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There are many different aspects to E-commerce solutions which need to coincide in order for your business to succeed on the Internet. Without all of these factors, it can be very easy for your company or website to perform poorly. However, your businesses’ E-commerce can succeed when the many facets of an online presence and back-office infrastructure function productively together. Businesses often get caught up in the importance of the presentation of the site, the financial operation on the back-end and of course, the product for sale. However, two of the most important and often overlooked processes to successful E-commerce solutions in this high-tech world are 1) Effective Search Engine Marketing; and 2) Integrated Email Marketing.

Without these two critical components to an E-commerce strategy, you’ll have the equivalent to a storefront opening up into a back alley. Just as in the traditional marketplace, location and familiarity are extremely important factors which lead to profits and success. Effective Search Engine Optimization and Integrated Email Marketing are great tools which can bridge those potential gaps in the crowded E-commerce landscape.
Effective Search Engine Marketing

Ranking in a high position on a search engine, in most cases, is not the biggest factor in determining your E-sales. You need results. This means more than rankings and it means more than clicks.

Effective Search Engine Marketing means:

1) getting responsible rankings, both organically and with pay-per-click ads;
2) getting clicks from those rankings; and
3) getting action on those clicks.
“Generating clicks” merely incurs cost. For this reason it is imperative to generate responsible clicking. Using a search engine optimization strategy includes, but is not limited to, bringing the “clickers” into the appropriate section of your site with a call to action, because pertinent information generates more action and, in turn, more revenue. Search Engine Optimization, a sub-category of Search Engine Marketing, is just the first step in this process. The marketing aspect of it turns that potential customer’s interest into action which is the goal of any e-commerce solution.

Integrated Email Marketing

As dynamic as Search Engine Marketing might be, it is still a relatively passive approach to E-commerce solutions. Meaning, none of it matters unless a potential customer goes to a search engine and actually searches for your product or service. To tap the potential earning power of your company’s website, it is often necessary to employ other methods of reaching the multitude of potential customers surfing the Internet. One such method involves simply telling those prospective customers you’re here.

Email Marketing is not “buying lists and pushing emails to the records”, but rather, via traditional, passive or partnered marketing, it is the process of gathering a responsible list of real candidates. In order to successfully implement an effective email marketing strategy it is first necessary to know and understand your target audience and their specific needs and wants in regard to your product or service; otherwise, you’re wasting time and resources on people outside your audience and sphere of influence. Implementing a comprehensive email marketing strategy includes using early communications with the contacts in order to build credibility. It is also important to present a specific call to action to that potential customer. Remember, the success of an email marketing strategy lies within the effectiveness of the communication being sent. So above all else, each communication (email message) should have clear links to specific pages of the website consistent with the email’s message. The message needs to be clear, easy to understand and follow, and should generate an interest in your product.

Another aspect pertaining to the proper implementation of an effective email marketing strategy is correctly gathering any and all data. Forthcoming emails should be generated by the results of earlier email distributions. Furthermore, since all of the standards of spam apply, if someone asks to be removed from a list, be certain it happens. Too often, a loosely crafted email campaign becomes a singular effort which is therefore an inefficient effort and a waste of money.

Michael Beresford, President of NetScope, Inc., an Interactive Marketing Agency in Orange County, has coordinated many successful Email Marketing campaigns for clients small and large. “Many of our clients come to us just wanting emails pushed every week or month,” he said. “We work with them on their real goals and their existing and potential resources and generate more synergies by integrating the emails into current and future campaigns, website content, current customer and prospect lists and reporting and tracking of the results. It’s great to see the real results from these campaigns.”

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