Who Can Use Home Staging?

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Most people have heard of home staging. It is something the Americans have been doing for decades. However, in the UK the term was not commonly understood, by the public. Only when they began to see staging on home makeover and property shows did they begin to understand what home staging was.

However, most large construction firms did know what it was and they have been using it as a way to sell their properties for many years. If they had an estate of houses to sell, they set up a house and stage it. Fitting it out with furniture and dressing it with soft furnishings and accessories. The way these show homes are laid out and decorated is a form of home staging. However, it is not the only form.

Property Sellers Use Home Staging

Increasingly home staging is being used by property developers and even private sellers to move their properties. Many developers are investing in furniture, soft furnishings and accessories with which to dress each house they finish and put on the market. Many developers find that showing a property in a 100% finished state helps to sell or rent it out far more quickly.

Even people who are selling their own property can use home staging. It is surprising how much more can be asked for a property that is properly staged, than one that is left as is. People find it hard to see the potential in a property. They cannot always see past the much loved, but old, worn furniture and accessories most people's homes are full of. De-cluttering, tidying up the decor and bringing the furnishings up to date can sell a house that has been sitting on the market for months, in just days.

Home Staging Need Not be Expensive

Now that it is possible to rent all of the furniture, accessories and soft furnishings, rather than have to buy it, staging a property does not cost much money. In most cases, people get back every penny they spend on home staging. They can ask more for their property and sell or rent it out far faster than they could if they had not taken the time to make it fresh and presentable.

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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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Tanvir Sarker TutulMonday, May 17, 2021

This article is most informative and helpful.

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