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  • Best luxury custom yoga mats

    By Pearl M Carter

    At times, most of the people are engaged in mechanisms. Even half the people are affected by numerous diseases But by doing yoga we will deprive it. what's yoga? Yoga may be a definition that describes the connection between mind and body which it's been doing since first living. Rather a saying goes well with it, that is, “health is wealth”.

  • Professional counselling may help those in alcohol rehab, drug rehab overcome depression

    By chris knight

    Is there a problem? How do you know if someone needs alcohol rehab, drug rehabilitation or would benefit by having depression treatments? Know the signs? Here are some ways to tell if depression treatments or any alcohol or drug rehabilitation would help a friend or family member.  Read..

  • Drug treatment center offers help for gambling addictions and treatment for eating disorders

    By chris knight

    Everyone likes to have fun at the casino or indulge in their favourite sweets, cakes, cookies, and guilty pleasures from time to time. But, when is gambling or eating a problem and where can addicts find help?  Read..

  • Bach Flower Essences for emotional wellbeing

    By Adam Rubinstein

    The Bach Flower Remedies were the first flower essences, developed by Dr Edward Bach. Each of his unique Flower Remedies help to treat a specific emotional imbalance. Dr Bach identified 38 states of being that he felt are the cause of most health symptoms. He believed that his patients state of mind played a vital role in their health and wellbeing and their recovery from illness and he wanted to find a more gentle system of healing that treated the cause rather than the symptom.  Read..

  • Effective Home Treatment for Scrapes and Cuts

    By Doctors Health Press

    Cuts and scrapes often occur when you are busy doing our regular household activities. You can’t really spare yourself from cuts and bruises even though you remain highly cautious and careful while performing your day to day activities. At home, cuts and scrapes generally occur when you are involved in activities like playing, working in the kitchen, repairing of electrical goods and other appliances, gardening, cleaning, and a whole lot of other activities. While there is possibly no way of staying hundred percent safe, it is important for you to know the proper treatment procedure that is required after you cut or wound yourself at home accidentally.  Read..

  • Hair Care Tips - Scalp Care to Prevent Ringworm Disease

    By Monina Burn

    There seem to be some confusion about the real cause of ringworm infection, especially among those who suffer the scalp problem for the first time. In reality, ringworm is a fungal infection that affects nails, skin and scalp. It is a rather common skin disease and about 20 percent of the population suffer may this disease, during any given time period. Unlike what many seem to believe, worms don't cause scalp ringworm. Dermatophytes are mold-like fungi and they are commonly present in the soil and skin of people and animal. These tiny creatures feast upon dead skin cells shed by our outer skin layer and they thrive in dirty, humid and warm environment. An infection is more likely to happen when the fungi start to multiply very rapidly and invade opening on our scalp like scratches or small cuts.  Read..

  • Why Bidets are Best Cleaning Option For The Aged, Disabled And Overweight People

    By Bidet

    When it comes to toilet hygiene, most elderly, disabled and overweight people face difficulties in using the conventional methods of cleansing because of their inability to move freely. In such situations, toilet bidets provide a more hygienic alternate to toilet paper as they are not only easy to use but also do not require much movement. People, who have never used a bidet for cleansing themselves, might fail to understand the convenience and better cleaning experience it provides.  Read..

  • Prevent Medical ID Theft in Your Practice With a Lunch and Learn

    By Linda Vincent

    Medical ID theft occurs when an identity thief uses another person’s social security number or another personal identifier to obtain medical care, products, services, or insurance benefits. The problem is widespread in all areas of healthcare, and it is a growing concern in professional practices. A breach of patient information can cripple a practice financially and legally  Read..

  • What Care you Need to Take After IPL Laser treatment for Hair Removal

    By Bnb Medispa

    IPL laser treatment for hair removal may be a simple process, but it requires proper skin care of the area that was treated. The time needed for recovery is very less and people usually return to their normal activities immediately after treatment. But aftercare is very crucial in order to negate any chances of complication and to reduce any discomfort that you may otherwise experience.  Read..

  • Discover Your True Passions in Life

    By Barbara Ashcroft B.A.M.ED.

    “There are two great days in a person’s life- the day we are born
    and the day we discover why.”  Read..

  • Dealing with Emotional Pain

    By Robert Elias Najemy

    (Hurt - Bitterness - Injustice - Abused ­ Pain)
    We feel emotional pain when we do not get what we want, need, or expect. We might feel hurt, rejection, bitterness, abuse, injustice or simply emotional pain.  Read..

  • The Healing Power of Affirmations

    By Anita Asman

    The word 'affirmation' has its root in the Latin word 'firmus' which means 'solid, strong'. An affirmation is a confirmation, a substantiation, an assurance that a certain thought will materialize. Affirmations are like seeds representing certain themes in our life that we plant into our subconscious. When these seeds are correctly planted and nurtured, they will yield fruit.  Read..

  • Affirmations Work (How I Know)

    By Catherine Whipple

    I know that affirmations work. Whether they're spoken, written, sung, or taped, they work. And here's how I know. When I was a child, my mother would say to me, "if looks could kill, you'd kill everyone you know." meaning that I always had a very angry look on my face. What this told me was that I was unlikeable and therefore, unloveable. (I don't hold it against my mother for saying this, it was the same thing that she was told as a child. and parents can only teach what they know).  Read..

  • What Are Natural Healing Techniques?

    By Jeff Cohen

    Natural healing has become a sound alternative to the conventional form of healing. In natural healing, the general method employed is the listening to the body’s processes in order for practicing experts to utilize the best healing process applicable for any given disease.  Read..

  • Distant Energy Healing

    By Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D.

    Distant healing is a method of energy healing at any long distance. According to Quantum Physics, we live in a world of energy and healing by bio-energy at any distance help you to tap into that and learn to perceive or read energy and work with it. In distant energy healing, energy is controlled and can be guided by mind, whereas in Reiki healing it cannot. In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Distant healing is based on Quantum Physics discoveries that energy is not restricted to any time and location.  Read..

  • Creating Balance with Zensight Energy Healing

    By Carol Ann Rowland

    Headaches, muscle tension, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss or gain, fatigue, high blood pressure, chest pain, depression, irritability, memory problems, phobias, social isolation, rage, and feelings of overwhelm: all of these are just a few of the many symptoms associated with stress.  Read..

  • How to Do Reiki : Learn Energy Healing for Free

    By Dr. R. Wolf Shipon

    The laying on of hands, known as 'the Divine Touch,' was performed by Kings in England and France, and was believed to cure scrofula, a name given to a number of skin diseases. The rite of the king's touch began in France with Robert II the Pious, but legend later attributed the practice to Clovis as founder of the kingdom, and Edward the Confessor in England. The belief continued to be common throughout the Middle Ages." - Wikipedia (retrieved Jan 1, 2007)  Read..

  • How To Live a Healthier Life

    By Jeff Cohen

    People are obsessed with dieting and weight loss! Don't believe me? Just tune-in to any source of're instantly bombarded with the latest diet schemes and "Hollywood" food fads.  Read..

  • A Personal Healing Program

    By William Lee Rand

    Each of us comes into this existence with a unique set of personal qualities that include aptitudes that can develop into skills and abilities. Also there are often challenging situations that affect us. Like the rudder on a boat, our choices determine what direction we take in life and what possibilities we explore and develop.  Read..

  • Reiki Energy: What is it? How does it heal?

    By William Lee Rand

    The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words - Rei and Ki. When translating Japanese into English we must keep in mind that an exact translation is difficult. The Japanese language has many levels of meaning. Therefore the context the word is being used in must be kept in mind when attempting to communicate its essence.  Read..

  • Healing All Diseases With Thoughts And Feelings

    By Enoch Tan

    You can only heal the body by healing the consciousness. All diseases originates from within, and therefore can only be healed from within. Medicine only facilitates healing but it does not heal. What matters is not the medicine, but rather how you think of it. All disease that manifests in the outer, physical body has arisen from within the conscious or subconscious mind. They are the effects of your thoughts and feelings.  Read..

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