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    By book_mydoctor

    India is a country which is also known for its spices. There is a rich variety of spices which comes from our country. India is a place where a lot of importance is given to the curry. A numbers of spices are included to make a proper curry. Spices are something which is very famous of India and it is even imported to other countries. One of all these spices is black pepper. There are numbers of benefits of black pepper.  Read..

  • A Few Tips and Tricks For Using Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    The first piece of advice regarding vanilla is to ensure that you have chosen an excellent quality of product, for instance Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans, which have an intense, rich flavor.  Read..

  • How To Make Vanilla Extract

    By Sarah Neil

    It is always great when you find an ingredient that you really love cooking with and with me, that ingredient is vanilla. Having a really good quality vanilla to use in your kitchen, whether it is in the form of vanilla powder or in the form of pure vanilla extract, is essential; unfortunately, it can also be very expensive.  Read..

  • The Exquisite Sweet and Savory Taste of Vanilla

    By Sarah Neil

    As someone relatively used to taking the easy route when cooking or baking, I have been pleasantly surprised when upon choosing to branch out with flavors and spices, I came across whole vanilla beans. I had never used the entire vanilla bean before, having previously only been exposed to pure vanilla extract, which I like to use and always have a bottle in my pantry for using in my cakes.  Read..

  • Vanilla - A Flavorsome History

    By Sarah Neil

    Many people are not aware of the history of Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans and why would you be, many of you will be asking yourselves. You will see products containing vanilla throughout your shopping sprees and products likes authentic vanilla extract appear in grocery stores all around the US, so you can see that it is a common product, although sometimes, depending on what form you buy vanilla in, it does come at a cost. However, what a lot of you do not realize is that the pure vanilla extract you might pick up in store or order online has a vast history and so to truly appreciate the beautiful flavor of vanilla, you must be educated in its past before recognizing its value in a pudding or cake that you might go on to produce.  Read..

  • How to Make the Most of Your Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans are considered by many experts, not to mention regular kitchen-goers like you and I, to be the very best vanilla bean on the market. The rich and glossy beans are carefully grown in Madagascar, a process that is extremely time-intensive, and then carefully shipped abroad. It therefore stands to reason that we should take particular care when it comes to using these magnificent foodstuffs.  Read..

  • Extract, Paste and Powder: the Versatility of Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    Vanilla beans are a great way of adding flavor to a dish. As well as enriching desserts and cakes, more and more chefs and home cooks alike are using vanilla to liven-up savory dishes, including meat. Vanilla beans are becoming more and more versatile. Understandably for some people the hassles that come with preparing beans is too much. In an increasingly time restricted age it’s often quicker to just reach for a prepared jar. Doing so needn’t mean opting for a weaker substitute though.  Read..

  • Four Simple Suggestions for Using Vanilla Beans in the Kitchen

    By Sarah Neil

    I recently became aware that most people do not have a clue what to do with vanilla beans. This moment of recognition came after I had invited some friends to visit my newly-opened Italian bistro. The couple was celebrating their third anniversary and as a present I prepared them a meal. After they finished I offered them a latte macchiato and some freshly baked biscotti. Both were taken aback by the taste and insisted I tell them what the secret ingredient was. They were shocked to learn it was the extract of vanilla beans.  Read..

  • The Benefits of Using Authentic Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    Authentic vanilla beans are considerably more expensive than their artificial counterparts. For example, pure vanilla extract is likely to set you back considerably more than standard vanilla essence or flavoring. However, as with so many other foodstuffs, in the case of vanilla beans you really do get what you pay for. Here are a few of the benefits that come along with using genuine beans.  Read..

  • 10 Great Ways to Use Vanilla Beans in the Kitchen

    By Sarah Neil

    If you’re anything like me then you’ll love both the taste and aroma of authentic vanilla beans when you’re baking in the kitchen. These wonderful creations of the orchid plant are able to spice-up even the simplest of dishes, while also making your kitchen smell like something out of heaven.  Read..

  • 10 Drinks Ideas Involving Vanilla Beans

    By Sarah Neil

    Such is the versatility of the vanilla bean, people are finding new ways of using the spice to add flavor and taste to food dishes and beverages alike. Here’s the thing though; you don’t need to be all that inventive when it comes to enjoying a vanilla-splashed drink.  Read..

  • A Guide to Vanilla Bean Production

    By Sarah Neil

    Vanilla beans are diversely useful when it comes to the kitchen. They add flavor to bland dishes while enhancing the taste and aroma of other delicious treats. But have you ever wondered why these beans are as expensive as they are?  Read..

  • May and Brett’s Beer Making Kit is ideal for home brewing

    By Jessica Thomson

    Are you a connoisseur of fines wines and hearty ales? Have you decided to try your hand at brewing your own ale and are unsure just where to find the best beer making kit? If so then May and Brett has a wide selection of products sure to get you brewing in no time at all.  Read..

  • What are Organic and Free Range Eggs?

    By Davinos Greeno

    Britons are buying record numbers of Free Range, Barn and Organic Eggs. Research shows shoppers bought 2.04billion of them last year, up from 1.64billion in 2002 (Article from the Daily Mail - 09/08/2006).  Read..


    By Walter J. Crinnion N.D.

    The more I work with chronically ill people, the bigger my organic garden gets. As a naturopathic physician I deal with a lot of chronically ill people. Many of them have been through the conventional medical system with no success, so they show up at my doorstep. One day Steve showed up.  Read..

  • What is Organic Fish?

    By Davinos Greeno

    Is there such a thing as organic fish? Surely all fish comes from the sea and eats whatever fish eat? How can we control that?  Read..

  • Organic Protects the Next Generation

    By Fran Black

    In our modern, fast-paced world, safety and health are too often sacrificed in the name of haste. From toys to clothing to home repairs, we take short-cuts, and in so doing we cut out what is really important--quality. Quality of life cannot be measured simply in time-efficiency.  Read..

  • Why Are Online Organic Food Delivery Services On The Increase?

    By Davinos Greeno

    After a hard week at work or looking after children or relatives, the last thing you want to do is spend time pushing a big heavy shopping trolley around your local supermarket or walking around the busy town or shopping centre. Have you realized how much time you spend, and how much energy you use when shopping?  Read..

  • Organic food? Sure, but is it cage-free?

    By Amanda Paulson

    CHICAGO - The organic industry may be one of the fastest-growing niches of the food world, but for a small group of consumers organic is passé.

  • Tips On Organic Food

    By Dalvin Rumsey

    In order to avoid eating genetically modified food, the best option you have is starting to buy organic food. This type of food is the most healthy way of living one can possibly have nowadays.  Read..

  • Succulent and Tender Organic Meats

    By Mark Hendley

    British organic meat and other organic farm products are successfully produced by certified farmers, in the beautiful rolling countryside of the Midlands area, who supply only traditional and natural organic farming produce.  Read..

  • Organic Doesn't Mean Free of Pesticides

    By Janet Raloff

    In the United States, farmers treat most crops with pesticides to increase yields and the foods' eye appeal. Inevitably, studies have shown, traces of these pesticides remain on the food after harvest and are in the food we eat.  Read..

  • Organic Food

    There is a very fine and gray line between organic and health foods. Although the result is the same, the road traveled is slightly different. Organic foods are the fastest growing segment of our agricultural economy. They have moved from specialty shops to mom and pop grocery stores. Retails sales have grown 20% annually for the last decade. 49% of organic retail sales come from mainstream grocers and 48% from natural food stores. Organics are free of chemical preservatives, toxic pesticides and additives.  Read..

  • Organic foods Local and Global demand

    In most developed countries the organic food market is below two per cent of the total food market, but growing rapidly. Global retail sales of organic products, which were valued at US$ 25 billion in 2003 are currently worth US$31 billion and growing at over 20 per cent per annum ( compared to about 3 per cent growth rate of the food market overall)  Read..

  • What is Organic Chicken?

    By Davinos Greeno

    People must have heard about the nasty conditions which broiler chickens - which are bred for their meat - are raised in? These chickens have no more floor space than a sheet of A4 paper. Chickens are over-fed to reach slaughter weight in six weeks, when it would normally take four months.  Read..

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