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  • Are you based in Manchester? Then you could be what is needed

    By Adam Nicolson

    The UK currently lays very short on foster carers who mean there are many young children aged 0-18years around with no place they may call a family environment or home.  Read..

  • High quality beach chairs in a wide range of styles at the most competitive prices.

    By jenifer smith

    The Umbrella Man is a forward thinking online retailer based in Cape Town, South Africa dedicated to the wholesale supply and importation of a wide range of necessary products such as rain umbrellas and little luxuries which we deem necessary for maximum comfort and enjoyable experiences such as beach chairs. We have been providing this service for clients all over the country for many years and with the high quality and diverse range of our products coupled with our unrivalled commitment to complete customer satisfaction which includes our fair and competitive pricing policy and prompt delivery times we are widely regarded as the only and only place in which to acquire all your rain umbrellas, beach chairs and parasols.  Read..

  • What's the Point of Furniture Hire?

    By Adam Nicolson

    If you have never had the need to use a furniture hire service the chances are you cannot really see the need for such a service. However, a surprising number of people do need and use such a service and demand is increasing rather than decreasing.  Read..

  • Create Charm and Appeal with Stunning Shabby Chic Furniture

    By Tommy Wayne

    Shabby chic furniture is charming and appealing and looks absolutely lovely with any dťcor and decoration. The allure of shabby chic furniture lies in the fact that it is authentic and genuine as well as eye catching and attractive. When looking for the most comprehensive assortment of marvellous shabby chic furniture it can be rather a long winded and arduous process sorting the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, as you have to guarantee that each and every piece of shabby chic furniture is of a superlative calibre if it is to generate widespread consumer interest and entice a diverse and eclectic clientele. So many places supply shabby chic furniture so it can be rather a hard old slog finding shabby chic furniture that will satisfy even the most discerning individual but press on as you will reap the rewards eventually. Patience my friend!  Read..

  • What Is Meant by Furniture Rental?

    By Adam Nicolson

    Furniture rental is a service that very few people realise exists. When they find out that it does exist it is one of those services people cannot really understand. They tend to think who on earth would want to rent furniture? Usually the best answer they can come up with is theatre companies or film companies who need to dress their sets. Whilst these groups certainly do hire or rent furniture, they are not the only ones to do so. Today, furniture rental is a big and growing industry.  Read..

  • Death Match in the Patio Furniture arena! Wicker†vs†Plastic!

    By Riley Jenkins

    When you are making the all-important decision about plastic patio furniture, an equally important question just might pop into your receptive mind: Wicker or plastic? When you are making a decision with regard to the kind of outdoor furniture you will use, you have to realize that wicker and plastic both have their own pros and cons, meaning that you are going to have to consider both the pros and the cons of each of these patio furniture materials. Let us look at some of the key differences, key pros and key cons of each of these two materials.  Read..

  • A smarter way to source castor wheels

    By William Blackstone

    All kinds of things get moved around at work each and every day. From the rubbish, to boxes of paper to customer orders ready to be shipped out. Even in this high tech world the humble trolley and a bit of manual handling still have their place. Computers can't quite do everything. Yet!  Read..

  • Furniture Castors

    By Adam Nicolson

    Lots of furniture is fitted with furniture castors, it is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of making sure that furniture is mobile and can be easily moved from one room to another without having to lift and carry the furniture. This can be very useful if the item of furniture is very heavy or bulky in shape. Many of the pieces of furniture we take for granted like the humble typists chair has to have furniture castors fitted by the very nature of the product. This helps the worker move about around their desk without having to get up every time.  Read..

  • Furniture Castors

    By Adam Nicolson

    Furniture castors are one of those items we never really think about. Until that is it comes time to move that heavy sideboard or sofa. Furniture without castors is extremely difficult to move and if you have large pieces that do not include castors it is well worth considering fitting them.  Read..

  • How a Duvet Cover is Better than a Quilt

    By Adam Nicolson

    Much like a quilt, the duvet is a padded layer of quilting such as down, cotton or nylon fleecing that has been placed inside of a cover. Unlike a quilt, the duvet is not sewn inside of the cover, meaning that it can be taken out at any time.  Read..

  • The Benefits Of Teak Garden Furniture

    By Adam Nicolson

    It is possible to purchase garden furniture made from many different materials including a variety of natural woods. However, if you are looking for the greatest possible combination of both strength and good looks then teak is arguably the best choice you can make. Teak garden furniture includes many of the items of garden furniture that the modern homeowner demands and it provides them in a great looking finish that is designed to last.  Read..

  • Various Types of Timeless English Antique Furniture

    By Stephanie Ellsey

    English antiques have been renowned for many years and are highly coveted by many people because of their intricate designs, the fine woods that were used and the heavy amount of skilled craftsmanship that was employed in creating them. The many different styles of English antique furniture are named after the monarch who reigned during the time that they were created. Many of these styles have very similar elements, but there are some parts that differ between them, such as the legs of the pieces of furniture. Looking at these can enable you to determine exactly what period the English antique is from.  Read..

  • Decorate Your Home with Traditional Wooden Articles

    By Little John

    India is a well-known country all around the world for its sculpture and craftsmanship. Indian wooden manufacturing industry has the recognized to produce good quality and beautiful conventional wooden articles. Traditional Indian wood furniture is the perfect option to decorate your home office or any other places properly and give a dreamy look with its astonishing and eye-catching designs and finishing. Variety of traditional furniture gives you a chance to decorate each and every corner of your home and make it pleasing for yourself and impressing for guests.

  • Mirrored Furniture for More Than the Bedroom

    By Lucy Blossom

    There is no doubt that mirrored furniture is an extremely popular choice when it comes to furnishing bedrooms, but what a lot of people fail to realize is that you can get mirrored furniture for just about every room in your home. There are pieces for the living room, dining room, bathroom, and even your hall and entryway.  Read..

  • Site Furniture Plays An Important Role In Public Areas

    By Sean Smith

    Walk down any city street and they can be seen almost everywhere. Yet, they probably go unnoticed to the average passerby. People sit on them, throw garbage in them, park their bicycles at them, and even eat lunch or a snack on them. Site furniture is found all around the city in and around public buildings, schools, shopping centers, parks and hospitals.  Read..

  • Tips on Buying Antique Furniture

    By kensium solutions

    Buying antique furniture has a dual appeal. On one hand it is the pleasure to be taken by filling one's home with antiques, fine creations of craftsmen & on the other it is the possibility of later financial gain as well chosen antique furniture appreciates in value.  Read..

  • Choosing Custom Design Furniture -3 Important Things You Need to Know

    Heres how to choose Custom Design Furniture and love it...  Read..

  • Donít Hurry Up The Decision- Your Furniture Is Going To Last For Years

    By Sarika

    Wood, Glass and wood laminates are not the only materials available in the market. Ask your dealer for the variety that he has available, and ask him which will best suit your requirements. And read on to be well prepared to take on your dealerís expert sales talk.  Read..

  • Choose The Right Furniture For Your Outdoor Retreat In 3 Easy Steps

    By Summer Hewitt

    The great outdoors is the place to relax, but with everyoneís busy schedules, no one has the time to do that weekend trip to the mountains or the beach. After reading this article you should be able to create your own weekend retreat, right in your backyard. With a little bit of guidance on decorating themes, furniture selections, and placement, you should be on your way to have the backyard everyone envies.  Read..

  • What's Your Bedroom Furniture Made Of?

    By Ben Weissman

    When you go in search of master bedroom furniture, you're going to find that not all beds are created equal. In fact, many beds are made of different materials. Some are wood beds, while others are made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard). What is the difference in these two materials, and is one more appropriate than another for a particular use or type of bedroom furniture?  Read..

  • Bedroom Furniture - Making Organizing Your Space Easy

    By Jesse Akre

    Are you sick of tripping over your clothes and personal belongings in your bedroom? Or, do you just want to clean up your space but are not sure how to do it? Well, there is actually a simple solution to your problem, all you need to do is purchase some bedroom furniture. It is a great way to keep everything organized and tidy.  Read..

  • Teak Furniture - The Perfect Way To Furnish Your Deck, Porch, Or Patio

    By Jesse Akre

    With summer starting to wrap up, you have decided to throw that last summer bash to hold everyone over until next year. To do it, you are going to need the ultimate place to entertain and that is why you need to purchase some fabulous teak furniture for your outdoor space.  Read..

  • Tips For Preparing Your Home For An Open House

    By Coldwell Banker Staff

    Every seller wants her home to sell quickly and bring top dollar. While there are some factors you can't control, like neighborhood popularity and market fluctuations, you can help your house put on its best face for showings and open houses. If you want to sell your home, here are some tips to prepare your house and turn it into an irresistible home.  Read..

  • Porch Furniture Offers More Colorful Choices

    By Kathy Moran

    Over the past several years, furnishing a porch has become a much more involved process than it was just a few decades ago. Because there has been a huge change in the way we view outdoor living - itís no longer a seasonal thing, but a year-round way of life - we cannot simply put out a few folding chairs and a table. Egad, no! These days, itís a matter of designing and decorating an outdoor room, which can include your porch, patio, gazebo, deck, terrace, or yard. This is a great thing, in part, because many new materials and designs have made todayís porch furniture more durable and comfortable.Another thing thatís noticeably improved is that modern outdoor furniture offers so many more colors than the chairs and tables we remember from childhood. This really helps with all of the exterior decorating we have to do these days; but if you want more than just a few basic colors, youíll have to look beyond your local All-Mart. To experience the full spectrum of smashing choices available in porch and patio furniture, youíll have to visit a specialist. This should be very good news to you, because, instead of fighting a crowd to get there, you can simply go to  Read..

  • How To Buy Furniture On A Budget

    By Elijah Gichuhi

    Shopping for furniture online is easy and fun with huge selections, buying guides-including huge discounts on bedroom, living room, kitchen and kids furniture. The following are tips on how to furnish your home for less.  Read..

  • Dining Room Furniture Terms

    By Peter G.

    A dining room is a room for eating, usually adjacent to the kitchen. A typical dining room will contain a dining table with four, six or eight rattan seats, or chairs upholstered in leather or fabric, arranged along the sides and ends of the table. Dining tables come in all shapes, round, oval, rectangular, fluted, trestle, single or double pedestal, with tabletops from wood, marble or glass. Dining room furniture come in different styles, from rustic, modern, country, traditional to contemporary. China cabinets, hutches, barstools, curio cabinets, buffets, and sideboards are also important pieces of dining room furniture.  Read..

  • Woodcraft Furniture

    By Michael Malega

    This written document is all about the issue that you have been looking for, take your time to read.
    We all love the look of well made items in our homes. These items have the power to transmute an average look home into a place where you can find timeless heirlooms. These extraordinary heirlooms are the work of wood carvers and makers of sensational wood work. As you look through the many types of furniture in the stores you will be stricken by the sheer elegance of woodcraft furniture.  Read..

  • How to Clean and Care for Leather Furniture

    By Rodel Garcia

    *Cleaning Leather
    New leather hides are supple yet firm, stuffed with oils, and moderately acidic. The goal in caring for leather is to keep it that way - even through years of use.
    According to most leather experts, the best way to accomplish this is to treat it like our skin: keep it clean and moisturize it.  Read..

  • Furniture Tips for Childrenís Room

    By Sarika Kabra

    Your child is born with special needs to cater to. The kid requires as much material support as it requires emotional attention. Obviously, the parents want only the best for their child. However, Ďthe bestí comes at a price. In the good old days, people usually did not have too many resources to provide their kids with every comfort in the world. But with double-income parents and small families on the rise, the parents feel that the good times must be shared with their tiny-tots. Resultantly, the furniture requirements of the childrenís room have undergone varied optional changes.  Read..

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