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  • What are SMART Goals

    By Anurag Aggarwal

    To understand this saying, we must understand the meaning of GOAL first. As per the dictionary, a goal is the end result or achievement, in which effort is directed. However, in actual life, goal is that the first step in making your dreams a reality. A dream can also be your goal but to make a dream as your goal, you must actively pursue it, work for it. You must take steps to reach towards it.  Read..

  • Harmonization of supplements for bodybuilding

    By jhonmaster

    Bodybuilding is a big deal which requires proper guidance about workouts, training period and nutrition for accomplishing the growth of the body. Bodybuilding supplements are reviewed as the best way for getting essential nutrition as there are all kinds of supplements that offers great opportunity to enhance one’s physical appearance.  Read..

  • Boost your muscles by the health supplements

    By jhonmaster

    The healthy and toned body always attracts the people attention and inspires others and today it’s not a tough task to make, it only needs the proper health supplement with the appropriate exercise guidance. Gaspari nutritional diet is the health solution through which every adult may get appropriate nutrition for the bodybuilding and it is available at the discount price.  Read..

  • Which Pension Plan Works Best for You?

    By Sameer Ujwal

    Retirement is one of the things which we usually dream of specially when things get tough in our place of work. There are cases that people actually think about how much money we are going to get whenever we entered the retirement age. However, just before we even think of getting pension, we will need to as well know how our current retirement policy may affect the amount of money that we will collect in the not to distant future.  Read..

  • Security Door Types for residential & Commercial use

    By jennypatel

    There are various types of the security door products available in the market. We are always confused in choosing the best security door for our home, office, commercial or industrial premises. .................  Read..

  • Aiming Where We Want To Go

    By Alison shapiro

    My friend, Fletcher Millmore, is a British car mechanic and a philosopher. He was explaining an observation of his to me the other day. Fletcher does a lot of driving and one day while traveling down an empty highway, he started looking at skid marks on long stretches of road  Read..

  • Goal Setting Techniques - 5 Ingredients To Success

    By Lucas Cantoni

    These goal setting techniques will help you set effective yet achievable goals. Goal setting, simply put, is the process of defining your ideal future. Much like a movie script is turned into a screenplay, it's a way for you to identify precisely what you want and then motivate yourself to turn that vision into reality. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve helps you to know where and how to apply your efforts.  Read..

  • The Top 10 Steps to Set and Achieve Your Goals - Every Time!

    By Dr. Philip E. Humbert

    It’s been said that everyone has goals, whether we know it or not. We have goals to keep our current job, or to get a different one. We have goals to save for the future, or to travel, take a vacation, or purchase the things we need and want to make our lives more enjoyable.  Read..

  • Make Greatness Your Goal!

    By Chris Widener

    If greatness is your goal, whether in your business life, your personal relationships or your own personal growth, here are some guidelines to get you on your way. Greatness is possible! You can achieve the goals you set for yourself and you can make a difference in your own life and those who live and work around you! Set greatness as your goal! Here’s how:  Read..

  • Why Traditional Goal Setting Doesn't Work

    By Arina Nikitina

    If you have a $100.000.000 in the bank, drive new Lexus, look like a movie star and have a perfect health save yourself some time and do not read this article. This article is for people, who don't have all these things, but are planning on changing that slight inconvenience.  Read..

  • How Important Is Money In Your Goal Setting? Part1

    By Colin Dunbar

    A realistic look at the role of money in setting goals
    True story... A teenager once said to me that she did have a goal, but she would never reach it because she didn't have money. Her goal was to go overseas.  Read..

  • How Important Is Money In Your Goal Setting? Part2

    By Colin Dunbar

    In Part 1 of this article, I said we need to "prioritize our focus, and we need to understand the role of money as a tool with our goals."  Read..

  • Five Secrets to Help You Reach Your Money Goals

    By Colin Dunbar

    Money is a not only a big motivator in our lives, but also a necessary part of it. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to set money goals, especially if we want to advance financially.  Read..

  • 5 Easy Steps To Accomplishing Any Goal

    By Kris Tomb

    In “Think and Grow Rich”. Napoleon Hill wrote “nothing is impossible to the person who backs DESIRE with enduring FAITH.”. Let’s simplify that by saying “nothing is impossible to the person who establishes a definite goal and truly believes that they can attain that goal.”  Read..

  • The Importance of Goal Setting

    The whole point of setting a goal is to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. If you set goals and work toward them diligently, you can have all the things you want. People who set and achieve their goals are people who've decided what they want, committed themselves to going after it, and haven't let anything stand in their way, short of violating the rights of others.  Read..

  • Will You Land On The Moon Or Amongst The Stars?

    By Fiona MacKay Young

    Some people make firm goals, write them down, and deliberately set out to achieve them. According to a Yale University study this is only about 3% of the population! The rest never set any real goals for themselves. Oh, they may have hopes, dreams and aspirations but do they actually DO anything about them?  Read..

  • The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When You Do Not Program Your Mind To Set Goals

    By Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim

    Your mind is the single most effective and essential tool to craft and program your thoughts, aspirations and goals. Consequently, when your goals are properly planned out, it will be very much easier to shape and design the life you want and ultimately the success you strive to attain. Yet, many people still do not even use their minds to set goals, let along take effective actions to achieve their goals.  Read..

  • Goal-setting A Daily Affair

    There are many goals. Basically, they can be categorised into long-term goals and short-term goals.
    1. Long-term goals: Anything that is bold! Just write down anything outrageous! It is ok; it is GOAL anyway, right?  Read..

  • Goal Setting Secrets of the Greatest Achievers

    By Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim

    A 7th century Arabian genius once said, "Success is the result of foresight and resolution, foresight depends upon deep thinking and planning, and the most important factor of planning is to keep your secrets to yourself". The name of this genius was Ali Ibn Abi Thalib, one of the most illustrious, noblest and brilliant leaders of the continent-sweeping Islamic civilisation that was left behind by the Prophet Muhammad.  Read..

  • Goal Setting - The Importance of Stern Resolve!

    By Richard Gorham

    "Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page...on the first of January let every may straighten himself once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were and are past." - Henry Ward  Read..

  • Specific Goal Setting

    By Vlad Ehrsam

    Is just setting goals enough to achieve your business objectives? It's a fallacy, one very easy to believe, but the fact remains that a goal like an expanded customer base is simply not enough. This is where specific goals come in. They help you achieve your targets in a better way, and to recognize when have met them.  Read..

  • Goal Setting Tips For College Students

    By Kris

    If you want to succeed in your college life and also after that, the direction your life takes, and the way you go about it should be clearly defined by your goals.  Read..

  • Electronic Modernization or Goal-Setting Frustration?

    By Sandy Geroux

    Don’t get me wrong - I love technology! It is a wonderful tool that has helped us become organized more efficiently and quickly than we could ever have done manually. It assists us in setting up regularly scheduled tasks so they occur like clockwork; monthly mailings, organizing and categorizing contact lists, and lead follow-up are now contained in neat, orderly electronic systems we can access and activate with the push of a button.  Read..

  • The Biggest Distraction From Your Goals

    By Jason Johns

    Being distracted from your goals is one of the biggest problems we all face, and I'm going to talk about the biggest distraction of all ... LIFE!
    Yeah, you heard me life ... life has a tendancy to distract you from your goals. You've got all these wonderful ideas of what you want to achieve in life, all these goals, yet you find yourself getting caught up in the house work, in your job, in the shopping, in going out with your friends, in your kids, in ...  Read..

  • How To Plan The Rest Of Your Life

    By Matthew Roberts

    Some people value spontaneity. Others crave structure. Still, it would help if you would go through life with direction, and with goals. Goals help in guiding your choices. Purpose underlines everything you do.
    So you’re in a new stage in your life. Either you’ve graduated from high school or college, decided to move on from a suffocating job, or just basically in a new stage in your life. You want to plan out the steps you want to take now, and you want to make the best choices that life has to offer.  Read..

  • Top 10 Steps To Making "SMART" Goals a Reality

    By Victoria Cook

    It is my belief that a person cannot reach his/her full potential without setting and working towards goals (Notice, I did not say attaining or achieving goals!). Some of the greatest thinkers and achievers in history, such as Emerson, Thoreau, DaVinci, Napolean Hill, and Dale Carnegie all stress the importance of goal setting in order to live a happy productive life and achieve one's dreams.  Read..

  • Tools to Help You Focus and Concentrate on Your Goals and Objectives

    By Leon Edward

    For some people, meeting objectives and goals can be difficult. If you are one of the millions of people who have trouble with focus and concentration, dont give up; by following simple guidelines; there is hope for you to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.  Read..

  • Seven Unique Ways to Effectively Set Your Goals

    By Jim Somchai

    Everybody wants success. But only a handful of people really know how to. This is why only five per cent of the people hold seventy per cent of the assets in this world. Success has its price to pay. Although most people want success but only serious people are willing to pay the price. The fundamental key to success is to set goals for oneself. All successful individuals are intensely goal driven. In this article we will talk about how to take your potential to the goal setting process. These are seven unique ways to set goals.  Read..

  • How To Set A Goal In 6 Easy Steps

    By Simon Lim

    We’ve all set goals in our lives, some have been accomplished, and others have been broken. Although a number of variables plays a part in whether or not a goal is achieved, a sound goal setting process is integral to creating the momentum required to succeed. Regardless of what your current short term and long term goals are, in order to achieve them you need to have set them in a manner that will guarantee your success. These are the ‘six Ps’ that will teach you how to set a goal you will always achieve.  Read..

  • No Time To Set Goals? Think Again!

    By Drew Miles

    Learning to effectively manage your time is paramount to your success; you will not be as successful (financially, emotionally, spiritually or in your family life) if you don’t. The good news is that there are some tools to make the job much easier.

    Keep in mind that each one of these tools can be, and in fact is the subject of books, tape sets and seminars. I encourage you to go into each one more deeply. My purpose here is to outline the tools that I have found most useful in my own life. Some you’ve heard of already and you may benefit from a new perspective. Others will be new and you may want to add them to your existing tool belt.

  • How to set goals

    There are many ways you can set goals and there are many books you can read about how to do this. Here are a few simple and practical suggestions to make this easy for you.
    Set an appointment with yourself
    Make time in your diary to find a comfortable and quiet location to set your goals. I spend a morning in January at the Sheraton on the Park (a beautiful hotel in Sydney city) every year in the same spot, and I set my new goals for the year.  Read..

  • 7 Simple Steps To Success & The SMART Way To Your Goals!

    By Gregg Gillies

    Let's take a look at seven simple steps you can take right now to move you rapidly along toward your fitness goals.
    If you've been working out for awhile you may have noticed an interesting phenomenon. The vast majority of the members at your gym look the same year in and year out and never improve their physiques. Talk about banging your head against the wall.  Read..

  • Goal Setting - Kinds of Goals

    By Allen Williams

    Today we're going to talk about the different kinds of goals and what this means to and for you.
    It is just as important to understand and act upon the different kinds of goals that you have as it is to have goals in the first place. I am sure you will agree that all aspects of your life are inter-related, yes? The physical part of your life, your health, body condition, your environment whether it's home, work, or where you play, affects the spiritual or metaphysical areas of your life which is also related to and affecting your financial situation in life, or at the very least reflected in and by it.  Read..

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