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  • Regular vegetables discovered to work against colon cancer

    By Groshan Fabiola

    A small study revealed that quercentin and curcumin wich are extracted from onions and curry could have a big impact on colon cancer, reducing it significantly.
    Five persons were chosen for this study that appeared in August. All five of them had a hereditary disorder called familial adenomatous polyposis that is the cause for the appearing of colon cancer by creating hundreds of colorectal polyps. Ussualy this is treated by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The problem with these drugs are their side really bad side effects like internal ulcers and bleeding.  Read..

  • How to treat colon cancer?

    By Groshan Fabiola

    Cancer is the name for a disease that can affect cells from all the organs and body’s structures and is considered to be life threatening. The colon and rectum are a part of the large intestine and their function is to absorb nutrients and water from the food that passes through the intestine before it goes out of the body. Colorectal cancer is the disease that affects the cells from the colon and rectum creating a malign or benign tumor.  Read..

  • Which is the best way of treating colorectal cancer?

    By Groshan Fabiola

    When the doctors decide to treat colorectal cancer they pay attention in what stage is the cancer situated. If the colon cancer is in the first stages the treatment will be different as if it was in the last stages. The age of the patient, its medical history and tolerance for certain medication will guide the doctor in establishing the most proper treatment method.  Read..

  • How to avoid being affected by Colon Cancer

    By Bobby Heavens

    The best available approaches for a low risk of developing Colon cancer are:
    o a diet high in green vegetables, particularly cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts or cauliflower.
    o a diet low in red meat. In particular, avoid burnt meat, which contains cancer-promoting chemicals called cyclic amines.
    o keeping to a normal body weight and taking regular exercise.

  • How is Rectal Cancer Treated: Patient Information

    Rectal Cancer Treatment by Stage
    Treatments of cancer of the rectum depend on the stage of the disease and the patient's overall condition.  Read..

  • Keep Colon Cancer Away by Having a Clean Colon

    By rsbombard

    What the recent studies are showing is pretty scary. Our country has the highest number of colon-rectal cancer cases being reported in the entire world. And the disease is equally extensive among males as they are in females. In fact the disease today is killing more Americans than it ever did before. To some it is too embarrassing a subject to talk about. But it must be realized that cancer and deaths resulting from that are much more serious things and should be dealt brushing aside all sorts of inhibitions.

  • Some answers to colon cancer questions

    By Groshan Fabiola

    1. What is colon cancer?

    Cancer is a disease which can affect cells from all organs. The colon cancer affects the cells of the colon, determining them to proliferate in an uncontrollable way. This mass of abnormal cells will form a tumor inside the colon. The cancer of the intestine is quite frequent and two thirds of this type of cancer is situated in the colon.  Read..

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