Tableware of Salt and Pepper Sets

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Give your guests the finest sea salt and freshly pounded black pepper in these chunky little pots. Clear glass shows off the black and white of your condiments and looks great in the centre of the table.

Stainless steel cutlery sets made from hard-wearing, recyclable stainless steel, which is made from a high proportion of recycled materials and simply oozes sophisticated style. Beautiful wooden tongs and spatulas which are made from sustainable sourced wood and cool salt and pepper sets made from reused pool balls.

Salt and Pepper Set can be found at almost any antique store, thrift store or flea market. These collectibles appear to be a favorite among avid kitchen item collectors, and the rarer the pair, the more valuable they often are. Here are some tips for how to collect salt and pepper shakers. Salt and pepper shakers are containers with lids or stoppers and holes in the top to shake out salt and pepper. They are often sold together in a set. Many salt and pepper shakers are decorative and are considered collectibles.
Look into collecting salt and pepper shakers that are in series. Series sets are always more collectible and desirable. Inspect the shakers for any signs of damage, cracking or paint peeling. Salt is naturally corrosive and over time will erode away paint and plastic. Stoppers may be missing but can easily be replaced. Test all working parts on nodes and mechanical salt and pepper shakers.

Be aware that many salt and pepper sets are a married set. Married sets are different pieces brought together to form one seemingly matched set.

If your table is falling flat, a salt-and-pepper set can enliven the landscape Black and white are standard issue, but unexpected shapes or a hint of color can spice up any setting. For more details

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