Smart ways to improve the energy efficiency of your hotel lighting

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Lighting that is used by hotels can become a huge liability instead of an asset, if it is not energy efficient. So, how can you improve the energy efficiency of the lighting used at your hotel?

Use LED lighting where possible: The guests who visit your hotel would like to see a well lit lobby when they step in and rooms that are bright and inviting. Choosing LED lighting systems such as artemide cabildo from the Artemide Lampen (which means "bulbs" in German) range can help you maintain the brightness of the lighting in your hotel without the problem of incurring high electricity bills.

Make use of occupancy detectors: If you own a hotel that is fairly big, then you should consider installing occupancy detectors to keep track of who is entering or leaving the hotel. Occupancy detectors will help you determine which lights to keep on and which ones to switch off.

Add night lamps that use LED lighting systems: Have night lamps that use LED lighting systems such as Artemide Cabildo from the artemide lampen range that are not only artistic, but also energy efficient. If you want to make your hotel lighting even more energy efficient, consider adding dimmers to the rooms in your hotel, so that it will not only create a soothing ambience, but also help you save on energy.

Use LED based exit signs: Instead of using traditional exit signs, you should consider using LED based exit signs that help save on at least 90 percent of the energy.

Add lighting control devices: When you add lighting control devices to help you make maximum use of the natural sunlight during the day and to switch off the lights automatically when you do not need to use them in your hotel rooms.

Implement High Intensity Discharge lighting for your hotel exteriors: Instead of using halogen lights that could only give way to higher electricity bills and let you illuminate the fixtures outside your hotel for as long as you want.

In order to save on electricity and avoid the unnecessary use of lighting where it is not needed, using LED lighting and other energy efficient lighting systems could not only help you cut down on electricity bills, but also save the environment.

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