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   Do not be fooled by many of the free templates given by a brochure company online. While there are many reliable printing companies out there, not all of the templates available are the best.

   You have to be careful and try to spot the bad templates from the good ones so that you do not waste time using something that will actually make you do more work. So let me help you by describing to you the five signs of a bad template. Make this as your guide as you browse through the different free brochure template available for you.

   1.     Undefined printing bleeds – A printing bleed is crucial to be used properly. These help in creating the proper kinds of layout since the bleeds act as a buffer when the inconsistencies of the printing machine skew some of the printing lines a bit. If the template you are eyeing does not have this, it is possible that this will cost problems for you later on. Therefore, you had better not choose that particular template when it has undefined printing bleeds.

   2.     Lack of basic guidelines – Another key thing to look out for is the basic guidelines. Even the most basic color brochure templates follow the proper guidelines for the folds, margins and even some of the basic formatting elements. If the template you acquired does not even have those important basic guidelines, believe me, you will suffer since it will be hard to align those elements right. You should really just look for other templates if the one you have lacks those basic lines.

    3.     Non-standard dimensions – If the template you have has non-standard dimensions, then that is a BIG sign that you should just stay away. Unless you are really aiming for a customized output, you will not benefit a lot from a template that does not support printing standards. So check the dimensions and see if it fits the standards put out in your locale or with your brochure printer. If the numbers do not match up, you might want to look for something else.

   4.     Distributor watermarks – One thing that you should really check is the distributor watermarks. Especially on free ones, many distributors sneak in their company watermark at the template itself. It is sometimes subtle but it is there. Of course, you will not want that annoying watermark to ruin your design of course. Even though the template is free, you should just look for something else if there is that distributor watermark.

   5.     Hard to handle file formats – Finally, you should also determine if the file format is something you can handle. Depending on your design software, some file formats might not translate well into a proper design. So make sure that you are getting a template you and your software can handle. Otherwise, look for something that is more compatible to you.
   Now you know the crucial signs to watch out for in a brochure template. Use this list as a guide whilst you hunt for that special type for your own use. It should be easy once you know what to avoid, good luck!

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in brochure company and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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