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  • Modular buildings - the perfect solution when classroom space starts running out

    By Dirk Rowell

    Overcrowding is a common problem at schools and nurseries. The pupil intake can vary so much from year to year. Predicting the amount of space required can be tough for local authorities and headteachers. Temporary classroom space gives schools a little flexibility. It's a fast and affordable solution to the problems posed by overcrowding. Just what is required to provide relief and make sure children can learn in a quality environment and setting.  Read..

  • Health Care Opportunities with Online Nursing Degree Program

    By Ekta Jain

    Every year the demands in the field the health care industry are rising constantly. It is expected that the demand for healthcare professionals is also going to rise significantly.  Read..

  • The Medical School Admission Process

    By Dean Novosat

    Prospective students can get confused by the medical school admissions process and have no where to turn for help. The admissions requirements for PhD programs are very similar to medical school admissions. However, if you have questions about a certain part of the medical school application process, it is always best to consult the most recent edition of the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) book and then the medical school directly. There are some simple steps to applying for medical school and they are outlined below.  Read..

  • Teaching family medicine in medical schools - Editorial

    By Robert B. Taylor

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). It is also the year in which the LCME is considering proposed changes in the accreditation standards.  Read..

  • Best Medical School In The USA

    By Kevin Bing

    When it comes to medical schools in the USA they can now be classified under two categories. There are those schools which concentrate on the research side and those schools which focus all their attention on teaching their students about primary care matters.  Read..

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