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  • What are SMART Goals

    By Anurag Aggarwal

    To understand this saying, we must understand the meaning of GOAL first. As per the dictionary, a goal is the end result or achievement, in which effort is directed. However, in actual life, goal is that the first step in making your dreams a reality. A dream can also be your goal but to make a dream as your goal, you must actively pursue it, work for it. You must take steps to reach towards it.  Read..

  • Harmonization of supplements for bodybuilding

    By jhonmaster

    Bodybuilding is a big deal which requires proper guidance about workouts, training period and nutrition for accomplishing the growth of the body. Bodybuilding supplements are reviewed as the best way for getting essential nutrition as there are all kinds of supplements that offers great opportunity to enhance one’s physical appearance.  Read..

  • Boost your muscles by the health supplements

    By jhonmaster

    The healthy and toned body always attracts the people attention and inspires others and today it’s not a tough task to make, it only needs the proper health supplement with the appropriate exercise guidance. Gaspari nutritional diet is the health solution through which every adult may get appropriate nutrition for the bodybuilding and it is available at the discount price.  Read..

  • Which Pension Plan Works Best for You?

    By Sameer Ujwal

    Retirement is one of the things which we usually dream of specially when things get tough in our place of work. There are cases that people actually think about how much money we are going to get whenever we entered the retirement age. However, just before we even think of getting pension, we will need to as well know how our current retirement policy may affect the amount of money that we will collect in the not to distant future.  Read..

  • Security Door Types for residential & Commercial use

    By jennypatel

    There are various types of the security door products available in the market. We are always confused in choosing the best security door for our home, office, commercial or industrial premises. .................  Read..

  • Aiming Where We Want To Go

    By Alison shapiro

    My friend, Fletcher Millmore, is a British car mechanic and a philosopher. He was explaining an observation of his to me the other day. Fletcher does a lot of driving and one day while traveling down an empty highway, he started looking at skid marks on long stretches of road  Read..

  • Goal Setting Techniques - 5 Ingredients To Success

    By Lucas Cantoni

    These goal setting techniques will help you set effective yet achievable goals. Goal setting, simply put, is the process of defining your ideal future. Much like a movie script is turned into a screenplay, it's a way for you to identify precisely what you want and then motivate yourself to turn that vision into reality. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve helps you to know where and how to apply your efforts.  Read..

  • The Top 10 Steps to Set and Achieve Your Goals - Every Time!

    By Dr. Philip E. Humbert

    It’s been said that everyone has goals, whether we know it or not. We have goals to keep our current job, or to get a different one. We have goals to save for the future, or to travel, take a vacation, or purchase the things we need and want to make our lives more enjoyable.  Read..

  • Make Greatness Your Goal!

    By Chris Widener

    If greatness is your goal, whether in your business life, your personal relationships or your own personal growth, here are some guidelines to get you on your way. Greatness is possible! You can achieve the goals you set for yourself and you can make a difference in your own life and those who live and work around you! Set greatness as your goal! Here’s how:  Read..

  • Why Traditional Goal Setting Doesn't Work

    By Arina Nikitina

    If you have a $100.000.000 in the bank, drive new Lexus, look like a movie star and have a perfect health save yourself some time and do not read this article. This article is for people, who don't have all these things, but are planning on changing that slight inconvenience.  Read..

  • How Important Is Money In Your Goal Setting? Part1

    By Colin Dunbar

    A realistic look at the role of money in setting goals
    True story... A teenager once said to me that she did have a goal, but she would never reach it because she didn't have money. Her goal was to go overseas.  Read..

  • How Important Is Money In Your Goal Setting? Part2

    By Colin Dunbar

    In Part 1 of this article, I said we need to "prioritize our focus, and we need to understand the role of money as a tool with our goals."  Read..

  • Five Secrets to Help You Reach Your Money Goals

    By Colin Dunbar

    Money is a not only a big motivator in our lives, but also a necessary part of it. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to set money goals, especially if we want to advance financially.  Read..

  • 5 Easy Steps To Accomplishing Any Goal

    By Kris Tomb

    In “Think and Grow Rich”. Napoleon Hill wrote “nothing is impossible to the person who backs DESIRE with enduring FAITH.”. Let’s simplify that by saying “nothing is impossible to the person who establishes a definite goal and truly believes that they can attain that goal.”  Read..

  • The Importance of Goal Setting

    The whole point of setting a goal is to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. If you set goals and work toward them diligently, you can have all the things you want. People who set and achieve their goals are people who've decided what they want, committed themselves to going after it, and haven't let anything stand in their way, short of violating the rights of others.  Read..

  • Will You Land On The Moon Or Amongst The Stars?

    By Fiona MacKay Young

    Some people make firm goals, write them down, and deliberately set out to achieve them. According to a Yale University study this is only about 3% of the population! The rest never set any real goals for themselves. Oh, they may have hopes, dreams and aspirations but do they actually DO anything about them?  Read..

  • The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When You Do Not Program Your Mind To Set Goals

    By Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim

    Your mind is the single most effective and essential tool to craft and program your thoughts, aspirations and goals. Consequently, when your goals are properly planned out, it will be very much easier to shape and design the life you want and ultimately the success you strive to attain. Yet, many people still do not even use their minds to set goals, let along take effective actions to achieve their goals.  Read..

  • Goal-setting A Daily Affair

    There are many goals. Basically, they can be categorised into long-term goals and short-term goals.
    1. Long-term goals: Anything that is bold! Just write down anything outrageous! It is ok; it is GOAL anyway, right?  Read..

  • Goal Setting Secrets of the Greatest Achievers

    By Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim

    A 7th century Arabian genius once said, "Success is the result of foresight and resolution, foresight depends upon deep thinking and planning, and the most important factor of planning is to keep your secrets to yourself". The name of this genius was Ali Ibn Abi Thalib, one of the most illustrious, noblest and brilliant leaders of the continent-sweeping Islamic civilisation that was left behind by the Prophet Muhammad.  Read..

  • Goal Setting - The Importance of Stern Resolve!

    By Richard Gorham

    "Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page...on the first of January let every may straighten himself once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were and are past." - Henry Ward  Read..

  • Specific Goal Setting

    By Vlad Ehrsam

    Is just setting goals enough to achieve your business objectives? It's a fallacy, one very easy to believe, but the fact remains that a goal like an expanded customer base is simply not enough. This is where specific goals come in. They help you achieve your targets in a better way, and to recognize when have met them.  Read..

  • Goal Setting Tips For College Students

    By Kris

    If you want to succeed in your college life and also after that, the direction your life takes, and the way you go about it should be clearly defined by your goals.  Read..

  • Electronic Modernization or Goal-Setting Frustration?

    By Sandy Geroux

    Don’t get me wrong - I love technology! It is a wonderful tool that has helped us become organized more efficiently and quickly than we could ever have done manually. It assists us in setting up regularly scheduled tasks so they occur like clockwork; monthly mailings, organizing and categorizing contact lists, and lead follow-up are now contained in neat, orderly electronic systems we can access and activate with the push of a button.  Read..

  • The Biggest Distraction From Your Goals

    By Jason Johns

    Being distracted from your goals is one of the biggest problems we all face, and I'm going to talk about the biggest distraction of all ... LIFE!
    Yeah, you heard me life ... life has a tendancy to distract you from your goals. You've got all these wonderful ideas of what you want to achieve in life, all these goals, yet you find yourself getting caught up in the house work, in your job, in the shopping, in going out with your friends, in your kids, in ...  Read..

  • How To Plan The Rest Of Your Life

    By Matthew Roberts

    Some people value spontaneity. Others crave structure. Still, it would help if you would go through life with direction, and with goals. Goals help in guiding your choices. Purpose underlines everything you do.
    So you’re in a new stage in your life. Either you’ve graduated from high school or college, decided to move on from a suffocating job, or just basically in a new stage in your life. You want to plan out the steps you want to take now, and you want to make the best choices that life has to offer.  Read..

  • Top 10 Steps To Making "SMART" Goals a Reality

    By Victoria Cook

    It is my belief that a person cannot reach his/her full potential without setting and working towards goals (Notice, I did not say attaining or achieving goals!). Some of the greatest thinkers and achievers in history, such as Emerson, Thoreau, DaVinci, Napolean Hill, and Dale Carnegie all stress the importance of goal setting in order to live a happy productive life and achieve one's dreams.  Read..

  • Tools to Help You Focus and Concentrate on Your Goals and Objectives

    By Leon Edward

    For some people, meeting objectives and goals can be difficult. If you are one of the millions of people who have trouble with focus and concentration, dont give up; by following simple guidelines; there is hope for you to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.  Read..

  • Seven Unique Ways to Effectively Set Your Goals

    By Jim Somchai

    Everybody wants success. But only a handful of people really know how to. This is why only five per cent of the people hold seventy per cent of the assets in this world. Success has its price to pay. Although most people want success but only serious people are willing to pay the price. The fundamental key to success is to set goals for oneself. All successful individuals are intensely goal driven. In this article we will talk about how to take your potential to the goal setting process. These are seven unique ways to set goals.  Read..

  • How To Set A Goal In 6 Easy Steps

    By Simon Lim

    We’ve all set goals in our lives, some have been accomplished, and others have been broken. Although a number of variables plays a part in whether or not a goal is achieved, a sound goal setting process is integral to creating the momentum required to succeed. Regardless of what your current short term and long term goals are, in order to achieve them you need to have set them in a manner that will guarantee your success. These are the ‘six Ps’ that will teach you how to set a goal you will always achieve.  Read..

  • No Time To Set Goals? Think Again!

    By Drew Miles

    Learning to effectively manage your time is paramount to your success; you will not be as successful (financially, emotionally, spiritually or in your family life) if you don’t. The good news is that there are some tools to make the job much easier.

    Keep in mind that each one of these tools can be, and in fact is the subject of books, tape sets and seminars. I encourage you to go into each one more deeply. My purpose here is to outline the tools that I have found most useful in my own life. Some you’ve heard of already and you may benefit from a new perspective. Others will be new and you may want to add them to your existing tool belt.

  • How to set goals

    There are many ways you can set goals and there are many books you can read about how to do this. Here are a few simple and practical suggestions to make this easy for you.
    Set an appointment with yourself
    Make time in your diary to find a comfortable and quiet location to set your goals. I spend a morning in January at the Sheraton on the Park (a beautiful hotel in Sydney city) every year in the same spot, and I set my new goals for the year.  Read..

  • 7 Simple Steps To Success & The SMART Way To Your Goals!

    By Gregg Gillies

    Let's take a look at seven simple steps you can take right now to move you rapidly along toward your fitness goals.
    If you've been working out for awhile you may have noticed an interesting phenomenon. The vast majority of the members at your gym look the same year in and year out and never improve their physiques. Talk about banging your head against the wall.  Read..

  • Goal Setting - Kinds of Goals

    By Allen Williams

    Today we're going to talk about the different kinds of goals and what this means to and for you.
    It is just as important to understand and act upon the different kinds of goals that you have as it is to have goals in the first place. I am sure you will agree that all aspects of your life are inter-related, yes? The physical part of your life, your health, body condition, your environment whether it's home, work, or where you play, affects the spiritual or metaphysical areas of your life which is also related to and affecting your financial situation in life, or at the very least reflected in and by it.  Read..

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  • Finding your perfect date via escort agencies

    By David Mock

    Aren’t we all looking for the companionship that can last a lifetime? It is equally intense when it comes to the harsh reality that how much the perfect date is available to us! That is the prime reason there are many among us who are seeking the different sources to meet their desires of seeking the astonishing personality as a date.

  • A great way to simplify a Divorce

    By Tommy Wayne

    It’s bad enough having to admit that your marriage has come to end without having to think about a Divorce. Mention the word Divorce to most married couples and they’ll conjure up images of heated scenarios that involve tears of anger and frustration. Divorce can be a messy business if you tackle it the wrong way and for countless people they find their separation will be one of the most traumatic experiences of their life. Most people readily accept the fact that some pain will be involved during the Divorce proceedings which is not only sad, it’s inaccurate as well.  Read..

  • Dating with Personals Online

    By Helen Wojik

    Online dating has replaced the personals in the back of newspapers and magazines. It is so much easier for swingers to find each other using online dating.  Read..

  • What to Expect When Dating a Latin Woman

    By Lee Malcolm

    Latin women don’t have the same dating practices as US or other western women. Rather than waiting for the man to impress them, they work hard to impress the man they’re interested in. They work hard on their physical appearance and believe in looking after their man, taking care of the household. They are interested in romance – being taken out for dinner and brought flowers and chocolates, and generally being swept off their feet. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then read on!  Read..

  • Relocations with a Strong Environmental Message

    By James Dacanay

    Sometimes, renovation at hectic periods is simply unavoidable and this may leave you searching for somewhere temporary to base from while work is carried out within your original premises. Changing location, albeit temporarily, can be inconvenient and confusing for your customers and suppliers, so being able to base yourself from somewhere at your existing premises is obviously the preferred choice for many and gives the best chance of keeping the business running smoothly.  Read..

  • Helping a Loved One See they Need Rehab

    By Dirk Rowell

    Much is said about how effectively many drug addicts can hide their addictions from loved ones but, in the end, it is usually those around an addict who are far more aware than the addict of just how much help is needed.  Read..

  • Meeting Younger Women

    By John Arbuthnot

    As we get older, spending time with others becomes even more important. However, as one gets older, it can also be far harder to meet new people, and indeed people that are right for you.  Read..

  • Husband and wife Relationship

    By andy352

    According to the Myth, the human beings have been sent by the God to prove our worth on the earth. Earning money and fulfill our desires do not satisfactorily end our duty. Our profound duty is to serve the people and the choice should be there to kill the others desires by fulfilling their demands. Serving human being is serving God. On the other hand we have also been provided the genetic feature to increase the population. And the man traditionally has initiated a system which we call is marriage. This chronic system sacredly ties the knots of man and woman to fulfill their sexual satisfaction and give birth to the child. But what irritates is that how we can make the husband and wife relationships’ thread unbreakable and unsnapped. It is said that there are hands of woman behind the success of a man. In the relationship, a wife wants to discuss, may be relevant, some points to the husband which he avoids thinking that it is nothing but the waste of time and full of nonsense. The other obstacle is that the man’s ego. The majority of man expresses this ego to the wife.  Read..

  • A Perfect Romantic Night for Singletons

    By John Arbuthnot

    Going out with friends or even away for a weekend is all well and good, but there will come a time when friendship simply isn’t enough. As much fun as it can be to sit around and share stories and insights, those of us who are single often crave a little bit more.  Read..

  • Countryside dating online continues to thrive

    By William Pollard

    Although countryside dating is not without its obstacles, there are now many services available online to help people in rural communities to meet new people. When people think of countryside dating, problems such as sparse communities and long working hours may spring to mind. However, countryside dating sites have grown in popularity over the years due to their ability to make such concerns irrelevant. If you’ve grown tired of never meeting new people in your community but still feel passionate about the countryside, then such a site will enable you to encounter a wealth of potential matches in the same boat as you. The advantage that a service of this type gives you is that you are likely to enjoy strong common ground with anyone that you may communicate with on sites of this nature.  Read..

  • Farmer dating made interactive

    By William Pollard

    One of the most demanding occupations around is farming, and it can be difficult for your average farmer to find time to engage in farmer dating. However, if you associate farmer dating with scenarios such as blind dates or sitting in a public house waiting for the woman of your dreams to pop through the door then think again. Most ‘farmer wants a wife’ online services are simple to understand, easy to use and come with a wealth of success stories attached. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to attempting to meet new people in a rural setting is the lack of fresh faces to pick from, and with families rarely moving in or out of rural communities; chances are that you may have struggled to meet anyone new for some time. Both in and outside of the countryside it can become much harder to meet new people with age, as potential matches ‘pair off’ and the pool of eligible partners decreases.  Read..

  • Choose a farmer dating site to see new faces

    By William Pollard

    If you live in a rural community and are looking for a partner who understands your lifestyle and profession, then in this day and age chances are that you’ll signed up a dating website at some point but when the farmer wants a wife, he may well find that attempting to acquire one via the normal channels can be akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. This is why online dating services based on specific needs have grown in popularity over the years. When you sign up to a dating site that specifically attracts members with certain interests, you benefit from the fact that the majority of the people on such a site are likely to share much common ground with you. This can speed up the process of finding an appropriate partner noticeably.  Read..

  • Your Dream Honeymoon Awaiting You in Dubai

    By Mushtaq Ahmed

    Dubai, which firstly caught the attention of families planning to spend their holidays abroad, is now also becoming a hot favourite honeymoon destination for newlyweds. The brides and grooms irrespective of their religion and the region are going for their honeymoons in Dubai. And there are numerous reasons for this selection. The luxurious hotels, which promises freedom, privacy, security and safety, is the first and the foremost reason for choosing Dubai as a honeymoon destination. Explore exciting romantic attractions with cheap flights to Dubai. Discount airfares to Dubai help in making your trip more enjoyable and affordable.  Read..

  • Mature Swingers Have All the Fun At Swinging

    By Helen Wojik

    There’s no doubt about it. Mature Swingers have all the fun! If you look at swingers, swinging and the lifestyle, what you will discover is that it is populated by Mature Swingers more than any other group. Mature Swinger s may not dominate the lifestyle scene, but they are often the ones having the most fun. The myth that recreational sex is something only for the young or enjoyed only in one’s youth is being shattered by Mature Swingers, mature couples and the mature single.  Read..

  • Relationship problems- how to tackle them

    By andy352

    Relationships are not always perfect. Some way or the other, problems do arise. Especially when two person of different mindset live together then they tend to enter into an argument. If you are also suffering from relationship probRelationships are not always perfect. Some way or the other, problems do arise. Especially when two person of different mindset live together then they tend to enter into an argument. If you are also suffering from relationship problems then all you need is patience. Relax and take note of these tips to solve the issue:lems then all you need is patience. Relax and take note of these tips to solve the issue:  Read..

  • When wanting to purchase an engagement ring, look no further

    By Dirk Rowell

    If you’ve been with your partner for a considerable length of time, you might want to propose to them. When doing this, there is a lot to arrange. This includes where to go down on one knee, what to say and whether to do this in a couple of weeks or even months. Also important is the ring that will be given. Obviously, you want to present a beautiful looking ring which is amazing. However, if your budget for doing this is not substantial but you still want to provide to your partner a wonderful ring that will surpass all expectations, you don’t have to worry about this at all. Largely because of the diamond engagement rings which we’ve made available to a considerable number of individuals, there’s no need to keep searching for a premier retailer because you’ve already found it.  Read..

  • The Loveliest Relationship

    By andy

    “There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” said Martin Luther King about the relationship of a husband and wife. Relationship between a husband and wife is based on mutual trust and respecting not only each other but choices and likings of the better half also. Women generally do make-up, try a different hair style or wear a new dress to please their husband but women of today want their husband to also do something for them.  Read..

  • Beauty, Love, Relationship

    By andy352

    With the emergence of modernization in the Indian society, there are lots of relationships that are breaking up. Families are getting nuclear and this is directly affecting the thinking of people. Husband wife relationship is the most sensitive and the strongest one too. Both husband and wife have to perform many important roles for working their marriage successfully. Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Spending time together is very important; it gives both husband and wife to talk about their feelings and problems. In these days when, when both the husband and wife are working,it becomes very difficult to spend time together.Expressing your love and affection is also very important in husband wife relationship.  Read..

  • Wedding Cards of India

    By shivshakti

    Wedding invitation a letter asking the recipient to attend the wedding. It is usually written in the formal language of a third person before the wedding date and mailing of five to eight weeks . Indian Wedding Cards Like any other invitation, it is the privilege and responsibility of the host's history, in Western culture, the young bride in the bride's mother, on behalf of the bride's family to issue the invitation, or by sending their own or that they be sent , through the recruitment of relatives, friends, or her social secretary's help, choose the guest list and address the envelope, or employment services .With computer technology, some directly from the guest list to use mail merge to word processing and spreadsheet software to print on envelopes.  Read..

  • Wedding Koozies - How to Display Koozies at a Wedding

    By Lena Willson

    There are numerous ways to display personalized koozies at a wedding. How a bride and groom choose to do so will depend on certain factors. What kind of custom koozies will be used, where the wedding is to take place, and the number of people attending are all important concerns. Regardless, there is always a way to fit koozies into the celebration in remembrance of this special day. The great advantage of using koozies is that they offer more versatility for construction.  Read..

  • My Girlfriend Broke Up, Left My Heart Crushed

    By Mohit Saxena

    My girlfriend has left me ( hvorfor elsker hun mig ikke ) alone. Why she loves me not ( hun elsker mig ikke mere ), my heart is crushed. Lets find true bond for your Heart.  Read..

  • Make the memories of love through kamagra

    By jhon

    If you feel uncomfortable at the time of romance and find yourself that your body is unable to feel the pleasure of real sex, if you are facing the same problem then it’s confirm that you are suffering from the erectile dysfunction problem. It’s the common problem for score of youth, this problem stops a person to develop a physical relation and if you will not cure the problem at the right time then it can turn into impotency, which is the most abnormal state of sex.  Read..

  • How do I get over a Broken Heart

    By Mohit Saxena

    Lets solve how do I get over a broken heart ( hvordan kommer jeg mig over et knust hjerte ) and prepare ourself for how do I proceed alone ( hvordan kommer jeg videre alene ) in life.  Read..

  • Love May Be Blind But Not Lovers

    By Alena Fox

    Love may be blind but not lovers - and in a competitive market, we adjust our standards according to what's out there.  Read..

  • 8 Ways To Heal When Love Hurts

    By Lori Radun

    Sometimes our loved ones hurt us. Dads can get physical or disappear from our lives. Moms can betray us with their anger and lack of support. A best friend can shock us by turning their backs on us. A spouse can be unfaithful and destroy our trust. Our children can take a destructive path that is sure to crush our heart. These are some of the big hurts in life that leave us wondering how we will ever heal.  Read..

  • 10 Reasons Why SOME eRelationships don’t Work

    By Ovi Dogar

    You are single, bored and you just have nothing to do. It is another miserable day like the day before. You need someone to talk to and you are turning on the computer, browsing some... dating sites. There are so many people... singles, like you are.  Read..

  • Relationships And Life’s Lessons

    By Robert Najemy

    When we do not get what we want from our relationships, we often feel hurt, abused, rejected, disappointed, bitter and angry.
    We then have a choice to remain in our negativity or seek to use this as an opportunity for learning more about ourselves and contacting a deeper source of security, self-worth, inner fulfillment and love within ourselves.  Read..

  • Top Ten List of What to Do and What Not to Do in Relationships

    By Kim Olver

    Most of us who have been intimately involved with someone beyond the infatuation stage know that relationships are like a rollercoaster ride. When things are good, they are very, very good. When things are bad, they are very, very bad. As a relationship coach, I have developed Top 10 Lists---one for men and one for women on 10 things to do and not to do in relationships.  Read..

  • Discover how to keep your long distance relationship fresh

    Tips and advice to keep your long healthy and dynamic without having to be on the telephone 24-7..  Read..

  • Guilt - The Surest Destroyer in Love and Relationships

    By Shana Shane

    In today's world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debate. While I was gathering facts for this article, I was quite surprised to find some of the issues I thought were settled are actually still being openly discussed.
    You may not consider everything you just read to be crucial information about Guilt. But don't be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using this very information in the next few days.  Read..

  • How to Improve Communication Skills and Your Personal Style

    Here are six tips for improving your communication style:
    1. Knowing how to improve communication skills will come easier once you become aware of your own communication style.  Read..

  • Love and Happiness: Nine Ways to Keep Your Relationship Happy

    By Pamela Ramey-Tatum

    One of my clients recently gave me an article about happiness that asked the question, "How happy can we be?" Pretty darn happy if I'm in love, you might say. But according to psychologists, about 50 percent of our happiness is determined by our genes, and amazingly only about 10 percent has to do with our actual circumstances. The other 40 percent has to do with what we do to counteract a seemingly natural tendency for us to stay at or around what psychologists term our "set point" or "base line."  Read..

  • Creating Effective and Efficient Relationships

    Relationships of all kinds are often perceived as very delicate things, that require extra effort to maintain. However, a relationship can also be something that can provide security and can also be long lasting despite many trials.  Read..

  • Excellent Strategies for Dealing With Difficult People

    By Muath Daraghmeh

    Everyone comes up against difficult people, demanding situations, and disappointing circumstances in every area of life; work, marriage, and friendship. We can't avoid it. But we can learn some few basic skills that can make working with them less stressful.  Read..

  • The Magic of Love

    By Helene Rothschild

    Would you like to receive the magic of love? Are you willing to give it? Try this: For one day, consciously make an effort to be loving or kind to everyone you see, with no expectations of receiving anything in return.  Read..

  • 4 Great Small Talk Tips that Work Like Magic

    If you have never mastered the art of conversing, then you can probably settle for mastering the art of making small talk. This is a necessity in any social or professional setting - and making small talk is the lesser evil - when you compare it to suffering a long, drawn out and awkward silence.  Read..

  • Nine Ways to Cope with Loneliness after the Death of a Loved One

    By Lou LaGrand

    At various times, loneliness is the scourge of everyone from the young, old, incarcerated and homeless to children, shut-ins, and to the rich and the poor. No one is immune from its grasp. It occurs because of a host of conditions: abandonment, death, divorce, alcoholism, geographical relocation, no communication (living together loneliness), and the lack of human contact, to name a few.  Read..

  • The Key to Creating Meaningful Relationships

    By Maurine Patten, Ed.D, CMC

    The kind of relationships you have greatly affects the quality of your life. It is important to your sense of well-being to know how to create and sustain meaningful relationships. Wherever you find yourself, you have an opportunity to strengthen relationships and your sense of engagement with daily life. These relationships may be at work or in your personal life.  Read..

  • Lessons In Love!


    Are you on the look out for a boyfriend/girlfriend? Have you been single for a while? Have you somebody in mind who you would like to go on a date with? A few years ago I thought that I knew what my ideal partner or girlfriend would look and be like. I was however about to learn a very valuable lesson of which I will write about in this article.
    I am quite short for a male and always prefer to date women who are smaller than I am. This however counts quite a lot of them out. I also like women who are very down to earth and who are quite relaxed about life, not too into themselves for example. I also prefer them to be brunette with a nice smile and attractive eyes, a slim figure would also be a bonus.  Read..

  • Self Improvement Creates Effective and Efficient Relationships

    By Joe L.Golson

    If you have even a passing interest in the topic of Self-improvement, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject of Self-improvement.
    The popularity of self-improvement books, tapes and seminars is a reflection of the universal interest we all have in overcoming our limitations, or "being the best we can be" or "achieving our full potential.  Read..

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  • Hypnotizing comforts of Cannes Rental

    By seospell

    The face of Cannes's tourism has uplifted remarkably in the past few years. The charm and grandeur of the city is unmatched. Be it the old quarter of Le Suquet- the place located in the west end of the port which is an area of narrow streets climbing steeply up a hill capped by an historical tower or the attractive view stretched over the Gulf of La Napoule towards the Massif de l'Esterel, every part of the city is stunning and one can imagine how each part can intensify the tourist's attraction to Cannes.  Read..

  • Top 3 Myths On Memory Improvement

    By Nishant Kasibhatla

    Improving your memory is a skill and involves a process. Before you initiate this process, it is important to get some facts right about your brain. Nothing is sadder than not being able to take action by believing in certain myths about memory. How do you come out if this?  Read..

  • Memory Improvement Techniques - Quick Techniques to Develop Your Memory

    By Robert Deveau

    Memory improvement takes time and discipline. People who already have well-developed memories already use certain techniques, whether or not they are consciously aware of it.  Read..

  • 4 Clever Tips To Improve Memory Skills

    By Maria Markella

    There are significant age-related changes that take place in our brains. These changes can slow down some brain processes. As a result it's harder for us to learn new things as we grow older, and it's even harder to remember certain important information. But Thanks to many years of research it's now easier than ever to sharpen our brains with do-it-yourself techniques and tips that will boost our ability to remember as we age.  Read..

  • Memory Improvement Skills Can Be Yours Today

    By Adam Eason

    Have you ever seen someone in town and you knew you should know there name but could not recall it? Have you ever gone to dial a telephone number that you dialled hundreds of times before and just could not remember? Did you ever walk into a room but forgot what you went to do?  Read..

  • Some of the Best Herbs for Memory Improvement

    By Jean Helmet

    The herbs for memory improvement are numerous. According to the scientists who have performed studies on these medicinal herbs, only some of the have an increased efficiency and offer an effect that lasts for a long time.  Read..

  • The Memory Improvement System

    By Adam Eason

    I have previously touched on the subject on enhancing memory by paying more attention to how we encoded information and experience. Here, I want to move on to how we retrieve information to enhance our memory. To heighten your awareness of your own memory improvement system.  Read..

  • How Does The Human Memory Work?

    By Eric Hartwell

    Have you ever thought about the nature of memory? Considered how it functions? How it can be used in day to day life? In fact, the vast majority of us take memory for granted. We scarcely realize that memory is involved in nearly every single task we perform each day in the world. Whether we are working, studying, solving a problem, or simply talking, we are making use of the human memory. The way memory works is related to such parts of the brain as the frontal lobe, the temporal lobe, the cortex, and the hippocampus.  Read..

  • What Supplements To Take For Memory Improvement?

    By Nikola Govorko

    In the recent years, natural supplements have gained a lot of popularity in improving health and overall well being. Naturally, you can also find supplements beneficial for your memory improvement.  Read..

  • Are You Worried About Your Memory?

    By Max Pinner

    Do you fear memory loss? Or dementia? Are you forgetful?
    We're all forgetful to some degree. It's not just an age thing.
    There are positive, do-able steps we can all take to successfully improve our memory -- regardless of our age. And a spinoff from the memory-improvement steps we can take is to even help lessen our risk of dementia.  Read..

  • Increasing your Memory

    By Michele Rogers

    In this day and age there are pills to help you maintain a good memory. There are simple steps that you can do to increase recall and memory.  Read..

  • Memory Improvement Skills Can Be Yours Today

    By Adam Eason

    Have you ever seen someone in town and you knew you should know there name but could not recall it? Have you ever gone to dial a telephone number that you dialled hundreds of times before and just could not remember? Did you ever walk into a room but forgot what you went to do?  Read..

  • 10 research-proven tips for a better memory

    Normal age-related changes in the brain can slow some cognitive processes, making it a bit harder to learn new things quickly or to ward off distractions. The good news is that, thanks to decades of research, most of us can sharpen our minds with proven, do-it-yourself strategies. Here are some ways to boost your ability to remember as you age.  Read..

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  • Why is Hypnosis For Smoking Cessation So Effective?

    By Dr Terry Doherty

    Habits. Our lives are made up a habitual actions and vices that often lead us into more damaging actions. One of the most troublesome vices is smoking. Smoking is clearly bad on the body for overall health and has been linked to cancers in many studies.  Read..

  • 4 Simple Steps to End a Panic Attack

    By Pati McDermott, CHT

    When I first became certified as a Hypnotherapist in 1990, I was surprised by the number of people who came to me with anxiety and panic attacks. Many people experience panic attacks frequently and live their lives avoiding situations that frighten them, in many cases irrationally.  Read..

  • Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

    By Karen Hastings

    As an ex smoker, I can completely relate to the challenges involved in giving up smoking and to the feelings of guilt, frustration and embarrassment of being a smoker, when you would really rather not be. It’s just not socially acceptable now days and as a women, the fear of developing the classic smokers face, puckered lines, grey complexion and dark circles was enough to enable me to find my motivation!  Read..

  • How To Change Any Feeling In 5 Simple Steps.

    By Adam Eason

    A Quick Quiz For You!
    Answer these questions:
    - Are you actually aware of what you are feeling right now?
    - Would you know how to change that feeling?
    - Would you know how to get rid of it?  Read..

  • 10 Steps to Gentle Change

    By Dr. Georgina Cannon

    Why ‘gentle’ change? Because change is disruptive – it takes planning, foresight and courage. But like anything else, if you follow a plan, it is easier, plus you start to recognize progress along the way as you accomplish each step in the plan.  Read..

  • Hypnosis: The Facts and The Fallacies

    In many cultures the phenomenon of trance has a long history stretching beyond ancient Egyptian times. Hypnosis by comparison has a much shorter history, which somewhat incorrectly can be traced to the 18th century when an Austrian born physician by the name of Franz Anton Mesmer claimed that he had discovered and perfected a certain control of the human energy field, which he called animal magnetism.  Read..

  • What Is The Most Hypnotic Way To Tell A Story?

    By Adam Eason

    You readers of my articles are well aware that I wrote about story-telling and the hypnotic use of stories and metaphor some weeks ago and I want to mention a wonderful technique for story telling that is a brilliant way to create conversational hypnosis, that also offers you a chance to influence and persuade others in a very interesting way.  Read..

  • What is NLP?

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the term used to describe a successful method of self development and communication skills. What makes NLP so different from other types development or change disciplines is that it is an efficient and effective technology for creating change.  Read..

  • Creating Money: Securing Your Future

    You were told long ago that you should save 10% of your weekly income. You were assured this would make you rich, but it didn't. What happened? Did you get discouraged because the money you thought was going to come your way didn't? Your advisor's lack of knowledge about what to do with that 10% was probably part of the learning experience. Your advisor didn't know, because your advisor had not succeeded in saving his way to wealth. This article will show you how to carefully and intelligently design a plan for creating a secure financial future.  Read..

  • NLP - Who Will It Work For, And Why It Will Work For Them

    By Alan B. Densky, CH

    There are many different hypnotic modalities that are used to reach the unconscious mind to invoke change. Each method has its good points and its bad points. No two people are the same, so it makes sense that the best results will be obtained by utilizing the methods that each individual will react favorably to.  Read..

  • Hypnosis and NLP

    By Barney Garcia

    Hypnosis can have various applications that can enhance health and change bad or negative habits. In this article, I wish to concentrate on self-hypnosis, which can be likened to a form of creative daydreaming. Self-hypnosis becomes your servant when used to control emotions and habits as opposed to you being at the mercy of your emotions. By imagining a goal or outcome, you increase your likelihood of achieving that goal.  Read..

  • Tibetan Patterns of NLP

    By Scott Hoye CH

    As a hypnotist, I find some great ideas for self-transformation in the most diverse and interesting places. Recently I re-read "Good Life, Good Death," by Gehlek Rimpoche. I highly recommend it for those interested in states of consciousness, honest appraisals of life and death, and Tibetan Buddhism and culture.  Read..

  • Weightloss With NLP

    By Karen Hastings, Hertfordshire

    NLP can be useful for people struggling to lose weight. In fact, wanting to lose weight is a fairly common reason for why people seek NLP, Herts. Whilst NLP is by no means a magic diet pill, it can be very useful in addressing the issues associated with over-eating such as confidence, self-esteem, motivation and negative coping strategies. This article discusses seven NLP tools, which can help you in being slim and healthy.  Read..

  • A beginner's guide to meditation

    By Craig Burton

    Meditation is one of the most powerful tools for transformation. Unfortunately for many conventional people it is a “bit too out there”, so it is put in a box only to be used by the likes of martial artists and yogis. I believe meditation however need not be put in a box for the few but is a tool we all inherently know but just have forgotten how to use it in daily life.  Read..

  • What To Look For In An NLP And Hypnotherapy Training Provider

    By People Building

    NLP and Hypnotherapy are big news. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of mastering the power of their own minds. Lets face it, there are infinite possibilities available to us in our lives and the more we open our minds, the more those possibilities bombard us and the more options we have. Long gone are the days of being hard wired to depression, of only doing and being what others say I must do or be, of going through life with feelings limited existence. You can do or be whatever you want to do or be, simply by mastering these skills.  Read..

  • How To Quit Smoking With NLP & Hypnosis For Motivation

    By Alan B. Densky, CH.

    There are two mental states that must be satisfied before a person will voluntarily quit smoking. These elements are called “Desire,” and “Decision.”
    Desire: A want, crave or a wish for Decision: Making up of one’s mind / a verdict or judgment
    In order to quit smoking, you have to desire to quit. You have to want to quit. You probably want to quit, at least some part of you does, or you wouldn’t be reading this article.  Read..

  • A guide to self hypnosis.!

    By John Mancini

    Self hypnosis provides practicers with an excellent means to change their lives. By visualizing our lives in different ways we can make changes that may not otherwise have been possible. Smoking cessation, confidence building and habit breaking are all positive outcomes that self hypnosis bring.  Read..

  • Improving Your Life with Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

    By Jeff Goodwin

    NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming is the process of redefining how one thinks through the positive combination of communication, interaction and perception. NLP was originally developed in the 1970s and has since increased in popularity as business professionals, life coaches and those looking to be more fulfilled explore NLP as a means by which to achieve their goals, and in the case of life coaches the goals of their clients.  Read..

  • Hypnotherapy As A Career

    By People Building

    Complementary approaches to health are becoming more and more popular, as many people turn to holistic methods instead of or in addition to conventional medicine. Evidence of this can be seen in UK towns as more and more complementary health centers spring up. In the U.K, hypnotherapy is listed on the NHS List of Complementary Therapies and practitioners with appropriate qualifications can join this register.  Read..

  • 7 Strange And Unusual Uses For Hypnosis

    By Johnny Blue Star and Iain Legg

    Hypnosis has many faces, which is part of its fascination as a career. It is conceivable that a single hypnotist could cover all of its facets. Some hypnotists actually combine hypnotherapy with a career on the stage but one of the most incredible things about hypnosis is all its unusual uses.  Read..

  • How to Stop Compulsive Lying - Are You a Compulsive Liar?

    By Rich MacKenzie

    Do you have a compulsive need to lie that you find hard to control? Do you wish you could control what you say a little better so that you don’t have to tell lies? If you suffer from or know somebody that suffers from compulsive lying you will understand just how devastating it can be to the sufferer and the people around them. Compulsive liars often exclude themselves from certain situations because of their disorder and many people that suffer from it will often find themselves alienated from their communities and even their families because of this behavior. If you suffer from the shattering disorder of compulsive lying then it is time that you took control and got it dealt with.


  • The Benefits Of NLP

    By Gemma Bailey

    NLP was created by observing and modeling people who were exceptionally talented within the field of therapy. NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming. “Neuro” relating to the brain and “linguistic” refers to the language used, and how it is used. “Programming” describes the patterns and habits you create, learn and persistently follow. As we experience the world through our senses, the information is translated into thoughts/ words. The thoughts affect our physiology, emotions and behaviour which can be heightened or dampened depending on how you use language within your own brain.


  • Hypnosis - what it can do for you!

    By Michael McGrath

    A typical dictionary definition of hypnosis states that it is: a state that resembles sleep but that is induced by suggestion. However, anyone who has tried hypnosis (and any self respecting hypnotist) will tell you that this is a very simplistic view of the subject!  Read..

  • Effecting Changes Through Hypnosis

    By Intelligence Understood

    Even if we don't want to admit it, we all have something that we would like to change about ourselves. Lets face it - no one is perfect. Each of us, no matter how great of a person we are, could do with a little bit of a "Tune Up". Each of us has those tiny things that we would like to change about ourselves. Maybe it is the fact that we procrastinate too much, or maybe we want to loose a little weight or finally quit smoking.  Read..

  • Improve Your Relationships with Neuro Linguistic Programming

    By Jan Andersen

    What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?
    Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP as it is more commonly known, is based on learning to communicate with ourselves and others by observing styles of speech and actions, enabling us to adapt successfully to any situation.


  • NLP Makes Business Leaders

    By Terry Doherty

    NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a tool used in the mental health profession for decades. It is based on the theory that our language and behaviour develops from our world experiences and perceptions. NLP builds on those language and communication skills that leaders have at their fingertips. It involves modelling these behaviours. They can learned. By learning and training NLP great gains can be made in communication, image, and role in the world.


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  • Jibankrishna(Diamond) the universal man and his eternal sayings

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    How many times I have told you that the individualistic austerity is self – created. God reveals here as far the conception goes, and so there will be anomalies. What I have told you about my individualistic austerity? Step by step I had spontaneous austerity in my life. But I have discarded all these, even visualization of God as because these are all prejudiced.  Read..

  • My diary of divine dreams and Jibankrishna (Diamond) the Holy ghost

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    In reality Mr. Indranath Mukherjee and I were staying at Mr. Ghagendra Nath Ghosh’s house at Saintha. At noon Mr. Mukherjee was reading the book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’(the Bengali version of the book ‘Religion and Realisation’ by Diamond picked up in the Street’). I was listening with great attention, and fell in trance. Then suddenly the face of my youngest aunt appeared hazily in front of my eyes, and it became gradually distinct. Then the trance was off.  Read..

  • Jibankrishna(Diamond) the universal man and his eternal sayings

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    I am a man like you, nothing less nothing more. I cannot claim anything more. I had miraculous individualistic austerities. So many realizations occurred, but all spontaneously.  Read..

  • My diary of divine dreams and Jibankrishna (Diamond) the Holy ghost

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    Late night’s dream: Along with other devotees I was seated in a room of Diamond, the Holy Ghost. Discussions were going on at night it was finished. Everybody was returning home including me. On road somebody told that Jibankrishna (Diamond)ordered for purchasing something and the balance money had to be returned to him. I said. ‘Well, I shall go to him’, and so I went to Diamond. I saw him putting off his Punjabi after a short walk for taking rest. I was scared of telling him from taking a rest. So I sat outside and thought how I would place this fact before him. Suddenly with great hesitation I told him, ‘Someone has returned the balance 5paise to you, so I have brought it’. Hearing this he uttered, ‘well done! See, if even 1 paisa or 2 paisa is to be paid to anybody, never keep it due’. Then touching his head on floor I returned home.  Read..

  • Jibankrishna(Diamond) the universal man and his eternal sayings

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    Today I shall tell you a very important thing. In the morning Khagen came to me. I was telling him, ‘see, a moment may come when you look at your wife, you may see my form in her place and vice versa. If means to see own self in the causal body. Even this may happen, while walking on road, if you look at anybody you may see my form in his place. Do you know why I am laughing? Because such incident has happened here. One person told me about such incident. Another person was taking his lunch, but seeing that in his place I was taking it.But this is just an initiation. When this will be extended, in many this may be manifested.  Read..

  • My diary of divine dreams and Jibankrishna (Diamond) the Holy ghost

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    Early morning dream: I saw a huge bird gradually descending below from the sky. Its eyes were glittering with light and seemed to be a hunting hawk. I. thought, if it would attack me I would resist with a rod. So I took a rod in my hand. But it did not do anything to me, it only sat on an open place without looking at any direction. The dream went off.  Read..

  • Deliverance Prayer

    By Naomi Cook

    What is deliverance prayer? Deliverance prayer is an act of praying of a believer relieved from immortality, worry and free from demonic control. Believe in the power of prayer. It is relevant that when we do pray, we are free from sin, anger and anxiety. Forgive others as God forgive us. Let your heart be happy and totally relieved.  Read..

  • Why Prayer Works?

    By Naomi Cook

    Prayer works by the power of the Holy Spirit. God want us to pray because he loves us. He will not ask us to pray if he didn't mean it to answer. All our prayers already been answered before him, just to have faith in Him.  Read..

  • The Benefits of Prayer

    By Naomi Cook

    God intended to make things with benefits. Prayer is the most beneficial acts toward God’s willpower. If we do not know how important prayers are, we do not realize and appreciate the benefit from it.  Read..

  • God’s Holy Spirit

    By Naomi Cook

    The Holy Spirit is the all-knowing, all-seeing, everywhere and is present according to Acts 5:3–4 teaches us that the Holy Spirit is God. His words are inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God itself.  Read..

  • Receiving the Holy Spirit

    By Naomi Cook

    Are you a person with sacred heart? How will you empower your strength living in this unsafe world? Now, this is the time for you to understand if you are receiving the Holy Spirit through the power of the Lord, God.  Read..

  • Prayers to the Holy Spirit

    By Naomi Cook

    Oh Holy Spirit of wisdom and understanding enlightens us into righteous way and serves as guidance in this unsafe world.  Read..

  • Free Written Prophecy

    By Naomi Cook

    Prophecy is the Holy Spirit that moves prophets to speak the message of God. It is the foretelling of future events. Gift of prophecy is the forth telling of God’s utterance, through Spirit, not by intellect. Prophecy points to Jesus.  Read..

  • Why You Should Receive Free Prophecy?

    By Naomi Cook

    When we say free written prophecy, it is very interesting and convincing to follow where we can get it. By joining the Prophetic Ministries, we can have the opportunity to receive a free written prophecy. We desire to get free written prophecy because we know that it would be our inspiration especially when we know that we are going to have upcoming good news that will happen to our lives. If we understand the meaning of prophecy it would be vital gifts we can have for free.  Read..

  • How Can You Benefit with a Free Written Prophecy?

    By Naomi Cook

    Free prophecy is important because we are commanded by God to listen to His prophecy. We are blessed while in the midst in the reading, hearing and obeying of prophecy because we are getting advance good news from God’s Prophecy which provides evidence by the power of scriptures.  Read..

  • The Importance of Free Written Prophecy

    By Naomi Cook

    Free prophecy is important because we are commanded by God to listen to His prophecy. We are blessed while in the midst in the reading, hearing and obeying of prophecy because we are getting advance good news from God’s Prophecy which provides evidence by the power of scriptures.  Read..

  • Personal Prophecy

    By Naomi Cook

    Personal prophecy is described as “specific information coming from the mind of God for a specific situation, an inspired word directed to a certain audience”. It brings inspiration to people’s lives. Everyone needs clarity on how their future would be very inspirational in or order for them to live in prophetic living. When people realized how it was good living in the world of prophecy, they are going to experience everlasting blessings and graces from God.  Read..

  • Purpose of Personal Prophecy

    By Naomi Cook

    The purpose of personal prophecy is to touch your personal life that will shift every area on your life that is still not being practised according to what God’s desire for us. What is the power of prophecy has done into your life right now? Would you know?  Read..

  • The Role of a Prophet

    By Naomi Cook

    A Prophet reveals and brings the word of God to the people of God and calls the people to act in response to His message and revelations.  Read..

  • My diary of divine dreams and Jibankrishna (Diamond) the Holy ghost

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    Early morning dream : I saw a tall young man of about six feet high and having a very strong built man in front of me . He were a ‘kaupin’ (a small piece of cloth as is used by village Indian wrestlers) and stood inside a hut as if he was going to leave the house after taking‘Sannyas’(monk life. It appeared to me, was he Chaitanya Deva? Suddenly somebody said within him, ‘he is Sri Chaitanya Deva'. I continued looking at him for a long time and then the dream went off.  Read..

  • Jibankrishna(Diamond) the universal man and his eternal sayings

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    A new religion is established in Jibankrishna’s era beyond the traditional religion  Read..

  • Jibankrishna(Diamond) the universal man and his eternal sayings

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    This mother of Gopal (as mentioned in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) used to pay with Gopal (child Lord Krishna) in reality. But it is not the visualing of God. This is a type of sportive form of God. And this is a proof that a man creates from body as he is Brahma (supreme). It cannot be fathomed about the vast wealth of a human body. If a man knows that God is in his body, he will become crazy for him. But one thing is there,if it happens spontaneously, then the man approaches to perfectness gradually, because visualizing God is an esoteric condition and it occurs in the cerebrum.  Read..

  • My diary of divine dreams and jibankrishna(Diamond) the Holy Ghost

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    Early morning dream : I had gone to Diamond at Kadamtala, Howrah. He was then seated on his cot. I entered into the room and sat on the floor. There were many other devotees sitting on floor. Conversations were going on. Later on all except one went away . That person was unknown to me. Diamond came down from his cot and sat on the floor in front of me . then he took a piece of paper and told me to sign on the paper . It seemed as if he wanted to make a will for the seen.  Read..

  • My diary of divine dreams and jibankrishna(Diamond) the Holy Ghost

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    21) 16th, September, 1972 Early morning dream : I was standing alone on a place . Suddenly a serpent jumped on my back and sticking all alone my spinal chord gradually opened her fan on my head. Without any fear I stood still . And then the serpent moved away and jumped on the ground in front of me.  Read..

  • Thomas Merton on St. John of the Cross

    By Robert Blake

    Of all those in the mystic tradition that Thomas Merton expressed fondness for, it may be that he revered none greater than the 16th century Spanish contemplative known as St. John of the Cross. Though, as Merton points out, the saint was not famous in his lifetime, the Trappist monk feels compelled to tell us of a man who, in his perfect charity, was a beacon of Christian spiritualty. In focusing on John’s ardent commitment to the ascetic lifestyle, even in times of great hardship, Merton shows his reader the true meaning of sainthood. In his completion of this essay, Merton makes it clear that this work was a thinly veiled prayer to John, his fellow contemplative. He asks that the reader, as well as the writer of the work may be granted that which the prayer seeks.  Read..

  • The Lasting Importance of the Ecumenical Council of Trent

    By Robert Blake

    Lasting almost two decades, the 16th century Council of Trent is widely considered to be one of the most important council’s in Catholic Church history. Though it was interrupted on several occasions due to wars, the deaths of Pope’s, and disagreements as to what should constitute Church teaching, the ecumenical Council of Trent maintains its significance in Catholic Church history for the role it played in the counter-reformation, as well as the teachings which were solidified during the time it was in session. Seeing the rise of three different Pontiffs during its lifespan, this council put to rest in the eyes of the church some of the most contentious issues of the time period. These issues included the importance of the Seven Sacraments, the Church’s take on the debate regarding faith vs. works, and the reaffirmation of the importance of the veneration of saints and images.  Read..

  • My diary of divine dreams and jibankrishna(Diamond) the Holy Ghost

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

    It was an evening in the month of Sept-Oct, 1956. The place was Durgapur of West Bengal state in India. I was at that time a 14 years boy studying in class-x. I was on the portico of our Quarter. Suddenly my eyes became closed, I fell into a trance and gradually lost my body sense. It seemed to me that my soul coming out my body was approaching towards infinite galaxy. Everything including earth, stars etc were out of my mind and reached a void zone. All on a sudden I got back my sense but could not fathom what it was.  Read..

  • My diary of divine dreams and jibankrishna(Diamond) the Holy Ghost

    By Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik
  • Choosing fun filled Activities Edinburgh

    By Jessica Thomson

    If you’re going to be visiting Edinburgh for a holiday, corporate event or you already live in Edinburgh but want to find great activities in Edinburgh to take part in then there are loads to choose from. Activities on offer in and around Edinburgh include hiking, walking, climbing and cycling. These are all popular activities Edinburgh but if you are looking for something more adventurous then you can take part in quad biking, archery, clay pigeon shooting, skiing, high rope courses, paintballing, off road driving and many other fun filled activities. There are so many different places that offer activities Edinburgh that you will be spoilt for choice.  Read..

  • Ghost hunting and haunted weekends

    By Jessica Thomson

    There are many cities up and down the whole of the UK that claim to have an eventful past that lend themselves to supernatural and eerie goings on. This article is aimed at working through some of the cities up and down the UK and will discuss what they can offer in terms of Ghost Hunting and haunted weekends. The article will then conclude by informing you on where you can find more information on ghost hunting and haunted weekends.  Read..

  • You Are Enough You Guide to Connect with God

    By You are enough

    How does one search for God of one’s dreams? The God that will solve all your problems, give you peace of mind and also keep you safe and secure. How do you find and approach Him for spiritual healing? Or how does a sinner look for salvation?  Read..

  • "Step-By-Step Guide to Manifest Your Desires"

    By Chengxiang Song

    I have been talking about manifestation for a long time. My intention is to make people be aware of the unlimited power they have been given since the moment they were born and hopefully I can help to awaken their inner potential to get them connected back to the source of creation.  Read..

  • Who Creates our Feelings?

    By Leslie Reynolds Benns

    Even after meditating or attending a religious service, as we then go about our day, many of us are no longer aware of an ultimate unity, a connection with God and other human beings. Instead, we quickly become preoccupied with our own plans and designs mingled with our hopes and fears.  Read..

  • In the Midst of our Problems, What do we do?

    By Breian Malupa

    We all need some confidence building from time to time. Part of feeling confident has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. Feeling like we can accomplish things we set out to do is important to feeling confident.  Read..

  • Confidence Building Secrets of True Winners

    By Peter Murphy

    We all need some confidence building from time to time. Part of feeling confident has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. Feeling like we can accomplish things we set out to do is important to feeling confident.  Read..

  • 7 Golden Rules to Financial Prosperity

    By Irena Whitfield

    Not Enough Money?
    I believe that most people haven't got enough money for everything they wish to have - the more you have the bigger your plans, and you have a feeling that you have less and less money.  Read..

  • There Is a 'Science' to Getting Rich

    By Carol Robinson

    What are you thinking about right now? The Law of Attraction states that "whatever we think about, we bring about". This law may initially seem like new age fluff but believe it or not, there are scientific merits to this proposition. The top quantum physicists of our time have discovered that our universe and our reality is very much directed by the "observer".  Read..

  • How to develop a Millionaire s Mind!

    By Dave Origano

    You have a choice today…
    You can remain in the same position you are today, or you can learn and apply the secrets to SUCCESS.
    Ever dream of being able to purchase the house or car of your dreams, without thinking twice?
    Here's your chance to learn and apply the secret to SUCCESS! ( All That it Requires is YOUR Action! )  Read..

  • How We Can Attain Peace !


    Peace is not in Reaching up n high to the skies…and seeing people n every thing as mean n cheap
    But peace is in reaching near to the people –weaker n lesser than us…. Peace is not in achieving everything we desire in mundane world….Peace is not in getting most powerful Peace is not in becoming famous of all…. Peace is not in being admired n becoming proud at our exceptional qualities Peace is not in becoming so special n extra ordinary in the sense that we go far away from ordinary ones…..  Read..

  • History of Astrology: Overview

    By Rose

    Try to imagine life thousands of years ago… no electricity, gas or level of understanding of the world around us that we have today.
    We would have been dependent on the Sun to provide warmth and light and would have awaited its' return each morning after it had mysteriously disappeared each evening.  Read..

  • The Spiritual Challenge We Face Daily

    To grow spiritually in a world defined by power, money, and influence is a Herculean task. Modern conveniences such as electronic equipments, gadgets, and tools as well as entertainment through television, magazines, and the web have predisposed us to confine our attention mostly to physical needs and wants. As a result, our concepts of self-worth and self-meaning are muddled. How can we strike a balance between the material and spiritual aspects of our lives?  Read..

  • Learning How to Let Go

    By Roy E. Klienwachter

    As a self styled phenomenologist I like to break things down to their smallest part. In my day job I also have a natural desire and policy to do less and earn more.
    I semi retired seven years ago at the age of 52. I owned a very successful business and was working seven days a week and a short day was 10 hours. I had enough, and lost interest in the business. I closed it down and took a year and a half off.  Read..

  • Feeling Good About Being Bad

    By Roy E. Klienwachter

    to manipulate the person or persons into conforming to a standard set outside of themselves by others.
    Immediately after your birth you do not feel anything about yourself, you simply are. As you begin to mature you are taught right or wrong, good and bad because your parents have an image of you and how you are supposed to be, based on their own experiences.  Read..

  • The Law Of Attraction Is Working In Your Life Right Now

    By Emma Martin

    Whether you realize it or not, the Law of Attraction is already working actively in your life right at this moment. The events, opportunities and experiences you are experiencing today were set into motion by the thoughts and actions you‘ve taken previously.  Read..

  • 12 Steps To Turbo-charge Your Visualisation

    By Colin Joss

    1. Every night, half an hour before retiring, go to your room, where you can be entirely alone and as remote as possible from noise and distraction.
    2. Seat yourself in a wide and comfortable chair, or, better still, lie down on your back at full length. See that your clothing is loosened, so that you will suffer no distressing annoyance on this account. Compose yourself as if for sleep, assuming a position of restfulness, abandon and utter relaxation. Close your eyes, letting the lids rest lightly on your cheeks.  Read..

  • How to Use Law of Attraction – 4 Secret Keys

    By Michael Lee

    The law of attraction has become one of the most popular topics today in the world of personal development. Many people have experienced massive changes in their life since they have watched the life-changing movie entitled “The Secret”. This movie focused on what is believed to be the most powerful law in the universe – the law of attraction.  Read..

  • Developing Your Inner Strength and Power

    By Remez Sasson

    How many times have you wished you had inner strength, willpower or self discipline?
    How many times you felt you did not have enough persistence and inner stamina to follow through with what you were doing?
    Most people are not are not born with inner strength, but it can be developed.
    Inner strength consists of willpower, self discipline, self control, persistence, detachment and the ability to concentrate. In this article we will focus on two of the ingredients, willpower and self discipline, which are important and essential tools for success in all areas of life, and which can be learned and strengthened like any other skill.  Read..

  • The Law of Attraction: 10 Commandments to follow

    By Cheryline Lawson

    The Law of Attraction operates positively only if you put it to use. This means that you can gain negativity in your life until you decide to make changes. It can be just one small change to your life that can determine a positive future. However, some people require several changes because of the extent of the negative vibes in their lives.  Read..

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  • Improve your E-Reputation with Community Management

    By Mohit Saxena

    The Community Management through social networks, forums, websites and blogs will to communicate your Business for e-reputation  Read..

  • How Do You Get Medical Marijuana Cards From A Trusted, Affordable Doctor Network?

    By sarah william

    Read these FREE tips before you call a doctor to get your medical marijuana card
    Ever since 1996, when the state of California passed the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, many other states have approved bills that have legalized medical marijuana. In fact, the most recognizable bill that you may have heard about is California’s Senate Bill (SB) 420 – which effectively legalized the usage of medicinal cannabis statewide and allowed for dispensaries to be opened and lawfully run – something that took place in 2003, when voters approved the legislation and then the state senate voted upon it to finalize the law. Now there are 15 states including the District of Columbia where medicinal cannabis has been authorized for patients who are suffering as a form of natural relief.  Read..

  • Stress Management--Employees Have New Priorities

    By Barbara Bartlein, CSP, The People Pro

    Family has always been important to Debra Schmidt, but she has gotten a lot clearer on her priorities since September 11th. Owner of Spectrum Consulting Group, a company that helps companies build customer and employee loyalty, she wants flexibility in her schedule and the ability to spend time with her son, David.

  • "Relaxing with a Mental PDA" Your 5 minutes daily program to Stress management

    By Tim Maher

    We all have this favorite expression when it comes to being stressed out, and I wouldn't bother naming all of them since it may also vary in different languages. But when it comes down to it, I think that it is how we work or even relax, for that matter that triggers stress. Ever been stressed even when you're well relaxed and bored? I know I have.  Read..

  • Taking Life a Little Less Seriously

    By Stephanie Foster

    Sometimes life gets just a little crazy. And that's the time when you need to take a step back and take things less seriously.
    Play a little. Take a day where you don't have such high expectations of yourself. Be spontaneous. Go play in the park, hike to a quiet place, watch a sunset or just do your own thing.  Read..

  • A Time Management Tactic to Try

    By Tim O'Brien

    Here is a time management technique that I use for a specific purpose. I've never written or spoken about it. It will work the easiest for those who already have good time management skills. However, everyone can benefit from it, I believe. Here it is.  Read..

  • How To Conquer Public Speaking Fear

    By Morton C. Orman, M.D.

    Public speaking is a common source of stress for everyone. Many of us would like to avoid this problem entirely, but this is hard to do. Whether we work alone or with large numbers of people, eventually we will need to speak in public to get certain tasks accomplished. And if we want to be leaders or achieve anything meaningful in our lives, we will often need to speak to groups, large and small, to be successful.  Read..

  • How Breathing In Your Meditation Helps

    By Greg Wadel

    In our busy lives we become so stressed, depressed and down that, we become so lazy we don’t care if we do another thing. With a low self-esteem and depression, we lose all motivation, we become depressed and make very poor choices. Our self-development skills will begin to fall when we get stressed out from pain and not enough of rest. Make great strides in your self-development skills with Breathing in your meditation sessions.  Read..

  • Self-Created Stress: What is it? Where does it originate?

    By Kevin Stacey

    What is it?
    I’ve traditionally been an expert at creating my own stress. Simply said, self-created stress is making things worse than they have to be.  Read..

  • Ten Easy Relaxation Techniques

    By Steve Gillman

    Stress is more than just unpleasant. It's dangerous. Try these relaxation techniques today, and use them whenever you feel that tension coming on.
    1. Leave the room. This really helps if the things stressing you out are in the room or related to it. Just get out for a little while.  Read..

  • Self-Created Stress: What to do about it.

    By Kevin Stacey

    1.Turn up the volume’ on the thoughts you’re thinking.
    2.Ask yourself, “Are these thoughts reality or just thoughts?”
    3.Dismiss the thoughts that contribute to self-created stress.

  • How to Stop Worrying: Combat Stress at its Source

    By Beth Banning

    Do the things you worry about keep you up at night? Do you often feel nervous and uncomfortable? If so, this burden of stress is most likely making your life miserable. Do you want to break free from stress, stop worrying and start being happy? You can end this cycle now by identifying and dealing with the underlying causes of stress.  Read..

  • 10 Tips To Reduce Stress

    By Mary Ann Masur

    1. Determine your "unique ability" and capitalize on it
    Delegate the tasks that detract from allowing you to shine--doing what you do best.
    2. Define "urgent" vs "important"
    By making this distinction, you can more effectively prioritize and accomplish your major goals list.  Read..

  • Top 8 Stress Myths That You NEED to Know

    By Ronnie Nijmeh,

    1. All stress is good for you.
    Some stress can be managed in a way that is positive, however there is a misconception that we need stress to be able to be productive at work or successful in our careers. While the occasional bout of acute stress won't do any lasting harm, chronic stress can damage our bodies.  Read..

  • 101 Stress Management Tips - Part 1

    By David Tomaselli

    There are many tips and techniques out there for managing stress. At the Wholistic Development Exchange we have listed 101 Stress Management Tips. Here are the first 20...  Read..

  • 101 Stress Management Tips - Part 2

    By David Tomaselli

    There are many tips and techniques out there for managing stress. At the Wholistic Development Exchange we have listed 101 Stress Management Tips. In part 2 of this series we list tips 21-40...  Read..

  • 101 Stress Management Tips - Part 3

    By David Tomaselli

    There are many tips and techniques out there for managing stress. At the Wholistic Development Exchange we have listed 101 Stress Management Tips. Lets take a look at tips 41-60...  Read..

  • 101 Stress Management Tips - Part 4

    By David Tomaselli

    In Part 4 of our 101 Stress Management tips series we take a look at tips 61-80.  Read..

  • 101 Stress Management Tips - Part 5

    By David Tomaselli

    In our final part of this 5 part series on 101 Stress Management tips we take a look at tips 81-101.  Read..

  • 10 Real Ways to De-Stress

    By Jo Ann Joy

    Despite people telling us To stop and smell the flowers, we are still over-stressed. We deal with stress in unhealthy ways like overeating or being sleep deprived. Well, there are better ways to de-stress, and they are easier than you may think. The first and most important thing to remember that reduces stress is finding ways to feel more in control of your circumstances. The following are some ways you can can more more control and, thereby, feel less stressed:  Read..

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  • Career Planning Tips

    By rupali akter

    Are you thinking about taking up a new role this year? Do you want to move to a new job or change your current one? Well, just like you would revamp every other field in your life, you need to take some time to plan your career. As such, you will be prepared to take up a new role when it arises  Read..

  • Breaking News: Dwarfs Succeed in Becoming Giants!

    By Amany Saad

    Once upon a time, in a frivolous festival, a group of dwarfs met a group of giants in the royal palace due to an invitation from the ruler of the country. The ruler wanted to know how can he change the dwarfs of his country into giants so that the country can become more developed ..  Read..

  • How To Overcome Stage Fright

    By CeciliaFaith

    Just like anyone else I too had stage fright until one fine day when I listened to a piece of advice from my teacher. I still remember the day, there was a cultural program in my school and I was supposed to speak on a social issue. Just like any other lad of 12 years, I too was very scared. Several questions popped up in my head, how would I perform? What if I fumble? What if I get choked? What if it doesn’t go well? All these questions were pulling down the little confidence I had in myself. I was so tense backstage when a teacher of mine saw me. He gave me a piece of advice, which I could never forget. He said that, “Just don’t think how it would go. Flush out all the thoughts. Be confident and think that the audience is not as intelligent as you are. They would see and hear only what you show them and what you speak to them”. I did exactly as he said and let me tell you that I won that extempore speaking competition.  Read..

  • Pounds To Pocket Able To Flourish Dream With Very Few People Into Life

    By Jems Fort

    Many people have different dreams but very few people are able to flourish their dreams by convert the dream into life. Some of them lack to fulfill their dreams due to financial deficiency. Financial emergency can approach us without our knowledge and will disturb all our financial planning’s. In this situation you are supposed to take some vital action to tackle this situation you must have some necessary funds from your salary.  Read..

  • We Help You Improve Your Revenue-Performance

    By Revenueperformance

    Plans to establish businesses, at very initial stages, are surrounded with three basic questions- What to sell? To whom to sell it?When to sell? and at which price?  Read..

  • Choosing right Housekeeping Services for us.

    By cosmos group

    Housekeeping Services is not just about removing dust but increasing aesthetics and increasing life of the assets. We have excellent reputation of being the best in the industry. We will ensure that your premises are clean, look beautiful and at the same time are cost effective for you. We utilize our systems and industry expertise to manage your housekeeping enabling you to concentrate on your core business.  Read..

  • How to dispose of negative ideas and negative thinking?

    By Amany saad mohamed

    To dispose of negative thinking and negative ideas that prevent you from progress in your life and take what you want, there is an easy technique you can use it and can convert your thinking to a positive thought and let you focus on everything positive in your life and get you the desired results by GOD willing.  Read..

  • My Message To You Today" Be Brave"

    By Amany saad mohamed

    "Liu Rosen" Says :) Courage is the ability to face anything You Can Imagine). And what thing that you can imagine but you cannot do it? My Message To You Today:" Do now what you think that you can't do it "Be brave'' –Yes-"Be brave".  Read..

  • How do you create you own luck? Five Practical Steps

    By Amany Mohamed

    Some of us may think that there are lucky or successful people and other who are unlucky or losers, they think that if you were loser then you have no luck and if you were successful then of course you must have luck in all your life matter.  Read..

  • Eight Distinguish Marks between Successful and failure people

    By Amany Mohamed

    Many of us ask why these successful people succeed. And what did they do to be so? And either they had talents and qualifications more than others or they had lucks more than others?
    Also, they ask why the failures are so. What they need to achieve success? And either their failures are because they are less talented and qualified or they are less luck than others?  Read..

  • Do you need High IQ to be Successful?

    By Breian Malupa

    I think most of us at one point in time thought that in able to be successful in life that we have to be gifted or talented and even have a very high IQ. Then as we go along in life we meet and see average people doing better than the people who we thought would be more successful in life.  Read..

  • How to Turn Fear into Success

    By Terence Young

    Fear can be a healthy emotion. When a person is completely fearless, such as a person who is experiencing a manic episode, they can gamble away the family's life savings or risk their life and honor in foolish behavior. There is a natural aspect of fear that protects us from disaster. On the other hand, fear can keep us from success. While natural caution is a good thing, there is also a place for taking a risk, especially when you are seeking to gain success.

  • Yes, You Can Achieve Your Impossible Dream.

    By Jim DeSantis

    Achieving a level of success, a level we can be comfortable with personally, varies with expectations and goals.
    Often we compare our level of success with that of someone we admire or, in fact, someone we envy. We want what they have. We want to be where they are in life. We want it NOW!  Read..

  • Life is a Bitch?

    By Chris Tierney

    I recently had some t-shirts made up for one of my consulting customers. In the process of developing the design, I came across a shirt with the old phrase, “Life is a Bitch, Then you die”. This is one of the phrases that at first glance sounds pretty true. For example, a service or quality complaint can pretty much ruin an entire day for most managers and owners, making life a bitch.  Read..

  • Success is about choosing what you want in life!

    By johnny

    You can choose success. Do you believe this? If you do not then you have chosen (yes chosen) a different route and success will not be a prominent feature! Success is about choosing what you want in life and taking the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Success is not stopping until you get there!  Read..

  • How to achieve success..

    By Apurva Dhiman

    Success is more than mere professional trainings, degrees, diplomas and technical skills. The real success reaches your intrinsic worth, the real you-YOUR PERSONALITY. Your personality gives direction to your life and is very much a deciding factor for accomplishing success.  Read..

  • Welcome To The World Of Serious Success!

    By Gary Crow

    You may hear stuff about better communication being the cure for the rumor mill contagion. Though that is possibly true, beware. Listen in and draw your own conclusions.
    • "Our problem around here is communication. No one knows what's going on." -- But didn't you get the message?  Read..

  • Why People Fail?

    By Lisa Brown

    Over the past 15 years I've discovered several concrete reasons why people fail. Here are the Top 8 reasons people do not reach their goals:  Read..

  • The Secret - To Spiritual Success

    By Arthor Pens

    efore you are born, you sit down with your spiritual guides (for approximately 2 years Earth time) and together you decide what lessons you need to master during this lifetime, what negative karma you need to balance, and what personality traits you will possess during this lifetime to help you to achieve your life lessons. This forms the basis of what is known as your Soul Life Blueprint.  Read..

  • Why Don t You Get Your Own Dream

    By Vivek Ray

    What is the number one pre-requisite for success? Yes! It is a Dream
    But what is a dream. Is it something that you see when you are asleep? No! We are not talking about that kind of a dream. This is the one that you will have to see while you are awake. Think about it! Today’s airplanes can fly at a speed that is much more than the speed of sound. But still every plane, how so ever advanced it might be still is made on the basic principle that Wright brothers had used more than hundred years ago, when they made the first plane that really flew.  Read..

  • How to Replace Bad Habits with Good Ones: The Science of “Habit Management”

    By Dr. Stephen Kraus, Success Scientist

    Few things are more difficult than kicking bad habits or developing more positive ones. But it is definitely worth the effort. Bad habits like smoking, overeating or self-criticism shorten lives and lead to underachievement, and unsuccessful attempts to change them lower self-esteem.  Read..

  • How To Start, Survive, and Finish Your Journey To Super Success

    By Michael Lee

    The bottom line is this: It is extremely difficult to like or love something that you despise. Isn't this true?
    But what can we do to solve this problem? What if you're trapped in a situation that you don't want to be involved in? What if you're sick and tired of your job that you feel like vomiting every time someone mentions your work?  Read..

  • Success Tips For Personal Growth

    By Steve Bishop

    Success, personal growth, self development, whatever you want to call it is the dedication to self discipline, determination and wanting what is rightfully yours - usually excellence in your chosen field.

    Success is the habit that is forged in consistent daily actions, focusing on achievement of self imposed goals. Unfortunately, success always comes with a price tag that is rarely discussed. If you decide to go for your dreams, there is going to be suffering, hardships that cannot be seen at first, but will surely come. How you deal with these unforeseen circumstances will play a large part in your overall success.  Read..

  • How To Become Rich and Famous

    By Saleem Rana

    If you want to be rich and famous, you have to focus on your strong points. Don't dwell on your weaknesses. Choose your strongest asset and build it into a formidable asset.
    After finding your heart’s desire, your bliss, dare to dream big; dream the biggest, boldest dreams that you can think of. Decide now that you want to be phenomenal in your particular talent; be the best of the best; be unforgettable. Fame doesn't just happen. You have to want it!


  • How to Make a Million Dollars - Step Four

    By Anja Merret

    So far, in previous articles on how to make a Million Dollars, I have written about passion being essential, hard work definitely has to be part of the action and perseverance being the third step necessary in a quest for making real money. The next one to be added to this, would be the ability to cope with failure. Winston Churchill said that success consisted of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. That’s what I am talking about.


  • Small Business Marketing: Marketing Along the Path of Least Resistence

    By C.J. Hayden

    Do you find marketing to be a constant struggle? It doesn't have to be that way. The most successful marketers make it look easy because they have found a way to market themselves that is effortless. Perhaps you have tried to copy what those successful people were doing, and it didn't work for you. Here's why.


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  • Lifestyle Management: Live Better, Live Happier!

    By Tracey Crockett

    What is lifestyle management? Is it just another one of those terms being thrown about today to get people to buy new products or a legitimate term asking people to re-evaluate their way of living so as to enjoy life a little more? In today’s hectic world, the “Go! Go! Go!” expectation has placed an unfortunate burden on most workers.  Read..

  • Could you use a 'Stop Doing' list?

    By Inez Ng

    One of the tried and true organization and time-management tools is the trusty old "to do" list. I was trained to diligently put one together at the end of the day for the following day, and whatever tasks I failed to complete, to carry it forward. This system has worked well in helping me prioritize and focus. But I have also heard many of my colleagues complain about having too much on their list, and feeling very discouraged and overwhelmed by the sheer number of items on their "To Do" list. To help ease the overwhelm, I want to introduce the concept of the "Stop Doing" list.  Read..

  • 20 Time Tips And Beliefs About Time

    By Thea Westra

    Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or rushed, check-in with your personal perception and experience of reality.
    It might be useful to remember that our calendars and clocks are man-made; therefore these can also be man-unmade.  Read..

  • Work at Home Time Management Tips

    By Harrold Swalve

    People who work at home have the freedom to set their schedules and hours. However, it can be difficult to stay on task with so many additional distractions when you work at home. Here are some time management tips to help you stay on task as you work at home.  Read..

  • Two Kinds Of Time

    By jazzinjane

    Have you wondered why waiting for the elevator for a minute, seems longer than a ten minute coffee break? Why it seems like a few minutes when you actually talk to your girlfriend on the phone for an hour? And why it seems like an hour when you are on the hotseat for a minute?  Read..

  • Time Management Skills: Top 5 Ways to Improve Them

    By Pamela Catey

    Do you feel like your time management skills are lacking? Feel overwhelmed, stressed, or like you are losing your life as each day quickly passes by?
    In this article, I will share with you the top 5 ways to improve your time management skills to regain control of your life. There is a great quote by Business Philosopher, Jim Rohn “Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it, and spend it rather than invest it.” Are you investing your time in things that are producing the results you desire? If not, read on.  Read..

  • Make Time For Important Things By Making An Appointment

    By Shafir Ahmad

    We only have a limited amount of time each day, and it is important that we get as much as possible out of our day. Often we are inundated with things to do that are urgent, and lots of stuff that just happens to need to be done today. So we may waste our time on meetings and other unproductive things.  Read..

  • Add An Extra Month To Your Life - Every Year

    By Jonathan Farrington

    There are many time management systems around, they usually involve attendance on training courses and the purchase of a vast amount of specially designed documentation, BUT - The Ivy Lee System, like all good ideas, is very simple and yet effective. It could find you an extra hour a day, which is equivalent to an extra 20 hours a month - resulting in an extra month per year.  Read..

  • Master your Time, Double your Success

    By srana25

    Time Management is an essential success skill
    Practically speaking, time is constant: 60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week (24/7).  Read..

  • Take Advantage of Audio Books For Better Time Management

    By Albert TAY

    Many of my friends, regardless of whether they are working or busy at home taking care of kids, never have the time to sit down and read their favourite book.
    Work can tire you out as well and by the time you sit down, you just want to lie on your bed and start dozing off.  Read..

  • Time Management For Distance Learning

    By Charles J Williams

    As a busy professional, it is vitally important to manage your time. There are some broad principles, approaches, that you need to learn and apply. The first is to take the view that your time is precious, and should not be wasted.  Read..

  • TV Time: How much television do you really watch?

    By Katherine Westphal

    don't watch that much TV!
    "I don't watch that much TV," says the average person, "just a few hours here and there." Unfortunately, the average person, according to the most recent figures from Nielsen Media Research Inc., watches TV for 4 hours and 35 minutes every single day. Worse, the average household has a TV playing for 8 hours 14 minutes every day.  Read..

  • A checklist is the best way to get organized for any event.

    By Shafir Ahmad

    A checklist is the best way to get organized for any event. Most of us make a grocery list before going to the store, why not make a list for everything else in life? The benefits greatly outweigh the time that it may take to make one. The more checklists that you make, the faster you will get at it. So what kind of checklists should you make? The following lists some general ideas for checklists:  Read..

  • Tips for Proper Planning of Time

    By Mitch Johnson

    In making a plan there are particulars things which we need to know and we need to follow. In this article you will learn on how to make a good planning.
    I thought it would be useful for you to have a brief overview of the different steps involved in planning.  Read..

  • Time Management Horse Sense

    By Dr. Don Wetmore, President, The Productivity Institute

    Time management, personal productivity, and success in life are a lot like the horse race metaphor. To get twice as much in life, in any of our many dimensions, health, family, financial, intellectual, professional, social, and spiritual, we do not have to double our effort and input.  Read..

  • So You Want To Balance Your Work Life and Home Life

    By Shafir Ahmad

    Balancing your work life and your home life can be very difficult. Your job can require more of you than you are able to give in a typical 8 to 10 hour day. A lot of people will bring work home with them at night or on the weekends or will work longer hours to get their jobs finished. But the more time that you spend on your work, the less time you can spend with your family.  Read..

  • Time Management for Single Moms – How to Save Hours in a Day

    By Michael Lee

    Don't you sometimes wish that a day has 72 hours instead of just 24? If you're a single mom, time management is a necessary skill. You cannot afford to just settle with, "There is so much to do in so little time. That's just the way it is"  Read..

  • 11 Secrets To Better Time Management For Entrepreneurs

    By Kristie Tamsevicius

    Why is it that the Bill Gate's of this world are rich and famous? What secret do they know that the rest of us don't? If you study their lives closely, you'll discover the rich and famous have certain habits that attribute to their success. Successful people are very careful about how they spend their time. No matter how you slice it, we all have 24 hours in a day, so the key lies in learning to use our time wisely. Below are some ways you can dramatically increase your productivity through more effective use of your time.  Read..

  • Get Organized Today!

    By Kevin Sinclair

    We all know how much easier it is to work when we're organized, but having the motivation to get organized is a little hard for many to come by. This is because disorganization leads to feelings of being overwhelmed, and when we're overwhelmed, it is hard to think clearly on any one task let alone change the way we are used to doing things in the name of organization.  Read..

  • Tackling The Task List

    By Rick Beneteau

    A picture perfect day for preaching what I often forget to practice. A cloudless Sunday afternoon, facing the blazing sun fully outstretched in my lounging chair, reclined of course. Doing what I love to do most - writing. So allow me to
    pontificate. After all it IS Sunday.  Read..

  • Are You Wasting Or Investing Your Time?

    By Ken Charnley

    Time is the most precious value we have. Time is the greatest equalizer of human beings. If we don’t ant to admit his and to treat time with respect then we will only have to lose. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, you will only have 24 hours a day either way, and you should try to use them wisely.  Read..

  • How to Create a Time Management Plan That Works

    By Gobala Krishnan

    I went for that seminar too, the one where some guy bounces around preaching that the only way to become successful like him is to have a near-impossible dream and to work towards it vigorously by following a rigid daily time schedule. They call it time management. There's only one problem - it didn't work - for me at least.  Read..

  • Could you use a 'Stop Doing' list?

    By Inez Ng

    One of the tried and true organization and time-management tools is the trusty old "to do" list. I was trained to diligently put one together at the end of the day for the following day, and whatever tasks I failed to complete, to carry it forward. This system has worked well in helping me prioritize and focus. But I have also heard many of my colleagues complain about having too much on their list, and feeling very discouraged and overwhelmed by the sheer number of items on their "To Do" list. To help ease the overwhelm, I want to introduce the concept of the "Stop Doing" list.  Read..

  • Eliminate Six Common Mistakes in Time Management

    By Shafir Ahmad

    Do you wish there were more hours in a day to get everything done? Well, isn't it true that you have the same amount of hours as any other person on this planet? Maybe what you need is not more hours, you just need to learn to manage the hours you already have. Here are six common mistakes that people make, and how you can avoid them.
    For some reason, it is common belief that to get more done, you need to work harder. This is totally false. The secret to accomplishing more is not to work harder, but to work smarter. That is why you should always start your day with a plan of action. Every morning write down what you will accomplish that day. Start your day with this plan in mind. Mark through each item as you accomplish it. Do not let anyone derail you from this plan.  Read..

  • 100 Year Project

    By John Mehrmann

    Imagine what you could accomplish if you were given 100 years to complete any project of your choosing. How would you approach your project management and your time management? What would your timeline look like?
    How many years would you devote to study, observe, listen and learn? You would probably spend several years gathering information, educating yourself and learning as much as possible. Your studies would likely become more focused and detailed as you gain knowledge and expertise related to your project.  Read..

  • Improve your time management

    By Nigel Robinson

    “If only I had more time!” How many times have you heard this expression before? Frankly, if you are reading this article, you probably say it yourself every now and again. One thing is for sure, if you understand and practice the key principles of effective time management you will have more time available for the things you want to do.
    The single most important aspect of effective time management is to understand about the things that rob you of your precious time resource. I call these “time robbers” and they tend to fall into one of three main categories:  Read..

  • Time Management Techniques

    Two Proven Techniques Successful People Use...

    They believe time is much more important than wealth. They double or triple their time. Now you can apply these techniques or time management tips.

    Now you can use these time management techniques. Like successful people, you can master the art of utilizing time more effectively, be more efficient and productive and eventually contribute to your advancement or success. See how they do it?

  • Do It Now

    By Steve Pavlina

    When going to college many years ago, I decided to challenge myself by setting a goal to see if I could graduate in only three semesters, taking the same classes that people would normally take over a four-year period.  Read..

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