In the Midst of our Problems, What do we do?

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You are not alone and everyone has been on the same boat. No one has ever lived a life without any difficult challenges/circumstances. Each and one of us have been given our own unique challenges in life… In the midst of our hardship, our setbacks, our problems… we find ourselves asking the most important question: How do we remain positive, keep the attitude high and have gratitude? All at the same time when we are constantly getting pounded onto our knees, to our lowest self esteem, to the lowest low of rock bottom.


“To give a man a fish, you have fed him and his family for a day. To teach him how to fish, you have fed him and his family for a lifetime.”

For me to tell each one of you to stay positive and have faith is not enough. I want to teach you how to keep your flame alight in the midst of your hardships and have gratitude at the same time. If I was to choose the most important and valuable lesson I have learned in life,… this would be it.


To fully understand it cannot be explained, it can only be experienced,… I can only point you in the direction. (Even if you’re an Atheist or whatever beliefs you may have, you can perform this exercise that I will show you later on, so please read through)


In our lives we have a spiritual guide or a higher conscious that guides us through life (Some people believe this and some people don’t). Think of this for a moment…. What good is your spiritual guide/higher conscious guide if you can’t hear it?

We have come forth to our guides praying and meditating for help and guidance, yet one important thing we forget….. we forget to listen.

Think about it for a moment…. You have spent your time praying for deliverance, praying for help and guidance on what to do or how to handle your problems….. tell me?.... when did you stop praying and actually took the time to just sit there and just listen?…. listen on what your guide was trying to tell you. COMMUNICATION is a 2 way street; when one speaks the other listens and vice versa.


When you seek guidance you can’t have a decent conversation for 10-15mins, you need a good one solid hour (between 45mins or more). The next time you pray or meditate, don’t just pray and meditate, actually have a CONVERSATION with God/Universe. Tell all your problems and what mess you’ve made or what mess you’re into, ask what you should do, how… who… when… where… why… ask everything you want and then…. and then listen.



Here is the Exercise:

There is a catch! There is a proper way of doing this. 2 Major Rules:
a) you do this alone, by yourself and with no-one else.
b) you MUST NOT speak or say a word during the exercise, if possible keep your mouth closed and shut.

Here’s what I want you to do (whoever you are and what problem you may have). Majority of us wastes a good hour watching TV, let’s use that time to actually reconnect ourselves with God/Universe. Watching some TV program won’t help you much with your problems in life. If you’re an Atheist, then this exercise will help you tap and access your heart and mind in an unimaginable ways you’ve ever experienced.


Step 1

Ok, during this hour I want you to go for a walk (a slow relaxing walk and not a power walk that would get your heart pumping) and find somewhere to sit… at a park’s bench, at a park’s swings, take a walk at the beach if you live nearby one, sit on the sands, sit next to a lake or river, on your porch, in your backyard, sit at your balcony, sit in a church after the mass, etc…. find a place to sit.


Step 2

Once you’re seated I want you to slow your life. Just like in the movies when the scenes gets into slow motion. I want you to pretend that everything is slowing down and that the surrounding sound is diminishing just like in the slow motions movies. (I don’t want you to close your eyes, eyes wind open J )

Once you have done this, then I want you throw everything on the line and SURRENDER EVERYTHING. Tell all your problems, your circumstances and situation, ask all the questions you need answers and all the help you require. (Important note: without speaking and opening your mouth)

I know the hardship you are going through, don’t hold that tears back… I want you let it all out.


Step 3

Now after you surrender everything, I want you to listen… There is a voice within you and each one of us. With the world’s fast paced life,… that voice within us gets drowned by the outside world. I want you to listen deep within yourself… search and listen for that quiet voice in your heart and in your mind… what is it telling you?

(I want you to think back when you use to play hide and seek…. I want you to recall a time when you were the one hiding… Remember the moment?... you had to be so quiet and so still at your hiding place because if you move too much or make a noise, they will find you. I also want you to recall a time when you were with someone in a noisy place and the other person is trying to tell you something… I want you to recall how you were trying to focus all your attention into trying to hear the other person…. In order to listen to that voice within us, you need to be STILL and QUIET whilst trying to FOCUS your ATTENTION listening to that voice)


This exercise will vary between individuals, so keep doing the exercise. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t hear it the first time. From Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus,… to Socrates and Aristotle… and up to Einstein and Planck… If you ever search the literatures,…. the answers were found in SILENCE.

Each one of us had been given our own path… the answers that we seek can only be found from the one who gave it to us.

Whoever you are and whatever circumstances you may be in. Once you hear that voice, you will see a short clear path. You will see the actions you need to take, at the right time and at the right place. You will know when not to take action at all and just wait. The path is so clear… that in the midst of the DEEPEST S*** you are in…… You will be POSITIVE…… you will have FAITH…… you will have GRATITUDE. J




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