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Chapter - 20

Spiritual Realization occurs spontaneously without any especial attributes

January 10, 1959.
I am a man like you, nothing less nothing more. I cannot claim anything more. I had miraculous individualistic austerities. So many realizations occurred, but all spontaneously.

This is absurd that I shall eliminate my own ego. God has sent me with ego, how can I eliminate that. If he wishes then only the ego will be extirpated.
I am not doing anything of my own. Don’t be so thinking for heaven’s sake. We have created a God. He is doing everything. Each one of us is the playground of God to show His sportive forms.

These realizations are manifested due to the attributes of the body. Though all bodies are without these attributes, yet everybody has the birth right of achieving these realizations.

What is Buddha
January 14, 1959.

What is the meaning of Buddha? It means the awakened one. The opposite term is dormant which means without divine consciousness. Who has this divine consciousness, he must have a form. That may be a divine light or a form of a human being. Whose form is seen among many he is Buddha. This is mentioned in Buddhist Philosophy in Pali language.

A forecast by Jibankrishna (Diamond)

January 15, 1959.

Every human being is Brahma or Supreme Self. When this is applicable to all, this will be universal. Though this phenomenon is happening in selected class, but later on this may happen in all. Yet, another probability is there that this may not be universal. It may stop here. But this will not be spoiled, it will continue like a husk fire.

What is Creation

January 20, 1959.

God is always eager to shower his grace on us. But our ‘Ego’ consciousness is always creates a barrier. When this ‘Ego’ consciousness will be eliminated he will manifest within ourselves. What happens in a dream? A man sleeps and then the ‘Ego’ consciousness does not exist and God manifests within him. Whatever you term then as God, Allah, Khoda, he will not be offended. Human beings have given him such nomenclature.

What is Absolute

January 20, 1959.

Yesterday I have found a new meaning of ‘Absolute’. ‘Absolute’ means ‘Living’. Absolute devotee, Absolute Krishna, and furthermore ‘Absolute Jiban Ghosh?’
This morning I was reading – In Vedas there was no re-birth. Vedas mean Ric, Jaju,Sam. I thought that, oh, I have told about this!

Now, what is the nature rhythm of human life? He should be universal. From where I am saying so? From my life. How does this rhythm arise? It arises spontaneously. Nothing more wonderful thing exists in a human life than this. This mystery was hidden by the Vedic Rishis. They never distributed it outside. They have suppressed it by saying ‘Tattamasi Swetoketo’ (Swetoketo you are that ‘He’) They made a law that they will expose it only the eldest son of the family.

Achievement of Godhood – Its meaning

January 20, 1959.

To Achieve Godhood means to be transformed into God. Someone begins to see Gods and Goddesses or to see divine dreams and from here this phenomenon starts. Visualization of Soul or Atman or God is its Zenith.
There is another stage of achieving Godhood –The deity manifests in a human form. Just see for example: Thakur’s (Sri Ramkrishna father dreamt that ‘Raghubir’ (Their deity) was telling him, ‘I am here in the field, take me to your home.’

Actually the mystery lies in the fact that this universe is in his cerebrum his mind reached there and he saw that thing.’ When this was materialized? After going to Gaya (Sacred place of Hindus in Bihar State, India) he saw in dream that Raghubir was telling him, ‘I shall be born as your son.’ He could not conceive that he saw it in his cerebrum. This also happens with Goddess Sitala. But whenever this is taken in the material world there will be the end of this spiritual progress.

Ocean of humanities

February, 1959.

One day during reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna It was read, Sri Ramkrishna was saying, ‘Once I saw an ocean, and being a salt doll I was going to measure it. But due to grace of God-the-Preceptor I was transformed into a stone.’
In this context Jibnakirshna said, ‘Listen! As Thakur (Sri Rmkrishna) went for measuring the ocean, he became stone! Now, what is ocean? How many times I have told you, that it is the ocean of humanities. I have drowned myself within that ocean of humanities, and I am not saying so. On the contrary you are saying when you are seeing me within you.
Now think, have I become stone being drowned in that ocean? Just opposite to it – Being appeared within a human body I am controlling him but not as a stone. Moreover, I was enjoying this within myself so long, now through innumerable people that bliss is transformed into an ocean of bliss.

How many times I have told you that with the advent of evening, as in more and more number you come to me, my force energy and joy begin to increase. Thakur told the right thing when he said, ‘I was transformed into stone.’ Do you know why? If this manifestation of spiritual power does not occur spontaneously in a body, he becomes stone. All the individualistic austerities are defective like this.

Article By: Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

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