't you get the message?  Read..

  • Why People Fail?

    By Lisa Brown

    Over the past 15 years I've discovered several concrete reasons why people fail. Here are the Top 8 reasons people do not reach their goals:  Read..

  • The Secret - To Spiritual Success

    By Arthor Pens

    efore you are born, you sit down with your spiritual guides (for approximately 2 years Earth time) and together you decide what lessons you need to master during this lifetime, what negative karma you need to balance, and what personality traits you will possess during this lifetime to help you to achieve your life lessons. This forms the basis of what is known as your Soul Life Blueprint.  Read..

  • Why Don t You Get Your Own Dream

    By Vivek Ray

    What is the number one pre-requisite for success? Yes! It is a Dream
    But what is a dream. Is it something that you see when you are asleep? No! We are not talking about that kind of a dream. This is the one that you will have to see while you are awake. Think about it! Today’s airplanes can fly at a speed that is much more than the speed of sound. But still every plane, how so ever advanced it might be still is made on the basic principle that Wright brothers had used more than hundred years ago, when they made the first plane that really flew.  Read..

  • How to Replace Bad Habits with Good Ones: The Science of “Habit Management”

    By Dr. Stephen Kraus, Success Scientist

    Few things are more difficult than kicking bad habits or developing more positive ones. But it is definitely worth the effort. Bad habits like smoking, overeating or self-criticism shorten lives and lead to underachievement, and unsuccessful attempts to change them lower self-esteem.  Read..

  • How To Start, Survive, and Finish Your Journey To Super Success

    By Michael Lee

    The bottom line is this: It is extremely difficult to like or love something that you despise. Isn't this true?
    But what can we do to solve this problem? What if you're trapped in a situation that you don't want to be involved in? What if you're sick and tired of your job that you feel like vomiting every time someone mentions your work?  Read..

  • Success Tips For Personal Growth

    By Steve Bishop

    Success, personal growth, self development, whatever you want to call it is the dedication to self discipline, determination and wanting what is rightfully yours - usually excellence in your chosen field.

    Success is the habit that is forged in consistent daily actions, focusing on achievement of self imposed goals. Unfortunately, success always comes with a price tag that is rarely discussed. If you decide to go for your dreams, there is going to be suffering, hardships that cannot be seen at first, but will surely come. How you deal with these unforeseen circumstances will play a large part in your overall success.  Read..

  • How To Become Rich and Famous

    By Saleem Rana

    If you want to be rich and famous, you have to focus on your strong points. Don't dwell on your weaknesses. Choose your strongest asset and build it into a formidable asset.
    After finding your heart’s desire, your bliss, dare to dream big; dream the biggest, boldest dreams that you can think of. Decide now that you want to be phenomenal in your particular talent; be the best of the best; be unforgettable. Fame doesn't just happen. You have to want it!


  • How to Make a Million Dollars - Step Four

    By Anja Merret

    So far, in previous articles on how to make a Million Dollars, I have written about passion being essential, hard work definitely has to be part of the action and perseverance being the third step necessary in a quest for making real money. The next one to be added to this, would be the ability to cope with failure. Winston Churchill said that success consisted of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. That’s what I am talking about.


  • Small Business Marketing: Marketing Along the Path of Least Resistence

    By C.J. Hayden

    Do you find marketing to be a constant struggle? It doesn't have to be that way. The most successful marketers make it look easy because they have found a way to market themselves that is effortless. Perhaps you have tried to copy what those successful people were doing, and it didn't work for you. Here's why.


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