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Hiring a professional window replacement company is not always an easy task. There are several factors that make this industry a tough one.

First, there are many people out there who call themselves window replacement pros. Look under 'Windows' in the phone book and you will see what we mean…there are tons of window replacement companies listed in each area. Also, there are many other window replacement pros that don't professionally advertise. How do you choose from the hundreds of contractors that are available and promoting the same thing?

Second, the barriers to calling oneself a professional window replacement company are small. People don't necessarily need a lot of fancy equipment or tools to start a window replacement business. Therefore, individuals that have hammered a few nails before can try to trick you into believing they are a highly skilled and experienced window company. If you have a truck, a tool belt, and a business card you could fool a lot of people! These are usually pros that don't have a selection of windows to choose from because they don't have suppliers.
Finally, there is the fact that there are tons of different options out there when deciding to replace a window. You will want an experienced window professional that can make suggestions and supply you with the right windows for your needs.

So what do you do when looking for a window replacement company?

We recommend:

• Look at the available options for windows in your area. Some are energy efficient, some open a certain way, and some are custom ordered. Decide if you want the hassle of ordering your own windows or if you want a company that will take you all the way through the process.
• Ask your friends and neighbors to see if they have had good or bad experiences with a local window replacement

company. Simply knowing that another person has had a good experience with a window company prior to calling them lessens your chance of hiring a problem.

• If you have the time, call a few window replacement

companies to look at your job. This will help you determine fair market price. This does not mean you should always go with the lowest price, you should go with the company you feel most comfortable with, who is offering the best products, and who you feel will do the best job. If an individual is offering a real low price you should ask yourself "why?".

• Make sure the company or individual has insurance. As mentioned above there are many fly-by-night window replacement companies that may not be insured. If you skip this part you could be held liable for an uninsured window replacement worker's injury at your house. They should also have liability insurance. If they do something that ruins a major area of your house they should be insured to pay for their mistakes.

• Ask the window replacement company what types of windows they suggest using. If you are looking for an extremely low price, the window replacement company may offer a lower quality window. It is worth the extra money to make sure that your windows are of acceptable quality…otherwise you will pay more money in the long run. Ask about warrantees, energy efficiency, and styles of available products.

• Always get a statement of work performed in writing. Keep this filed away. Make sure the statements clearly lay out what work is to be performed.

• Ask he company if their work and products come with guarantees. Make sure you get these things in writing. These are all factors to weigh when looking at the total estimates left by different window replacement companies. Most window warranties from window companies are only good if the product is installed properly..another reason to make sure you hire a quality pro.

• Some window replacement companies require an upfront payment. If you have hired a smaller window replacement service, and they require money upfront to help pay for materials, make sure you have a refund policy stated in your agreement if they end up not working out. Also, this upfront amount should never be over 30% of the total cost of your job.

• Check in on the window replacement company's progress regularly…try to catch potential problems or misunderstandings before it is too late.

Good luck with your window replacement needs!

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BrittneyMonday, August 29, 2011

It's not very difficult to do. You can read the research paper and try to do this.

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