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If you are looking to re-floor your home and you want to install an elegant, impressive and convenient floor, you should be thinking about solid wood flooring. London homes which install solid wood flooring tend to be more impressive, easier to keep clean and much more attractive than those who choose carpet or laminate flooring.

Solid wood flooring, such as oak or rosewood really looks the part in any home, whether it is a small flat or a large pile. It can be made to look contemporary or classical depending on the décor and, unlike carpets, it will match just about any style of décor you may choose to use in your home.


Unlike carpets which become dirty, worn, and threadbare over time, solid wood flooring, London homeowners will find, is amazingly durable. It is easy to clean and maintain, and it will age along with the property, like a fine antique, so that it could conceivably be left in the home for many decades and still look fantastic.


Unlike cheap laminate flooring, which can get quite cold in the winter and overnight, solid wood flooring is a fairly good insulator and this means that it will keep floors fairly warm and cozy in the winter, which means that you won’t be avoiding walking on the floor for 5 months of the year.


When you have carpets, it can be very difficult to keep your floor looking presentable. To keep a carpet pristine, you need to be constantly vacuuming and washing your floor, which calls for a lot of hard work and a range of gadgets. Solid wood flooring, on the other hand, is extremely easy to keep clean. Mopping and brushing it a few times a week and polishing it less regularly is all that is needed to keep a solid wood floor looking its best.

As solid wood flooring is so easy to clean, it is great for allergy sufferers too. Unlike carpet, it does not trap dust, dirt, toxins and bugs quite so easily and this means there is less allergen in homes with solid wood floors.

Cheap Flooring Direct is the place to find cheap solid wood flooring. London based, the company offers a range of affordable, practical and stylish solid wood floors, which can be delivered to any address in mainland UK.

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