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to manipulate the person or persons into conforming to a standard set outside of themselves by others.

Immediately after your birth you do not feel anything about yourself, you simply are. As you begin to mature you are taught right or wrong, good and bad because your parents have an image of you and how you are supposed to be, based on their own experiences. These are physical terms and affect the body only. In spiritual terms they are meaningless-no one is good or bad-they simply are. From the physical standard, good people are held in higher esteem than bad people. So if one desires to be held in this position then it works for him to be good. Even amongst bad people there are standards of good which are appreciated by other bad people.

"He may be a murderer, but he takes care of his family and is a good provider, husband, and father."
It is natural for all persons to aspire to the next higher level of awareness or enlightenment. All beings try to better themselves, all beings evolve to a higher level of experience eventually-some take longer than others.

All beings answer to a higher level of consciousness or purpose. Good or bad, right or wrong can never apply to this consciousness because it is perfect in all ways-it is always perfect. One never has to feel bad about themselves unless it is what you truly wish to experience. If you are feeling bad about being bad then it is simply a physical symbol you have moved away from what your spirit wishes to experience-it is a wake-up call for change. If you find feeling bad is not working for you, then it is time for change. It is insanity to repeat doing things which do not work for you, and are not a reflection of how you truly feel.

How does it work to make another feel bad about themselves? You may get the physical change of behaviour, but you destroy the personality or essence of who the person is. If one is not feeling good about themselves, they have two alternatives-continue to identify with this feeling or change it. But one must know the feeling is just as physical as the act leading to it was-it is not you. Feeling good or bad is simply an opportunity to feel one way or the other and you can never be made to feel one thing or the other.

Killers, thieves, rapists, are not inherently bad-they do bad things in relationship to how they interact with and are seen by others and the standards set by society. So they are emotionless beings acting in a certain manor, opening up opportunities to experience one thing or the other.
If it is the natural course for all people to evolve to a higher state of awareness and it is known we are all one people living within the illusion of individuality-it does not work for anyone to be good or bad, but to simply be-to do things which work for one and all-the whole.

In an enlightened society we would teach people of their connection to each other. We would teach-you cannot rape, steal from, or kill another because there are no others-there is only one, and what you believe you are doing to another, you are really doing to yourself. We would not teach them right and wrong, but would make them aware that doing these things to themselves does not work and is not consistent with moving to a natural higher state of evolution and enlightenment. We would never give anyone the opportunity to feel bad about themselves by calling them bad.

What about good-is it good to call another good? The answer is no-because if one is good in the relative world, then another must be bad. Doing something that follows a natural course to higher awareness is its own reward. It is not good-it simply works and there should be no moral reward attached to it-it is not necessary and it creates a false moral image-a judgment about this person and another-once again it is someone else's standards.

A bad person is not bad, as a good person is not good-they are simply doing good or bad things as judged by another who doesn't even exist. It is one judging oneself because we give opportunity for judgment. It doesn't mean we have to accept it. It is an exercise in futility as it does not bring one to a higher state. It simply alters your present experience.

Over all, in its history, religious moral code has not done anything positive to alter the behaviour of man, because it has taken man away from his true self-which is perfection. Man is not good or bad-he simply acts one way or the other. To say so, is to deny the existence of the soul which is perfect.

We must treat each other neither as good nor bad. We must observe ones behaviour as working or not working. We can guide the person back to a path of higher evolution or experience of perfection, as one who has already evolved without moral judgment. In truth we do not or can not evolve, we are simply reminded of our own completion and perfection. We expand our awareness of our own state of being all things. The paradox is we are the experience of good and bad but we are not good and bad.

We are all things experiencing being all things. You are not the things you are called. You experience the things you are called.

I am not saying a killer should feel good about what he does, nor am I saying he should feel bad either. I am saying feeling bad will not bring him to a higher state of awareness and experience. However, feeling good about being alive and understanding his connection to others will bring him to a state of awareness which creates desire to do so called good things-things which work for the purpose of one. All of us are killers at some level of consciousness because of our oneness. We all share in the experience of killing, raping, and stealing. The awareness of these things is beneficial in it gives opportunities for choice as to whether to participate or not.

No one can be raped, killed, or be a victim of theft unless at some level of consciousness they have agreed to participate. There are no innocent victims. Because of our internal connection, so called victims make themselves available to be victimized. To call a perpetrator bad is to call yourself bad for having participated in the experience-it doesn't work. Be aware of how this works and you will never be a victim. Victomhood is as much a desired state as any other experience.

Good and bad are human perceptions used to evoke a preferred response from you. When you buy into these terms you are a victim. If you understand your own perfection you will desire to only experience things which are perfect. Demoralization does not bring one back to perfection. It always creates less than what you expect.

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