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  • Protect your tech with gadget insurance

    By Tom Jui

    These days most of us own at least one high-end gadget, be it a smartphone, a music device, an e-reader, a tablet or a laptop, making us more technologically mobile than ever before. But, have you thought about insuring your precious purchases? Hopefully the answer is yes, because with these pieces of kit ranging from less than £100 to £700 and beyond they can be incredibly expensive to replace should they be lost, stolen or damaged in any way, and that’s why investing in adequate gadget insurance should be at the top of the agenda.  Read..

  • Home Appliance Insurance Is Great Value

    By William Pollard

    Home appliances have helped us in so many ways that it would be hard to imagine how we would cope without them. Appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers have really made life easier for everyone and if we did not have them our work load would be greatly increased. That is why it is really so important to ensure that all of our home appliances are covered by home appliance insurance because, if they are not it would be hard to manage without them and the cost of replacing or repairing home appliances really can be so very high that it may not be possible to get replacements straight away if you do not have savings you can use.  Read..

  • Florida Condo Insurance Buyers Guide

    By David Degen

    Over the past year big changes have occurred causing property insurance rates to once again reach new heights.  Read..

  • Types of Home Loan Interest Rate

    By seal cage

    The real estate market is witnessing a slowdown. This is partly due to rising prices and also due to increase in the home loan interest rates. Whether we choose a fixed or variable interest rate for repaying the home loan to the financial institution that has to be examined thoroughly?  Read..

  • How to Get a Reliable Home Insurance

    By seazlcage27

    Royal Sundaram Home Insurance helps to protect your home against damage and destruction caused due to natural and man-made calamities. Home insurance is essential and here you can find more details on how to insure your home so that you get maximum benefit.  Read..

  • Insurance in the US

    By harinadhroy

    US Insurance industry is today perhaps one of the most important revenue earning industries of the United States of America. Due to its excellent service, it is not only one of the best service providers in the United States of America but also across the globe. The US Insurance industry is controlled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners established in 1871, which looks after and controls the overall functioning of all agencies.  Read..

  • How to Lower your Home or Condo Insurance Costs and Premiums

    By David Degen

    Various global environmental factors have caused insurance rates in Florida to skyrocket.
    After many anticipated hurricanes and severe storms passed, Florida legislation enacted insurance rate reductions  Read..

  • 8 ways to keep your Home Insurance Costs low

    By Matt McWilliams

    All homeowners are looking for ways to reduce our home insurance costs. Costs continue to rise and budgets get tighter and tighter with each passing year. Here are 8 tips to reduce your home insurance costs.  Read..

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