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Everyone has their own reasons for liking or disliking things around them, things they might have used in the past at their homes or at public places. I have mine and in the last 7 years that I have been using wheelchairs to move around, I have preferred stair lifts California over elevators. Quite possibly others may have their own views of the matter, but people with similar lifestyle as mine has expressed the same set of reasons for their distrust of elevators. Unfortunately though, stair lifts are not suitable in a commercial or public scenario hence despite our dislike for elevators we have no better alternative at the moment.

No Unnecessary Sympathy
People sympathize with wheelchair users and I appreciate that, but the sympathy becomes stifling when they go overboard! Many times when I have entered an elevator, people gently make space for my wheelchair, it is fine until someone becomes overwhelmed with pity and directs other elevator passengers to move and make some space for the ‘poor fellow’! Personally, I find it embarrassing because people around me start looking at me awkwardly and then pathos start showing on their faces, something I have come to abhor ever since I got into a wheelchair. Wheelchair users like me are perfectly capable of getting things done like everyone else. That being said, I do understand that the elderly need help, particularly if they are in wheelchairs. The great thing about stair lifts California is that it is made especially for wheelchair users; hence there is no one else in the stairlift to sympathize.

Elevators Makes Wheelchair Users Lazy
The more we lapse into an easy lifestyle the lazier we become. I enjoy the use of stair lifts California, because it makes me feel livelier compared to rolling inside an elevator and then wheeling out at the other end. Being on a stair lift is a bit difficult compared to taking the elevator but it keeps me active and alert?
Health Compromise
I do not suffer from nosemaphobia, but there is no reason why I should not be concerned about reports that tell how dirty and germ-besotted elevators are. I cannot count how many times I have been made queasy by people sneezing and coughing with their mouths uncovered in closed elevators, which is why I prefer stair lifts California over public elevators.

It goes without saying that stairlift California has to be more frequent at public places if people are to truly derive the benefits that I have just mentioned. At present, stairlifts have a shortcoming that needs to be solved to make these a befitting alternative to elevators and that is the maximum height to which it can rise. Stair lifts that are installed in public places are in need of some fresh thinking and innovation to make them better. If these devices become common in times to come, I would happily wait in a line for the stair lift instead of the elevator.

Article By: Charles Harper

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