What is Industrial Floor Paint?

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Industrial floor paint is, as the name indicates, paint that is specifically formulated for use on floors in an industrial setting. There are several types to choose between. Understanding what they are is an important part of deciding which type of paint to buy and use in your factory, warehouse, yard, retail outlet or office. There are two main types of industrial floor paint available.

Interior Industrial Floor Paint

The most common type is designed for interior use. This paint comes in two main finishes, matt and gloss. A high gloss finish looks great, but may not be suitable in every setting.
In an area with heavy traffic, the gloss finish may not last long without a lot of cleaning and polishing. Marks and dust will also show up more on a floor with a high gloss finish. In some cases, a matt finish is more practical, although it does not look as nice.

As well as thinking about how the floor will look, consider what it will take to maintain that floor. Spending a little more and buying a good quality paint that will last for several years is, in the long-term, a far better option than using a cheap paint.

You also need to think about safety. In some areas, anti-slip paint should be used. It is also possible to buy anti-static floor paint.

Exterior Industrial Floor Paint
The other main type of industrial floor paint is exterior paint. This type of paint is ideal for tasks like marking up parking plots or painting directions on a floor.

Regardless, of what type of floor paint you decide to buy you need to make sure that you understand what it takes to apply and maintain that paint. The area you paint will be out of bounds during the painting and drying process. You will need to plan for this and adapt your business to manage for the time that this floor is not available to you. If you choose self-levelling paint, you have to bear in mind that the whole floor space will be out of bounds until it has dried.

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