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Chapter - 19


November27, 1958
Today I shall tell you a very important thing. In the morning Khagen came to me. I was telling him, ‘see, a moment may come when you look at your wife, you may see my form in her place and vice versa. If means to see own self in the causal body. Even this may happen, while walking on road, if you look at anybody you may see my form in his place. Do you know why I am laughing? Because such incident has happened here. One person told me about such incident. Another person was taking his lunch, but seeing that in his place I was taking it.But this is just an initiation. When this will be extended, in many this may be manifested.

Remember that an unknown force is working here. It is called supreme cult and it is happening encircling my form.


December, 1958
See, we have no reference till now whether such full-fledged individualistic austerity has been manifested elsewhere, as we don’t have any examples of such realizations anywhere. But still I am not accepting this because it is nothing. The prejudices innate in a man are expressed through these realizations. Every human being has the prejudices of his own caste, family, clan, county and of the whole human race within him. In an individualistic austerity all these prejudices are expressed in various ways.
I am explaining to you why I am discarding my individualistic austerity. The zenith of the individualistic austerity is visualizing God, though there are many other realizations.

During visualizing God, God-the-Preceptor shows the seer the God or Atma and says twice, ‘This is God, this is God’. He repeats twice because in future the seer may have doubt about it. Then showing God, God-the-Preceptor merges with Atma. Now you see, I even had no idea that God can be seen. So how could I visualize God? So far as I have thought that during Vedic era any of the Rishis visualized God then thousands of years Sri Ramkrishna visualized God, and that prejudice is manifested in my body. Well, is that prejudice confined in my body only? No, it exists in every human being. Where have we got this body? From the five elements of nature. Then that prejudice was merged in those five elements which has manifested in me.

From time immemorial the human race have been exerting efforts to unite all into one. And that desire is personified here by Nature’s selection.


December, 1958

ONE IS ALL AND ALL IS ONE - With a proof here, many have become one and one has become many. Yes, our human birth has become fulfilled here. How wonderful it is!

Here the unity is with a living person, you are transforming into Supreme Being in your lifetime. The more you will see me within you, the more you will be transformed into me. The attribute of Brahma is bliss. And not only I have achieved it, all of you have got it.
How wonderful this human life is! A man can be transformed into God. What more happiness can exist above that!


December27, 1958

God is within you. When He will appear within you in the form of a living person, then only it is called ‘Bhakti’ (Real devotion). And what is its maximum Zenith? When the seer becomes universal.
Don’t look at the past. To look at the past means to move backward. Only march forward.

Khagen once asked me, ‘What is the ultimate effect of it?’ I said, ‘The ultimate result is that, when you will look at your wife, you will see my form and when she looks at you, she will see my form. In the world also this may happen.
Through real devotion a man can be transformed into God. So far in the world only worshiping of foot of the religious teachers has been followed. But what I do? I worship your head. How? Well, you can see that I place my head on yours. Worshiping foot indicates that one is superior and another one is inferior. But I see that all are same.

Article By: Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

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