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The latest Kitchen Vent Hoods offer such a wide range of styles, functions and prices that it can be difficult deciding on the right one for your home.

Style options include square and cylidrical chimneys that rest on angular or rounded bodies with stainless steel or glass hoods - (see examples below).

And as well as deciding on shape you can also choose from the popular stainless steel or brushed steel finishes or all white or all black, the latest designs come with a stainless steel chimney on a brightly colored hood!

Kitchen Vent Hoods
for your Cooking Lifestyle

While the style is an important consideration when incorporating trendy kitchen vent hoods into your kitchen, it's also important to sort through the kitchen range hoods to find the one that best suits your cooking needs.

Everyday cooking for the whole family will require one of the more robust kitchen exhaust hoods that extends over the whole cooking range to get rid of the cooking fumes, steam, grease and carbon monoxide.

If you have ever fried in a kitchen without a vent you will know how quickly a grease film builds up on your kitchen cabinets and everything other surface!.

Cooking for two a few days of the week means that your busy lifestyle results in less cooking fumes and grease build up in your kitchen and you may well be satisfied with one of the lighter models - in this case style may be more important than function for kitchen range hoods.

Kitchen Vent Hoods - Pricing

It's important to decide on a reasonable budget for kitchen vent hoods before you see the incredible choice now available at vastly different price ranges - the more functions and controls you have - the more you will have to pay.

It's important to include the installation of a duct in your budget - the steamy greasy vented air needs to go somewhere and the duct connects kitchen vent hoods to the exterior of your home.

Vented Fans are a more popular option that recirculation fans - a vented fan will suck the cooking fumes out of the kitchen and through the duct literally throwing it outside - while recirculation fans work harder to clean the greasy steam through the intensive use of filters so that it can be re-circulated back into your kitchen.

Kitchen Vent Hoods - Basic Styles

kitchen exhaust hoods picture of options

The first graphic represents a rectangle minimalist design which is very sleek and chic - it sits against the wall and encompasses the width of the whole kitchen range - this works well in larger kitchen designs.

The middle graphic shows that the industrial kitchen look is well covered by this square stainless steel chimney, body and hood.

The third graphic shows a pleasing mixture of a stainless steel tubular chimney and vent body with a slimline stainless steel kitchen hood.

Kitchen Vent Hoods - New Designs

kitchen vent hoods - new style options

While the industrial kitchen look is in, the new designs are an adaptation to suit styles of contemporary and classical kitchens. Stainless steel chimneys are now being mixed with colored bodies and glass hoods.

The first graphic depicts probably the most popular of the kitchen vent hoods on the market today, combining the traditional stainless steel with the lighter look and light reflecting qualities of a curved glass which helps funnel the fumes up and out of your kitchen.

The second graphic gives us an idea of how much kitchen vent hoods are changing in design to a friendlier exterior which is more easily integrated into the modern kitchen look.

The cold seriousness of stainless steel is giving way to the round colored body of the kitchen vent which detracts the eye visually away from the height of the stainless steel chimney and back into the kitchen - the blue goes really well with the natural reflections in the curved glass hood.

And the secret benefit is - while fingers are much more likely to touch the hood and body than the chimney - the colored body and easy to clean glass hood don't show every little fingerprint as much as on stainless steel.

Kitchen Vent Hoods - Location

Kitchen Vent Hoods that are designed to be placed against the wall above your cooking range will have a straight back and angled or curved front.

While kitchen vent hoods especially designed to drop down over your kitchen island design will be equal on both sides - rounded chimneys and vent bodies will be round all the way around - make sure you buy the right design for the location of your cooking range.

Both of the above styles work very well - due to the design details - which means that they lend themselves as ideal kitchen island hoods.

Kitchen Vent Hoods
Specifications to LOOK out for...

  • Widths vary greatly - measure for the most convenient size for your range without the overall size overpowering your kitchen.
  • Filters - the priority here is how easy they are to remove and clean (is it dishwasher proof!) - the system is not going to work if the filters block up. Also check availability and pricing of replacement filters. Look into the option of a carbon filter and for metal mesh filters for whichever kitchen vent hoods you decide to buy.
  • 3 Speed Fans - light cooking will not require you to put the system on full speed - it's very handy to be able to vary the speeds of the fans to meet your various cooking needs. Look out for hoods with a booster speed and also for a model with an automatic delayed shut off.
  • Extraction Rate - this is the power used to pull out the cooking air from over the range - the higher the rate - the higher the cost of this kitchen aid appliance - check out a demo model before you buy so that you can hear noise differences depending on the extraction rate.
  • Integrated Lighting - lighting is so important over your cooking work area - new models provide 2 - 4 halogen lights as down lighters - and they look good too.

Kitchen Vent Hoods are designed to remove the stale air and condensation build up while you are cooking, they have a valuable purpose - and while the vent you choose MUST meet safety standards - it can now also be a visual asset to your kitchen design.

I hope that this article gives you an insight into the kitchen vent hoods industry and the direction in design that it is taking, choosing a design that will stand the test of time, is easy to use and easy to clean and that includes all the touch controls that you need is key to a long lasting installation.

Some of the biggest names in quality kitchen range hoods are Belling, Hotpoint, Bosch, Neff and Smeg, these models provide a distinguised asset to your kitchen remodeling and to your home improvement project.

- It's time to improve the air in your kitchen with your choice of Kitchen Vent Hoods

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