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  • Health food stores are selling more online

    By Lee Malcolm

    Health food stores help people get the things they need to improve their diet, lose weight and feel better. Having one locally is a real bonus. If there's one on the high street then it's easy just to pop down and pick up all those good things that the whole family needs to stay healthy. However, not everyone has that luxury. People lead busy lives. By the time they've done their supermarket shop they don't want to have to make a special trip somewhere else for those hard to find healthy eating items.  Read..

  • The perfect snack food

    By book_mydoctor

    In gigantic cities like the metropolis people generally have a very fast tracked lifestyle. Like technology changes every three months, in the same way it feels that such cities changes every three seconds, just with the blink of eye. Lifestyle in such cities are quite fast paced and instant. People need to rush themselves a lot to full their dreams. There is a lot of rush for name, fame and money. Success is something after which every one is running; every one in such a city wants to reach the zenith of success. In this rush for success people generally forget to take care of their health. But there are some snacks which can be very helpful for health of such busy people.  Read..

  • How best to use vanilla beans

    By Sarah Neil

    There are many people who assume that vanilla can directly be used as a main essence within their food. But while this is true to some extent, vanilla certainly should be used as a part of an essence, a flavoring, rather than bringing the main body to any food that you make.  Read..

  • Making your meals special with vanilla beans

    By Sarah Neil

    There are a number of different ways to make your meals a lot more interesting, simply through using vanilla beans. Both savory and sweeter meals can be improved just through the addition of these beans, or through the addition of vanilla extract.  Read..

  • Where to buy vanilla beans

    By Sarah Neil

    If you enjoy food with vanilla flavoring, you may be wondering where best to purchase vanilla beans and the like. At times vanilla extract will just not do, but if you go to the wrong places then it can be quite expensive to source the high quality vanilla beans that you need for your food, so it is essential that you do enough research in finding the best prices first. This article will help to show you the best places you can go when it comes to finding these deals.  Read..

  • Why you can benefit from using vanilla beans

    By Sarah Neil

    Are you an avid cook? If so, have you yet discovered the many uses of vanilla beans? A lot of professional cooks use them in many of their dishes in order to give a really unique flavor to them and they are well worth the cost. Even if you do not like to cook very much, vanilla beans can be a really great way of ensuring that any food you make is worth the time and effort that you put into it.  Read..

  • Vanilla The Essential Ingredient

    By Sarah Neil

    Many of you will perhaps be surprised to know that there is a better and more flavorsome way to add vanilla into your favorite recipes, other than by using the cheaper bottled kind that is so often a stock item in our larders. There is nothing in the world of baking that can quite beat using quality whole vanilla beans, which readers should know are an essential ingredient when making a variety of extremely scrumptious desserts such as crme brles or vanilla ice cream, of which one of the more traditional bean types to use are Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans. So therefore be careful when making your purchase, check it is not the synthetically produced artificial stuff but pure vanilla extract instead.  Read..

  • Vanilla Beans - Why Our Kitchens Need More of Them

    By Sarah Neil

    I am mildly obsessed with vanilla and I do not mind admitting it at all. I love everything about vanilla, no matter the form in which it presents itself; be it in its purest whole form, in a vanilla powder or pure vanilla extract. It smells absolutely delicious and also makes other foods taste fabulous, and who wouldn't appreciate that fact?  Read..

  • A Short Guide to Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    Whether resting with an indulgently rich and dark coffee or tucking into the veritable naughtiness of a sweet baked cake, vanilla beans have a way of tickling your taste buds whilst sending your senses to a new level. From humble beginnings in South America to todays highly sought after Madagascar equivalent, the taste of vanilla has intrigued and impressed both the cooking connoisseur and kitchen laymen alike. Today, Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans are available through the internet, allowing you to enjoy the perfect vanilla taste without having to resort to a poorly-made essence.  Read..

  • Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans: the Secret Ingredient of Desirable Desserts

    By Sarah Neil

    Believe it or not, switching to Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans can make a world of difference when it comes to baking the perfect dessert. Whilst Madagascar may be halfway around the world, going the extra distance to pick-up these vanilla beans is more than worthwhile. Thanks to the internet, you don't even need to trek around the world, merely click a few buttons and hey presto. Here are a few quick ideas from one of my recent baking frenzies.  Read..

  • Important Role of Food Distributors

    By Jessica Thomson

    Food distributors deliver all types of food products, fresh or frozen, to catering or restaurant businesses and even hospitals or nursing homes. Food distributors normally act as an intermediary between the food manufacturers and the retailer or food preparer or user such as restaurants or chefs. Food distributors ensures the food arrives in perfect condition as food distributors may use specially adapted vehicles to ensure the food travels at ideal temperatures and in safe conditions to avoid cross contamination or any public health risks.  Read..

  • Cooking with Vanilla Bean - A Simple Way to Add Flavor to Any Meal

    By Sarah Neil

    Much of the focus in cooking tends to be on things that are rather difficult. The unfortunate thing is that this tends to keep many people from taking full advantage of what cooking at home has to offer to them, because in reality, some of the things that add the most to our recipes are going to be the most simple. That isn't even to mention the fact that when you are able to take advantage of cooking at home, it can help you unwind in the evenings, and if it is done as a family, it can give you time to talk and to draw closer to each other. Although there are many things that can simplify meals, while at the same time making them taste fantastic, one thing that should not be overlooked is the simplicity and versatility of vanilla beans. What are some of the recipes that can be used for these items when making your meal so that it is special?  Read..

  • Find Recipes for Chicken Tagine

    By Shelly Gorden

    With Moroccan cuisine rising in popularity, recipes for chicken tagine have become some of the most sought after ones amongst food enthusiasts. There are numerous recipes for chicken tagine available to suite your style of cooking and taste. Most of the recipes for chicken tagine require elaborate cooking processes. However, these recipes for chicken tagine make the complete ordeal a worthwhile experience.  Read..

  • Make your own Homemade Vanilla Extract

    By Sarah Neil

    Do you want to know how make your own vanilla extract out of Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans? You will be surprised to know that it is very easy. The main thing needed to create the best vanilla extract is time. Before you can use the vanilla extract for any recipe, you need to let the mixture ferment for at least two months, but the wait is really worth it. By producing your own vanilla extract from Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans you can surely save plenty of money. You can also give this as a gift to a friend for his or her birthday or during the holidays. The vanilla extract that you can produce is much better than any store-bought vanilla extract. Most vanilla extract that is readily available at your local grocery store is made from synthetic ingredients that come from chemicals so it is not a natural or gourmet vanilla extract.  Read..

  • Tips on How to Use Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    If you are fond of watching different cooking shows on television, then you may have seen a chef scraping vanilla beans to be used in different kinds of fanciful dishes. This process of scraping the bean looks very simple especially if it is done by a professional chef. They use a very sharp knife in order to split it lengthwise and gather all the tiny seeds from inside the bean pod.  Read..

  • Why you need to Store vanilla Beans inside your Kitchen

    By Sarah Neil

    Do you know that vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world? The market nowadays is filled with lots of cheap imitations of the famous vanilla bean flavor and aroma. Many people are patronizing the cheap imitation because they see authentic vanilla bean as a luxury more than a necessity for their kitchen. There is nothing that can substitute a high grade vanilla bean because the flavor and aroma of a whole vanilla bean is very intense yet gentle. This is extremely hard to duplicate.  Read..

  • Corporate Gift Giving is Extremely Important

    By Sylvia Barn

    As the economy flounders and a company has to work even harder to maintain a presence in the minds of its customers, its important to remember a vital part of any marketing campaign. In short, corporate gift giving is even more important today than it has been in the past. Some may view it as an expense that can be nixed from an ever shrinking budget, but this is a short-sighted approach to an otherwise successful marketing campaign.  Read..

  • Red Pepper Relish for Americans

    By jaffar

    * 1/2 cup purchased roasted red pepper, cut into strips
    * 1 tablespoon finely chopped pitted ripe olives
    * 2 teaspoons olive oil
    * 2 teaspoons snipped fresh thyme or 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme,  Read..

  • Tasty Dish of String Bean Chicken

    By jaffar

    This String Bean Chicken dish is outstanding. The string beans exude aromatic flavors and have an interesting chewy texture. I do not fry the beans as long as traditional recipes call for because I want them to have some texture left.  Read..

  • Chicken Stock

    By Kiran Kumaria

    The basis of a good soup is usually a good stock. Once you know how to make a good stock, you can use it for an almost endless variety of soups. This is a recipe I use for chicken stock that's easy to make, and tastes delicious. I usually make extra, and freeze what I don't use.  Read..

  • Chinese Food

    By Kavita

    Chinese food holds a popular place among the entire population of the world. You can find a Chinese restaurant in every major city and in many smaller areas of the world as well. Why is Chinese food so popular? Is Chinese food healthy? What is the history of Chinese food?  Read..

  • Garlic Sauce of Prawns

    By jaffaraashik

    When the Chinese introduced their cuisine into India through Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet and other Northern neighbors, little did they expect that the ever-adapting Indian would re-invent some of their most time-tested recipes to suit the sub-continental palate  Read..

  • Sliced Chicken Recipe

    By jaffaraashik

    Place the soya sauce in a pan with crushed cloves of garlic. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 2 mins and keep this garlic sauce aside. Soak the mushrooms in warm water for 20 mins, drain, rinse, discard the stalks and cut the mushrooms into slices.  Read..

  • Tips for Making Better Burgers

    By Jennifer Armentrout

    Anyone can make a burger, but not anyone can make an excellent burger. The secret to success? It's all about choosing the right meat, using a light hand, and cooking the meat to that perfect stage of doneness.  Read..

  • Using Marinades to Season and Tenderize Meat

    By Diane Watkins

    A marinade is a combination of oil, acid and seasonings that will tenderize and flavor any cut of meat. The acid, usually wine, vinegar or a citrus juice breaks down the tough fibers in the meat, making it more tender. The oil absorbs flavor from the seasonings, melds them, and carries the flavoring into the meat. It also helps to keep the meat moist and juicy.  Read..

  • Labor Day Chicken

    By Sara Gray

    The title says it all, but Labor Day Chicken is truly a mouthwatering and simple recipe to make for your next Labor Day party. Actually, you don't have to wait for Labor Day to bbq this chicken, It's good any time of the year and for any kind of occasion. It cooks up nicely and you'll be surprised at how fast it gets eaten up!  Read..

  • Cooking Fat Free Is Easy On Your Cast Iron Cookware.

    Fat free food and cast iron cooking aren't usually a well-known duo, but if you think about it, cast iron doesn't deserve it's unhealthy reputation for greasy cooking. In fact, experienced chefs rely on cast iron for great taste when cooking light, and you can too, with a just a few tips.  Read..

  • Can You Make a Healthy Pizza?

    By Joy Harrison

    When you think of pizza, you probably think of words like delicious, tasty, filling ... and unhealthy!
    Pizza has a bad reputation for being greasy and lacking in nutritional value, but prepared correctly, nothing could be further from the truth.  Read..

  • Safety Tips for Grilling

    By Dorothy Duncan

    BBQing as it is commonly known or grilling is one of America's favorite summer past times. Why grill? Grilling provides an opportunity to entertain family and friends. It is a stress-free and relaxing way to prepare delicious nutritious meals on weekdays or weekends.  Read..

  • Halloween Recipes

    By Jill Seader

    Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Probably because of the sheer amount of sugar involved. As a kid (or adult for that matter), what other holiday can you dress up funny and stuff your face full of candy and sweets and not get yelled at?  Read..

  • Grandma Hystads Recipes, Bar Mixes, Cooking Tips, Safety Tips.

    By Bruce Chambers

    Grandmas Spaghetti And Meat Balls- French Onion Soup- Vanilla Pudding- Lightside- Tips For Home Safety.  Read..

  • Classic Cookie Recipes

    By Jill S

    Chocolate Chip Cookies
    There is nothing quite like a fresh chocolate chip cookie. This particular recipe has become my favorite over the years. It is soft and chewy and full of chocolate. Whenever I make this, I always have memories of coming home from school to a house filled with the smell of chocolate chip cookies. All five of us with chocolate smeared all over our faces. Great memories!  Read..

  • How To Choose The Best Cooking Equipment

    By Tom Straub

    It may surprise you that the best cooking equipment can save you time and money. How is that possible? Consider, that you may save a lot with your first purchase of low cost cooking utensils and equipment. However, soon you will replacing the same type of tools and equipment that may have fallen apart or became rusted quickly after just a few months.  Read..

  • Wild Game Cooking Tips

    By Fancymask

    Fall and early winter are great times to change the menu and include some novel meats. In general, game includes deer, rabbit, wild boar, duck, antelope and to the more exotic ant-eater, flying fox, squirrels or even bats (eg. bat soup is a delicacy in Cambodia) which can be popular in some countries.  Read..

  • Perfect Pasta

    Cook perfect pasta!
    Per pound of pasta, bring 4 quarts water to the boil; some chefs recommend 6 to 8. Bring the water to a rolling boil, then add 1-1 /2 tablespoons of salt per pound of pasta.  Read..

  • Perfect Hot Summer Meals No Stove Involved

    By C. Steendahl

    Cooking in the summer can provide a unique challenge. In the winter, turning a cold kitchen in to a warm and cozy place is a benefit of cooking. In the summer, turning that same kitchen into a sweltering inferno is not. With a little forethought this can be avoided.  Read..

  • 14 Easy Cooking Tips For Meat And Poultry Slow Cooker Recipes

    By Anjali Dawson

    The first Christmas we spent with my in-laws in their new country home, my mother-in-law wisely gave me a slow cooker. Her thoughtful gift helped Dan and I enjoy the most convenient of all cooking methods, even with our long work days and commute.  Read..

  • Royal Red Velvet Cake Recipe And The Happy Cook

    By Kayla Marie

    Red velvet cake has been around for many centuries.
    This cake is most popular in the southern United States and is often a staple at many southern family dinner tables, church suppers or even family reunions.  Read..

  • Crock-Pot Cooking Tips

    By OkSmitty

    Crock-pot cooking can offer some very tasty meals and desserts however some basic rules should be followed when using a crock-pot to cook with. You should be careful not to over stir their food while it's cooking in a crock pot. Taking the lid off during cooking causes vast amounts of heat to escape, therefore the food should only be stirred if it is clearly stated in the recipe.  Read..

  • Practical Cooking Tips for Singles

    By Liza Barnes, Health Educator

    Living alone is not without benefits-peace and quiet whenever you need it, undisturbed organization and order (or guilt-free sloppiness), and room to stretch out and relax. But some things are just more fun when you have someone to share them with. Cooking is one of those things.  Read..

  • YES! You Can be a Food Gourmet and a Skilled Gourmet Cook Too

    By The X Chef

    Yes, even you can cook up wonderful meals and impress your loved ones!
    Ever thought that gourmet cooking is not for you, or that you do not cook well? Then its time to totally change your mindset from today . . .
    Anyone and everyone can easily pick up cooking skills; younger or older, ladies and even the guys. It doesnt matter what your skill level is today; you can do much better and make great dishes like the chefs at your favorite restaurants. And whats more, the meals you cook will be done to perfection your kind of perfection. And you know what the best part is? You already have the most important ingredient . . . you know what great food is!

  • Three Things That You Should Know About Soups.

    By Guest

    Broadly speaking, soups are of three kinds - clear soups, thick soups, and pures.
    A clear soup is made by boiling fruit or vegetables (celery, for example) until all the nourishment is extracted, and then straining off the clear liquid. A little sago or macaroni is generally added and cooked in this. When carrots and turnips are used, a few small pieces are cut into dice or fancy shapes, cooked separately, and added to the strained soup.  Read..

  • A Comprehensive List of Food Safety Tips

    By Josh Stone

    Whether you have a career in food preparation, entertain privately, or just cook for your family, food handling has some science to it that you should know. What with hearing a story in the news every other day about yet another Salmonella or E. Coli outbreak, we could all stand to hear a refresher course in the sanitary preparing of food.  Read..

  • Cooking Tips - Cut Time with Advance Preparation

    By Mike Sparks

    If you are a working mother you will know that every minute is precious right from the time you wake up in the morning till night. Since you cannot extend the God-given 24 hours in a day, you will need to find ways and means to use them better so you can get more things done - just as you would re-arrange a cabinet to make more space for clutter.
    Since cooking takes a considerable of your time, and you are still always wondering whether your family is eating well or not, let us look into some ways to cut the time used here to the minimum. The following few tips would ensure not only that you will cook much faster, but also better and tastier dishes:  Read..

  • Dessert for Breakfast

    By Jill Seader

    I loved Saturday mornings as a kid. I remember getting up at the crack of dawn to watch cartoons while the smell of something sweet and delicious wafted through the air. On special days, mom would make something wonderfully gooey and sweet for breakfast. I could never seem to drag myself out of bed for school but for cartoons and one of mom's special treats it was always easy. (Maybe that is why it is still a challenge to get up for work in the morning!) Of all the tasty Saturday morning treats mom made, here's one of my favorites that I would like to share with you.  Read..

  • Turkey 101

    For me, cooking a turkey is as easy as boiling water is for most everyone. That's because in my lifetime, I've literally cooked around 3,000 turkeys-first while in graduate school where I participated in the moisture tests of turkeys in order to determine if the cooking time of a turkey could be lowered, then at the test kitchen in California where I first worked where we developed turkey recipes for newspapers and magazines around the country and actually spear-headed the reduction of those cooking times in my second year there, then development testing of the little pop-out thermometer that most turkeys come with today, and finally for personal use. Some days, I cooked as many as 16 turkeys, half stuffed and half-unstuffed (that took a lot of ovens, but our test kitchen was well equipped).  Read..

  • Best of Halloween Recipe Ideas

    By Sean Carter

    If youve ever been to a Halloween party, you must have had a fair share of scare with the absolutely freakish and outr Halloween recipes laid out on the party table. And if youre running out of ideas this Halloween, check out the following recipe ideas.  Read..

  • Frugal Food Storage And Cooking Tips

    By Hunter Pyle

    There are many ways to save money in the kitchen. For example, eliminating the purchase of junk food and other impulse buys can reduce spending significantly. Buying prepackaged food priced at a premium can be great for the convenience it offers. And cooks looking to save money can find that great savings are available by simply preparing most things from scratch.  Read..

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  • Can the Best Indian Restaurant London Make Dining Memorable?

    By realindianfood

    When you are going to a restaurant which is based on a particular culture or country then you need to be very selective about where you choose to go. After all, you want a true taste of the place in question, not a replicated watered-down version.  Read..

  • The Most Gratifying Glatt Kosher Food Market Aventura And Florida

    By cisamrita

    The Hebrew term Kosher means fit and proper and when this term is added with food or beverages that forms kosher food which means that food item that is not only proper, but also feasible for consumption according to the dietary law specified in Jewish laws. So is the glatt kosher food market aventura which meets all the requirements to make it most fit. The most important thing about the glatt kosher market aventura and florida is not only about the eating habits of people, but the preparations, storage, and consumption of glatt kosher meet aventura especially for products such as glatt pizza aventura, Kosher wine aventura, etc. The glatt kosher miami offers not meets the dietary needs, but also maintains the lifestyle in a way they used to have an eye on the production system that no non-kosher materials are not being used. So in order to detect that whaether a give food is kosher pizza aventura or kosher wine aventura one should visit every glatt kosher market aventura and analyze properly.  Read..

  • Hidden Realities about Amanita Muscaria

    By Alon Gabby

    Amanita muscaria is somehow the most mesmerizing mushroom on this planet. Some of the people also believe that it is the same fruit that has also been laid on blame to be eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Read..

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  • Low-Calorie Diet May Lead to Longer Life


    A low-calorie diet, even in people who are not obese, can lead to changes in metabolism and body chemistry that have been linked to better health and longer life, researchers are reporting.
    The findings lend support to the theory that eating less, long known to prolong life in rats and mice, may do the same for people, by preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases, and by slowing aging.  Read..

  • How To Do A Low Calorie Diet: Eat The Right Foods

    By Larry George

    For anyone that is looking to lose weight and seeking information on 'how to do a low calorie diet', one of the most essential qualifications for doing so is to eat less. No matter what type of diet you may be on, it will be necessary for you to pay attention to the foods that you are eating and the quantities of them, too. That means spending a few minutes looking fort he right food. That food is the food that offers the lowest calories possible but still packs a nutritional punch to it. If you can secure this type of diet, you will find rewards happening each day in dropped pounds.  Read..

  • Eat Up! Calorie-Free Foods

    By Carolina Diaz-Bordon - Staff Writer

    A great way to determine the value of certain foods is by its generosity. The best foods are the ones that make you work the least and give you a whole bunch of nutrition in return. When it comes to counting calories, they let you take your thinking caps off. They are calorie-free foods and while they may be every math teachers' worst nightmare, when it comes to helping you stick to a nutritious diet, they are a dream come true.  Read..

  • Where To Find Low Carb Recipes Online

    By Trevor Mulholland

    You may be surprised to find the number of things people are willing to share online for free. The one thing that online life makes easier is helping each other reach our individual goals, and dietary goals are no exception. Low carb recipes abound online, you just need to know where to look.
    In this era of fat-building fast foods and preserved snacks, the need to become conscious of our own health becomes more and more urgent. Learn how to cut down on "bad carbs" by going online and checking out user-submitted health recipes! Here are a few sites where you can find quality low carb recipes:  Read..

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    By book_mydoctor

    India is a country which is also known for its spices. There is a rich variety of spices which comes from our country. India is a place where a lot of importance is given to the curry. A numbers of spices are included to make a proper curry. Spices are something which is very famous of India and it is even imported to other countries. One of all these spices is black pepper. There are numbers of benefits of black pepper.  Read..

  • A Few Tips and Tricks For Using Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    The first piece of advice regarding vanilla is to ensure that you have chosen an excellent quality of product, for instance Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans, which have an intense, rich flavor.  Read..

  • How To Make Vanilla Extract

    By Sarah Neil

    It is always great when you find an ingredient that you really love cooking with and with me, that ingredient is vanilla. Having a really good quality vanilla to use in your kitchen, whether it is in the form of vanilla powder or in the form of pure vanilla extract, is essential; unfortunately, it can also be very expensive.  Read..

  • The Exquisite Sweet and Savory Taste of Vanilla

    By Sarah Neil

    As someone relatively used to taking the easy route when cooking or baking, I have been pleasantly surprised when upon choosing to branch out with flavors and spices, I came across whole vanilla beans. I had never used the entire vanilla bean before, having previously only been exposed to pure vanilla extract, which I like to use and always have a bottle in my pantry for using in my cakes.  Read..

  • Vanilla - A Flavorsome History

    By Sarah Neil

    Many people are not aware of the history of Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans and why would you be, many of you will be asking yourselves. You will see products containing vanilla throughout your shopping sprees and products likes authentic vanilla extract appear in grocery stores all around the US, so you can see that it is a common product, although sometimes, depending on what form you buy vanilla in, it does come at a cost. However, what a lot of you do not realize is that the pure vanilla extract you might pick up in store or order online has a vast history and so to truly appreciate the beautiful flavor of vanilla, you must be educated in its past before recognizing its value in a pudding or cake that you might go on to produce.  Read..

  • How to Make the Most of Your Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans are considered by many experts, not to mention regular kitchen-goers like you and I, to be the very best vanilla bean on the market. The rich and glossy beans are carefully grown in Madagascar, a process that is extremely time-intensive, and then carefully shipped abroad. It therefore stands to reason that we should take particular care when it comes to using these magnificent foodstuffs.  Read..

  • Extract, Paste and Powder: the Versatility of Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    Vanilla beans are a great way of adding flavor to a dish. As well as enriching desserts and cakes, more and more chefs and home cooks alike are using vanilla to liven-up savory dishes, including meat. Vanilla beans are becoming more and more versatile. Understandably for some people the hassles that come with preparing beans is too much. In an increasingly time restricted age its often quicker to just reach for a prepared jar. Doing so neednt mean opting for a weaker substitute though.  Read..

  • Four Simple Suggestions for Using Vanilla Beans in the Kitchen

    By Sarah Neil

    I recently became aware that most people do not have a clue what to do with vanilla beans. This moment of recognition came after I had invited some friends to visit my newly-opened Italian bistro. The couple was celebrating their third anniversary and as a present I prepared them a meal. After they finished I offered them a latte macchiato and some freshly baked biscotti. Both were taken aback by the taste and insisted I tell them what the secret ingredient was. They were shocked to learn it was the extract of vanilla beans.  Read..

  • The Benefits of Using Authentic Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    Authentic vanilla beans are considerably more expensive than their artificial counterparts. For example, pure vanilla extract is likely to set you back considerably more than standard vanilla essence or flavoring. However, as with so many other foodstuffs, in the case of vanilla beans you really do get what you pay for. Here are a few of the benefits that come along with using genuine beans.  Read..

  • 10 Great Ways to Use Vanilla Beans in the Kitchen

    By Sarah Neil

    If youre anything like me then youll love both the taste and aroma of authentic vanilla beans when youre baking in the kitchen. These wonderful creations of the orchid plant are able to spice-up even the simplest of dishes, while also making your kitchen smell like something out of heaven.  Read..

  • 10 Drinks Ideas Involving Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    Such is the versatility of the vanilla bean, people are finding new ways of using the spice to add flavor and taste to food dishes and beverages alike. Heres the thing though; you dont need to be all that inventive when it comes to enjoying a vanilla-splashed drink.  Read..

  • A Guide to Vanilla Bean Production

    By Sarah Neil

    Vanilla beans are diversely useful when it comes to the kitchen. They add flavor to bland dishes while enhancing the taste and aroma of other delicious treats. But have you ever wondered why these beans are as expensive as they are?  Read..

  • May and Bretts Beer Making Kit is ideal for home brewing

    By Jessica Thomson

    Are you a connoisseur of fines wines and hearty ales? Have you decided to try your hand at brewing your own ale and are unsure just where to find the best beer making kit? If so then May and Brett has a wide selection of products sure to get you brewing in no time at all.  Read..

  • What are Organic and Free Range Eggs?

    By Davinos Greeno

    Britons are buying record numbers of Free Range, Barn and Organic Eggs. Research shows shoppers bought 2.04billion of them last year, up from 1.64billion in 2002 (Article from the Daily Mail - 09/08/2006).  Read..


    By Walter J. Crinnion N.D.

    The more I work with chronically ill people, the bigger my organic garden gets. As a naturopathic physician I deal with a lot of chronically ill people. Many of them have been through the conventional medical system with no success, so they show up at my doorstep. One day Steve showed up.  Read..

  • What is Organic Fish?

    By Davinos Greeno

    Is there such a thing as organic fish? Surely all fish comes from the sea and eats whatever fish eat? How can we control that?  Read..

  • Organic Protects the Next Generation

    By Fran Black

    In our modern, fast-paced world, safety and health are too often sacrificed in the name of haste. From toys to clothing to home repairs, we take short-cuts, and in so doing we cut out what is really important--quality. Quality of life cannot be measured simply in time-efficiency.  Read..

  • Why Are Online Organic Food Delivery Services On The Increase?

    By Davinos Greeno

    After a hard week at work or looking after children or relatives, the last thing you want to do is spend time pushing a big heavy shopping trolley around your local supermarket or walking around the busy town or shopping centre. Have you realized how much time you spend, and how much energy you use when shopping?  Read..

  • Organic food? Sure, but is it cage-free?

    By Amanda Paulson

    CHICAGO - The organic industry may be one of the fastest-growing niches of the food world, but for a small group of consumers organic is pass.

  • Tips On Organic Food

    By Dalvin Rumsey

    In order to avoid eating genetically modified food, the best option you have is starting to buy organic food. This type of food is the most healthy way of living one can possibly have nowadays.  Read..

  • Succulent and Tender Organic Meats

    By Mark Hendley

    British organic meat and other organic farm products are successfully produced by certified farmers, in the beautiful rolling countryside of the Midlands area, who supply only traditional and natural organic farming produce.  Read..

  • Organic Doesn't Mean Free of Pesticides

    By Janet Raloff

    In the United States, farmers treat most crops with pesticides to increase yields and the foods' eye appeal. Inevitably, studies have shown, traces of these pesticides remain on the food after harvest and are in the food we eat.  Read..

  • Organic Food

    There is a very fine and gray line between organic and health foods. Although the result is the same, the road traveled is slightly different. Organic foods are the fastest growing segment of our agricultural economy. They have moved from specialty shops to mom and pop grocery stores. Retails sales have grown 20% annually for the last decade. 49% of organic retail sales come from mainstream grocers and 48% from natural food stores. Organics are free of chemical preservatives, toxic pesticides and additives.  Read..

  • Organic foods Local and Global demand

    In most developed countries the organic food market is below two per cent of the total food market, but growing rapidly. Global retail sales of organic products, which were valued at US$ 25 billion in 2003 are currently worth US$31 billion and growing at over 20 per cent per annum ( compared to about 3 per cent growth rate of the food market overall)  Read..

  • What is Organic Chicken?

    By Davinos Greeno

    People must have heard about the nasty conditions which broiler chickens - which are bred for their meat - are raised in? These chickens have no more floor space than a sheet of A4 paper. Chickens are over-fed to reach slaughter weight in six weeks, when it would normally take four months.  Read..

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  • Easy Vegetarian Pasta Sauce Recipe

    By Jeannette Marcoaldi

    2 Tbsp cold pressed olive oil
    2 crushed cloves organic garlic
    2 14.5oz cans fire roasted crushed organic tomatoes

  • Know Where To Get Quality Vegetarian Vitamin Supplement facts

    By Eddy Kong

    In this modern world, there are more and more food-related health problems. That is why, many people are turning towards having more vegetables on their dinner tables.
    In fact, many have switch from meat-eating diets to vegetarian diets. There are many people stating that they are plant-eaters, but in actual fact there is not really a single vegetarian diet. Why is that so? I will share more as you read this article.  Read..

  • Vegetarian Thanksgiving - No Turkeys?

    By Sean Carter

    What comes to your mind when you first think of Thanksgiving? The big fat golden-brown turkey? To millions, a Vegetarian Thanksgiving would mean no heaps of turkey meat at their dining table to feast on, but to the turkeys it would mean freedom to LIVE.  Read..

  • Becoming a Vegetarian - Some Useful Tips

    By Sarah Blackett

    1. Do some research - Not as hard as it sounds, search the internet and you'll find many sites with information relating to being vegetarian. Alternatively, visit a library or bookstore, there are many good books on the subject.  Read..

  • Vegan Diet Secrets: Becoming a Vegetarian

    By M.Markella

    A lot of vegans do not even know why they wanted to become vegans in the first place. Why are you a vegan? If you cannot answer this question in depth, then there's really no reason to become a vegan diet fan.
    You have to do some soul searching and find some answers from deep inside you. Find out exactly why you want to become a vegan. If you don't find any reasons behind your decision then it's just a phase you're going through.  Read..

  • Vegetarian Cuisine

    By Kirsten Hawkins

    Rabbit food. Thats what my dad calls vegetarian cooking and cuisine. Salads and vegetables cant be anything more to it, can there? Oh, but there is. Vegetarian cooking is at least as varied as regular cooking and in some cases, far more imaginative.
    Nearly thirty years ago, Diet for a Small Planet, and the follow-up cookbook, Recipes for a Small Planet hit the bookstore shelves with a resounding thud that still echoes. While many of the theories of protein complementarily that Frances Moore Lappe presented have been proven to be nave by further research, the basic theories of eating and the wonderful meatless and truly vegetarian - recipes endure. The Moosewood Cookbook and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest followed, and then an avalanche of cookbooks devoted to the vegetarian gourmet.  Read..

  • Vegetarian Does Not Have to Be

    Many people contemplate becoming a vegetarian at one point or another. Some consider a meatless diet because they feel sorry for the animals. Others think a vegetarian way of eating will improve their health.
    However, out of those well-intentioned people very few actually follow through and change their way of eating. The idea of completely giving up meat forms a big stumbling block for most.

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