8 Most Popular Styles of Southwest Decor Rugs

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To create a genuine Southwest decor, one element that is always included is a western style rug. It does not matter if the rug is an area, throw, or simple runner, the rustic design and colors pull a room together. Rugs made by Native Americans and Mexicans are beautifully hand woven, with each having incredible detailing that comes from the rich heritage but also huge heart of the various tribes.

If you are in the process of decorating your home with southwest style, you should definitely use one or two rugs to have a complete look. The great thing is that these kinds of rugs are available in so many different sizes, patterns, and colors. This means you can use one or more rugs to add a splash of color or also to tone down the room's western look. A unique authentic Native American or Zapotec rug is something to treasure.

1. Handmade Area Rugs - To begin, with southwest decor, choosing an area rug with a traditional design and colors that have been a part of the western past is always best. These rugs offer great variety in style, having earth tones of the desert or capturing bold colors of the sky. Area rugs can be used in any room of the home, adding a beautiful look and feel.
2. Modern Rugs - Buying a genuine Native American rug for your Southwest decor is a perfect way to stick to a tighter budget, many of the newer made rugs are beautiful. The benefit for the home owner is that the materials can often be machine-washed and most have more contemporary patterns and colors.

3. Mohair Rugs - While wool is probably the most popular material choice for southwest decor rugs, mohair is also a choice. These rugs have some of the most incredible detailing of ancient gods, ruins, animals, etc.
4. Spirit Rugs - Another choice you have for Native American rugs is the spirit rug. In this case, the rugs are vibrant in color and design, and usually made from wool. What makes these rugs so interesting is that they include characters from Native culture.

5. Mexican Guadalupe Rugs - Southwest decor is always amazing when rugs such as these are used. The designs and colors used for these handmade rugs relate to the weavers with unique blends of color that add to the room's ambiance.

6. Timberlake Rugs - These rugs are created using bolder colors than what you would normally see in Southwest decor. However, each rug is created by hand and is a one-of-a-kind creation.
7. Oaxaca Mexico Rugs - Created in Oaxaca, craftsmen hand-loom their designs using high quality hand dyed wool. Designs associated with these rugs are linked to many traditions of the Aztec civilization, each is unique.

8. Navajo Rugs - Finally, Native American rugs made by the Navajo people are intricate, detailed, and designed with rustic colors that represent true western style.

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