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Peace is not in Reaching up n high to the skies…and seeing people n every thing as mean n cheap

But peace is in reaching near to the people –weaker n lesser than us….

Peace is not in achieving everything we desire in mundane world….
Peace is not in getting most powerful

Peace is not in becoming famous of all….

Peace is not in being admired n becoming proud at our exceptional qualities

Peace is not in becoming so special n extra ordinary in the sense that we go far away from ordinary ones…..
Peace is not in enjoying luxuries n comforts and pleasures of life..
Peace is not being idolized n worshipped….

Peace is not in making people submit to you…..

Peace is not defeating the weaker n haughtily celebrate your win…

Peace is not in thanking & enjoying your safety while you are seeing many injured before you…..

Peace is not Thanking God for your luxurious n stable life….

Peace is not in being idealized for your personality….

Peace is not in WEALTH, not in PLEASURES, not in SUCCESSS, not in FAME, not in POWER, not in Admiration, not in Victory, not in Marvelous Achievement, not in fulfillment of all worldly requirements n desires… not in Health, not in Safety, not in Stability, PEACE is not in Getting Something … PEACE IS NOT EVEN IN GETTING SOMEONE - Peace is not in becoming KING nor being SLAVE…. Peace is not becoming Hermit , nor in becoming a Famous Hero…

Peace is only n only in LOVE – To Love others and to be Loved by all of them

Peace is not Getting Something but it comes by Giving from your own self and without any greed….

Peace comes from not gaining Power but by Sharing Power….

Peace is felt not in being idealized by mad fans in Dazzling lights but in Shedding tears in the remembrance of your Creator…

Peace is not Achieved by Creating something Marvelous – but by Gifting it for the sake of needy n weaker humanity….

Peace is not in being Admired for your exceptional qualities… but in helping others to bring to that Level…..

Peace is not in Defeating a Strong opponent– but in Consoling your regretful contestant & let him/them join you in your happiness….

Peace is not in getting lost in big happiness – but in remembering & Praying for those who could never see such joys in life

Peace is not holding the all powers of the world… but in Distributing the Power to all

Peace is not in LIFE – Peace is not in forever Life… Peace is in a Moment which You sacrifice for someone who really needed it..

Peace is not in being Considered You as GREAT – but is in being Truly a GREAT Person in the light of your Conscience

Peace is not in Proving your supremacy and proving someone was wrong.. but in ignoring him, in forgetting him, in forgiving him….

Peace is not in ensuring rigid principles being followed even at the cost of bleeding humanity …but Peace is in Breaking n infringing the rules for the sake of a Single weaker human.. to save his heart n pride

Peace is not in a Cool Room & Cozy mattress’s luxurious sleep, but Peace is in a Sleep without nightmares…

Peace is not in Winning the Battles.. but in Winning the Hearts..

Peace is in being Loved….but Peace is far more in Giving Love….

Peace is in Prayers for those who know you pray for them… but Peace is far more in Prayers for those Who Don’t know you pray for them..

Peace is in Worshipping God.. but Peace is far more in Asking (with true belief) from God...

What is PEACE ? You have know it now..…Now you need to know Where is the PEACE ?…. so why you look here n there…. It is near you.. it is WITHIN You… coz’ Peace is Love…. And Love is GOD and God is within You….So…. Know your Own self and become PEACEFUL….!

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