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Chapter 20


90. 15th January, 1976.
Early morning dream: I saw a huge bird gradually descending below from the sky. Its eyes were glittering with light and seemed to be a hunting hawk. I. thought, if it would attack me I would resist with a rod. So I took a rod in my hand. But it did not do anything to me, it only sat on an open place without looking at any direction. The dream went off.

[ Here the huge bird is the symbol of Atma. It descends—means there will be descent in austerity within my body in future . I have a rod in my hand—here, rod symbolizes ‘Kundalini’. With the help of ‘Kundalini’ the austerity is performed within the body of a human being.]


91. 16th January, 1976.

Early morning dream: A devotee Khagendra Nath Ghosh of Sainthia was talking to me. But Mr Ghosh seemed to be shorter than the actual height in reality and the face also seemed to be a bit different. What were the conversations, I could not remember later on. But it seemed to me that the mental abnormal condition which was prevailing in him in reality was still persisting.

[After some days the seer came to know that still Mr Ghosh was going through some kind of mental abnormality. During the period of austerity these kinds of realizations reveal in the dream of the seer.]


92. 18th January,1976.

Early morning dream: I was going somewhere by a plane. An unknown man was accompanying me. After a long journey a beautiful view of the earth was visible – Beautiful houses, roads etc. The unknown man said—‘This is Japan’. I was having a joyous look underneath and was flying here and there, observing the Japanese people roaming and walking along the roads and paths.

Lastly I noticed myself at Khagendranath Ghosh residence . His sons specially the eldest son offered me some kind of foods and here the dream went off.

[The dream indicates the annihilation of time and space at the same time.]


93. 20th January, 1976.

Early morning dream: The scene opened with some Vaishnava Vikshu(Monk) with whom II was singing the song ‘Jai Satyn Sanatana, Manus Ratan Jibankrishna.’ (Hail the Eternal Truth, the Manikin Jibankrishna.)

But instantly the thought came in my mind —‘Strange! There is so much difference between my social status and theirs, still I am not feeling any hesitation in singing a song with them’! They and I am the same and one’! Here the dream was off.

[After long 2 years the meaning was revealed that this dream indicated about the coming descent in austerity within the body of the seer.]


94. 26th January, 1976.

The previous night a thought came in my mind —well, sometimes the mind becomes downwards, whether it hampers anything in me! with this thought I went asleep. At dawn at the time of waking up I heard an oracle—‘Ajo Nitya Swaswata…’ which means Atma or Soul is not destroyed, or harmed, it is eternal etc. The Sanskrit hymn has been echoed in my brain throughout the day and then disappeared at night.

[The doubt in the mind of the seer thus disappeared by the grace and teaching of the Holy Ghost.]


95. 31st January, 1976.

Early morning dream: I was seated at the Laboratory of the Agri-Horticultural Society of Calcutta. At this time my research guide Dr. Tarun Bose came and asked me, ‘Are you drinking the cow milk’? I nodded my head with support.

Then I entered into the office room. My friend Debasish who seemed to know about my spiritual life asked me, ‘Dipak, have you got Katho Upanishada . I want to know about cow’s milk’. I said, ‘Yes, I have got it’. Saying this, I entered into the laboratory and from my locker I took out the Upanishadas. While turning the pages of the part Katho Upanishada it seemed to me as if I had been changed into another self. Some kind of peculiar sensations used to play in my body as if the truth of Upanishada was revealing in my body.

Then I said to Debasish, ‘There are Yogic explanations about all these, I shall give you later on. With these words the dream went off and the Sanskrit hymn used to be echoed in my brain, ‘Yama Baisa brinute tena lavya’ (He attains Godhood who is blessed by Atma — Kathopnisha). I could not understand its meaning.

[In the morning I opened Upanishada and with great surprise found all these hymns in Katho Upanishada including cow’s milk.

Now I have realized that nothing is a bar to anyone’s spiritual life when he is blessed by Atma or God.

The dream also indicates that everything of this universe is in the human brain, as confirmed by the fact that the seer did not know that the hymns were in the Katho Upanishada.]

Article By: Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

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