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  • Bedroom Furniture Ideas

    By Nick Campbell

    Furniture is what characterises a room. So, when it comes to re-designing your bedroom, the furniture that you choose is going to have a massive effect. There is more to a bedroom than a bed, however this is likely to be the centrepiece, and with a little forethought you can your bedroom something that is truly personal and aesthetically pleasing.  Read..

  • Kidsí Bedroom Design Ideas

    By Nick Campbell

    For kids, the bedroom is a very important space. Often, itís not just the place where they sleep, but itís also the place where they play, learn and relax. This has to be kept in mind when you design a bedroom for kids, and itís important to view the potential of the space from a childís perspective.  Read..

  • Sourcing Unique Accessories for Your Home

    By Adam Nicolson

    There is nothing worse than going into your new neighbour's living room and realising it looks exactly like yours. We all like to feel that our homes are special and unique. They are a reflection of us, of who we are, of our tastes, and, to some extent, of our values.

  • Finding the Right Home Accessories

    By Adam Nicolson

    Good quality home accessories that fit in with the style of your home, and reflect your personality, are essential. A home that is bereft of accessories will only look bare, cold and uninviting. However, a home with the right kinds of accessories will make the opposite impression. It will be warm and welcoming, as well as an interesting and stimulating environment for you and your family to live in.

  • The Importance of Door Latches

    By Adam Nicolson

    Many people will be looking at this article and scratching their heads about the title. After all, how can such a mundane item like a latch for a door be important?

  • The Importance of Door Handles

    By Adam Nicolson

    If you are decorating a room, do not forget to replace your door handles. It is surprising how much old door handles can detract from the overall look of a freshly decorated room.

  • Time to Look Again at Home Pools

    By Adam Nicolson

    In the past few years, the cost of pools has come down. There is more choice than there once was. It is now possible to install a smaller pool and get as much out of it as with a large pool.

  • The Importance of Landscaping

    By Adam Nicolson

    Landscaping is all around us, but does not really register with most people. It is not something we give much thought to, however, it is actually quite important.  Read..

  • Empower the Foundation of Your Home by Roofing

    By tycoroof

    The largest investment of a person is probably his sweet home. A good roof is the most substantial part of this huge investment. This precious thing must be protected by extensive quality roofing. Any shoddy work while doing this crucial work will put our valuable place at high risk. It will eventually hurt the modishness and elegance of our home. The architectural style of any place is scrutinized by its roof design. Skimpy overhangs are responsible for reducing the amazing gaze of the structure. Therefore, it is always suggested making use of generous overhangs as they serve to guard the home's foundation, exterior walls and windows.  Read..

  • Fair Price - get the best kitchens in Edinburgh

    By jenifer smith

    One of the most popular rooms in the house, the kitchen is a hub of family activity - it's where we eat, where we meet, and where we talk, discussing the day's events.  Read..

  • Cast Iron Baths can turn a Nice Bathroom into a Luxurious One.

    By jenifer smith

    A bathroom is not just a functional part of your home. It is a sanctuary. It is a place to unwind and allow the pressures of the day to unfold and drift away. It is a place to relax and re-energise yourself anew for the challenges of the next day to come. A bathroom should be a place where you can truly indulge yourself with luxurious fixtures and fittings to make a style all of your own. Regardless of which style taps you choose, or the colours that you favour, nothing makes a statement of elegance and class like cast iron baths do.  Read..

  • Skylights for Homes

    By jenifer smith

    In todayís world, we are all anxious to make the most of our homes and we spend an increasing amount of time in our living spaces. As homeowners, we use our properties in a number of ways; from relaxing and sleeping in them to enjoying quality family time in them. It is therefore understandable that we are desperate for our homes to be the best that they can and we work hard to achieve that perfect space. One way in which an increasing number of property owners are choosing to do this is through the installation of skylights.  Read..

  • Legacy Of Encircling Beauty!

    By john watson

    We should be grateful to all the goodness that God has bestowed upon us through the beautiful people in our lives and our salubrious houses. We cannot help but feel the intensity of good vibes that tend to fill our life with well being.  Read..

  • Let Art Give You Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home

    By Nick Campbell

    Choosing how to decorate your home is never easy. There will be plenty of art prints available in plenty of shops that will indeed give your home a certain character, but many of these will not only be generic so as to appeal to people en masse, but they will also no doubt adorn the walls of many other homes across many other towns and cities across the world.  Read..

  • Show Home Interior

    By john watson

    A good show home interior will help potential buyers to be able to picture themselves living your property. Being able to create this image in the mind of potential buyers is critical if you want them to take the big step of spending tens of thousands of pounds on one of your homes.  Read..

  • The choice of canvas art

    By Tommy Wayne

    Canvas art is now one of the most popular types of art and one that many people now have in their homes. Canvas art is a modern form of art and most canvas art is very affordable and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Many famous works of art such as Banksy paintings are now re-produced onto canvas and sold by many different art retailers. Most canvas art is produced using professional colour ink jet printers unless the paintings are hand painted by the original artist. Most canvas art retailerís will sell a wide selection of all kinds of canvas art to appeal to many different customers tastes and budgets.  Read..

  • Get the look Ė visit Country Cast Baths for traditional cast iron baths

    By Tommy Wayne

    If youíre looking to get that traditional bathroom look, you might have been searching round those depressing bathroom and tile shops that you find only in the far reaches of suburbia. With countless plastic baths lying on spacious shop floors like redundant crustacean shells discarded on a quiet beach, you realise that a plastic bath just wonít cut it... You need a cast iron bath.  Read..

  • How Show Homes Are Prepared

    By Adam Nicolson

    For property developers show homes are critical part of their business. Without a good show home selling the houses that they have built would be practically impossible.  Read..

  • Stunning Timber Sash Windows; a Staple Household Essential

    By Tommy Wayne

    Oh, who can resist the appeal of amazing timber sash windows gracing your household; as elegant as the Queen, as reliable as your handyman on speed dial, as lovely as Angelina Jolie in her finery. Wonderful timber sash windows add an element of class and allure to a household as well as a practical and pragmatic dimension.  Read..

  • Garage Design

    By Adam Nicolson

    As families have grown and expanded, but found it difficult to expand their homes or too expensive to move to something larger, we have found that rooms like the garage have become an even more important part of the home. What was once used solely as car storage and a place to stuff the junk has become more of a multi-purpose utility room. Bikes, sports equipment, tools, freezers, washing machines, and various other items have a tendency to find their way in, requiring somewhere warm and comfortable to live.  Read..

  • Buying New Net Curtains

    By Adam Nicolson

    Net curtains have come a long way in recent years and rather than being stuck with the choice of one or two designs, there are many styles that you can opt for. They offer privacy as well as elegant and attractive appeal. What's more, they are also an inexpensive way of covering your windows while still allowing natural light to get into the room. Nets are easy to hang and can be washed, too, to ensure that they continue to look great.  Read..

  • Looking at Rooms in a New Light

    By John Arbuthnot

    Lighting is hugely important in any home. The right lighting can ultimately change exactly how your home looks, and transform something dull and boring into something unique and interesting. Unfortunately, though, this only works at night and, in the day, any space will still be the same old ordinary place.  Read..

  • How to Choose Between Laminate and Hardwood Floors

    By John Arbuthnot

    There are many different types of wood flooring, from solid wood to laminate to engineered wood flooring, and each will have different benefits and different drawbacks. It is often erroneously believed that only price really comes into play when choosing between such options when, in reality, everything from how you plan to lay the floor to where you plan to lay it can make a difference.  Read..

  • An Increased Availability of Essential Oil-Based Luxury Candles

    By Nick Campbell

    Bringing a little luxury in to the home is all about the subtle touches. Small details like using natural materials to create an understated natural ambiance in the home is a great way to suggest class without the need to shout about it.  Read..

  • Turn your living room into a karaoke bar

    By Lee Malcolm

    Sometimes you just can't beat a good sing-a-long with your mates. Karaoke nights are popular in pubs and bars up and down the country, but if you haven't got one nearby (or if you just want the chance to host the party of the year) then why not take the opportunity to turn your living room into your very own karaoke bar?  Read..

  • Antique Georgian Furniture is Distinctive and Beautiful

    By Stephanie Ellsey

    Georgian furniture has been popular ever since it was first introduced in England from the early 1700s to the early 1800s. The furniture that was created then is called Georgian because it was made during the reigns of King George I through King George IV. The Kings commissioned much of these Georgian furniture styles and utilized them in their living spaces. The ornate styling of these pieces then trickled down to the masses, who sought out the rich looking furniture in droves. Today, antique collectors all over the world offer patrons the chance to own their own Georgian furniture, which can add a wealthy and elegant feel to any living space.  Read..

  • A Buyers Guide to Luxury Cheap Net Curtains

    By Adam Nicolson

    Lace curtains have been a home decoration favourite since the Victorian era when lace first reached its peak in popularity. At the time, lace and net curtains were expensive, and were a commodity that only the wealthy could afford.  Read..

  • The better way to store books

    By Michael Rosen

    It's great to have a house full of books. Until the situation gets out of hand that is. Some people are voracious readers. No sooner have they finished one book and then they are on to the next. All too quickly those discarded novels start piling up. They need to be stored away neatly and tidily. Otherwise they just up strewn all over the house and that simply won't do.  Read..

  • Forget stand alone units for storing books

    By William Blackstone

    Books brighten up any home. If displayed properly they can become a design feature and talking point in their own right, as well as being a great source of knowledge and pleasure. Even in this digital age which offers a huge variety of electronic entertainment, it's hard to match the simple pleasure that a good book offers. Readers lose themselves in their books. Nothing can quite match that reading experience. It soothes the mind and fires the imagination.  Read..

  • Fireplace features in stately home squat

    By Lee Malcolm

    Fireplaces feature in many properties around the UK and some of the grandest examples are in stately homes. One abode that falls into this category is Clifton Wood House, which is based in the Clifton area of Bristol.  Read..

  • Not Too Shabby Indeed

    By John Arbuthnot

    If youíre trying to find some great design inspiration for a room or rooms in your home, then French shabby chic furniture and dťcor is an excellent way to go. Although the style of French furniture tends to be fairly classic in design, when coupled with the shabby chic look, it is now an ultra modern and popular way of decorating the home.  Read..

  • How to Choose a Chicago Exterior Painting Contractor

    By martin cruz

    One of the most important aspects of any home or commercial building is the aesthetic appearance. The outside of a home or building can tell you a lot about what is on the inside and if you want to present an inviting image to anyone who will be visiting your home or business, then the painting on the exterior should be nicely done. You canít just choose any Chicago paint contractors to make your home look stunning on the outside; you need to enlist a quality company with many years of experience. You need to choose a quality painter as your Chicago exterior painting contractor if you want the job done right, the first time.  Read..

  • Damp Proofing

    By james Bond

    Rising damp is caused by water from the ground rises through the bricks and mortar of a building. Ground water contains salts including sulphates, nitrates and chlorides these rise up the wall in the water, but when the water has evaporated the salts are left on the wall causing a salt band at the maximum height of the risen water.  Read..

  • Damp Proofing

    By james Bond

    Unlike new homes which need to confirm to building regulations, many older homes have problems with rising or penetrating damp and will need a course of damp proofing to solve the problem.  Read..

  • Basement Waterproofing

    By Basement Waterproofing

    Basement water damage can be a very serious problem. Out of sight out of mind springs to mind when you think of a basement. You may have one in your home, but how often do you actually check it to make sure everything is OK? It may be you need a course of basement waterproofing, or damp proofing as it is more commonly known applied to your basement.  Read..

  • 5 Ideas to Boost a Marketing Campaign

    By Andrew Michaels

    If you donít want to be stereotyped as one of the small businesses in the market these days, you have to look for other ways to promote your business. You have to come up with memorable strategies that will put you in front of your customers and prospects. Aside from producing impressive business cards, flyers, and brochures with the help of reputable printing companies, you can practice other strategies such as the following:  Read..

  • The beauty of Traditional Lighting

    By Jessica Thomson

    There are so many different types of lighting to suit all different individual tastes and styles. Many people choose traditional lighting products to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a room. Traditional lighting comes in many different forms including period lights and lamps, ceiling lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, standard lamps, lanterns and traditional wall lighting. With such a vast choice of products you should easily be able to find the perfect traditional lighting solution for your home or business premises.  Read..

  • Choosing Marble Tiles For Your Home

    By Jessica Thomson

    So you have just bought a beautiful new house with a gorgeous interior, and you look out the back on to your huge new garden. It looks nice, but there is one thing missing, a nice patio. Have you ever considered that you could get it tiled in Marble Tiles? They are very nice, and complement a garden in many different styles, and they will stand the test of time as well. The Marble Tiles are available in a fabulous array of different colours and sizes, they can be bought as one off units in what ever quantity you require, or they can be cut specifically to your requirements. Marble Tiles are available from many different suppliers around the country, and all you have to do to find these is go to your local builder merchants and see what they have, and to ask them where else they could suggest that you check for Marble Tiles.  Read..

  • Why Would I Need Paint Inspection?

    By Jessica Thomson

    In a large enterprise such as the bridge building industry, or other building works on a small or large scale, which involves bead blasting, painting and other finishing techniques, it is important to employ a company to perform a Paint Inspection after the work has been completed. You need to employ the company to do the Paint Inspection so that, the client is happy in the knowledge that the work that has been carried out is to their satisfaction, and can be ticked off as a warrantable and guaranteed work. Competitive prices are available from many companies offering a Paint Inspection all over the country. Contact one of these firms if you need work to be of a set standard and weather-proof for many years to come, as well as to look fantastic.  Read..

  • Beds Cape Town

    By Jessica Thomson

    If you are looking for new beds Cape Town there are many to choose from, then you are sure that it isnít a decision that you can make at an instant. You need to be sure that the product that you choose can be comfortable and allow you to get a nice and pleasant sleep. This article is aimed at exploring some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing new beds Cape Town. The article will then conclude by informing you on where you can find more information on products like beds Cape Town and beds for sale Cape Town.  Read..

  • Essential decorating supplies explained

    By Jessica Thomson

    When it comes to decorating supplies there are the obvious pieces of equipment and then there are other devices and accessories which are easy to overlook. Obviously your choice of tools depends on the job at hand. For instance stripping wallpaper will require different apparatus from varnishing an interior door. Therefore here is a guide to the usual suspects and some handy extras in terms of decorating supplies:  Read..

  • Interior design tips: How to complement cowhide rugs

    By Jessica Thomson

    Cowhide rugs are versatile accessories which can add a lot of character to all sorts of rooms. The use of animal skin rugs is no new thing; pelts from creatures have been popular for clothing garments as well as rugs for many centuries. The insulating properties and softness of animal fur mean that it is the ideal material to feel underfoot. Cowhide rugs in particular are made in a variety of designs and consequently there are many different accompaniments which help you get the best out of them. Here is some inspiration:  Read..

  • Stain Fighting Tips for Curtains and Drapes

    By Mike Hendsbee

    Most stains are removed by dissolving them with a solvent. The solvent to use depends from two factors: the agent that is causing the stain, and the material that has been stained. Different solvents will dissolve different stains, and the application of some solvents is limited by the fact that they not only dissolve the stain, but also dissolve the material that is stained as well.  Read..

  • The best home accessories

    By Jessica Thomson

    No domestic property is complete without home accessories. Indeed even the most impeccably decorated interior does not reach its full potential without a few accoutrements adorning the interior walls, table tops and window sills here and there. Home accessories come in hundreds of guises of various shapes and sizes so there certainly is no shortage of options when it comes to getting the interior design of your dreams.  Read..

  • Donít Stop At New Kitchen Doors

    By Biljana

    So, youíve looked through brochures and seen what the TV chefs use. Youíve decided on colours and know exactly what your kitchen layout is going to be. Maybe your budget doesnít run to a whole new kitchen, and youíve just decided to go for some new kitchen doors to freshen the place up and make it look like new. What you shouldnít do, after going to all that effort, is reuse the old accessories on your new kitchen doors or cabinets. It might seem like you can save a few pounds by not buying new fittings, but itís a false economy Ė the new doors will instantly look old and cheap and youíll have lost any benefits you thought youíd gained. Accessories finish off your kitchen, regardless of whether itís all brand new or you have just replaced the doors, so for this article Iím going to look at some of those and see what is available to you.  Read..

  • Interiors Decor- Do It Yourself

    By Atco Maart

    Currently, homeowners are very complex when it comes to interior design. They have some older homes that they will get the attention of neighbors and visitors have. Internal to the homeowner is not easy and most especially if they still do not know the right furniture and decorations that are suitable. However, there are some who rely on a professional interior designer, are the whole house will be designed.  Read..

  • Different Ideas for Home Interiors Decor

    By Atco Maart

    Home Interiors to define the action or a person or group of individuals who are more beautiful Ambiance want to redesign the structure is given a portrait of a loving and caring to a fragrance is considered by many as a friendly and convenient to live together in the idea that they build a house rather than in homes where domestic interior, because the times are changing as a tool to improve the lives of families living below the roof of the lack of quality cover.  Read..

  • How to Buy a Pre-Assembled Lighting System for a Bathroom

    By Staff Expert

    Lighting is an often overlooked element in bathroom design. The right light can make your bathroom both safer and more relaxing. By adding a pre-assembled lighting system, you can add task lighting over the vanity or mood lighting in the tub area.

  • Tips For Designing Kitchens

    By Liz Wood

    Kitchen design has come along way over the years. In recent times it has upgraded itself to computers. You can now use designing software to get an idea of a product before you decide to go for a certain design or features. It is common for people to have bad experiences when redesigning parts of their house and this is why it is so helpful to be able to use a technology that enables you to see how things will look once itís done.

  • Kitchen Vent Hoods - Kitchen Range Hoods Styles Guide

    The latest Kitchen Vent Hoods offer such a wide range of styles, functions and prices that it can be difficult deciding on the right one for your home.
    Style options include square and cylidrical chimneys that rest on angular or rounded bodies with stainless steel or glass hoods - (see examples below).
    And as well as deciding on shape you can also choose from the popular stainless steel or brushed steel finishes or all white or all black, the latest designs come with a stainless steel chimney on a brightly colored hood!  Read..

  • Principles of Interior Design

    By Kathy Iven

    Whether you are working with existing furnishings and fabrics or ďstarting from scratchĒ with an empty room, you should always use the elements and principles of design as a guide in choosing everything. The elements are your tools or raw materials, much like paints are the basics to a painter. The elements of design include space, line, form, color, and texture. The principles of design relate to how you use these elements. The principles of design are balance, emphasis, rhythm, proportion and scale, and harmony and unity.  Read..

  • Oriental-Inspired Furniture Adds Style and Sophistication

    By James Allen

    If you're looking for a sleek, exotic look perfectly suited for smaller apartments and living spaces, Oriental-styled furniture is a definite option to consider. Chinese and Japanese offerings have had a great influence on Western furniture and modern design. Bedroom furniture pieces such as the platform bed and futon, as well as stacked chests and trunks are examples of Asian-inspired furniture that is practical and compact, and at the same time stylish and sophisticated.  Read..

  • How to Choose the Proper Lighting for a Bedroom

    By Staff Expert

    Choosing the proper lighting for a room involves taking the time to determine your needs. By truly assessing your needs before making any purchases, you will be able to determine what you need while you are at a lighting store. Otherwise, you may choose lighting that ends up being inefficient and find yourself needing to make one or more returns.  Read..

  • Create Your Own Home With Summer Decoration Style

    By Mary Williams

    Create Your Own Home With Summer Decoration Style
    Have you ever dreamed of bringing decor-savvy individuals like to freshen the look of your rooms? Bring summer indoors in full force - without losing the comfortable and cozy furnishings you desire in the cooler months.  Read..

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