How effective is Underfloor Heating?

Home & Family Home Improvement How effective is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating has been around far longer than most people realise. The Romans used a basic form of under floor heating to keep their homes warm.

However, it is only in the past few decades that modern underfloor heating systems have become widely available. Most people like the idea of this type of system, but some are still not sure how effective this form of heating is.

Recent Studies
This is unfortunate, because most people could heat their homes or commercial premises for less using under floor heating. Recent studies have shown saving of between 10 and 52%. Typically, savings are around 11%.

Exactly how much can be saved depends on the current heating system used, the age of the property and how it is constructed. Each building has its own thermodynamic properties.

The best under floor systems allow each room to be individually heated, and this is important when it comes to cutting fuel bills. Typically, the energy needed to run an under floor system is around two thirds less than that needed to run traditional radiators.

Recent studies have shown that trying to sell a property without central heating can be difficult. Typically, the absence of a central heating system drops the value of a property by 9%. The price of underfloor heating is now at a point that is comparable to other central heating systems. Modern buyers like the look of a home without radiators, which really helps to sell a property.
Underfloor heating produces a different kind of heat; it is a diffused rather than a radiated heat. Many people find a room heated from under the floor far more pleasant than one heated by traditional radiators or hot air systems. These systems work well in tandem with renewable energy such as solar power systems. Potentially they are very good for the planet.

Other Advantages of Underfloor Heating Systems

As well as potentially saving money on fuel people who choose under floor heating get extra space in their home because the radiators have been removed. It is surprising how much nicer a home looks without radiators and it is a look that fits in well with people's desire for modern minimalist homes.

To find out more about underfloor heating systems visit the Terra Therma website. They sell systems that are suitable for residential and commercial properties.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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