How Important is the Right Coffee Table?

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Coffee tables are a lot more important than many people give them credit for. Not only can your coffee table say a great deal about you, but more often than not the wrong choice of coffee table can leave your room lacking in many ways.

Any contemporary furniture choice is likely to have a reflection on the owner. However, a coffee table is more than a normal piece of modern dining room furniture; instead, it is a centrepiece to the room, and a thing around which many conversations will take place and, as such, not only will it command the attention of every single guest, but it will also need to be practical enough to meet a whole range of demands.

Without a good coffee table, the room can feel almost oppressive. In most cases, less will be more, but by removing certain pieces of contemporary furniture from a room, you risk leaving any guests feeling like they are at a loose end.
Coffee tables can be the perfect place to put photos and books, not to mention to rest feet and drinks, and not only are they needed for practical purposes, but they are also likely to actually help kick-start conversations in many cases too.

A coffee table will have many different uses. It needs to be practical yet attractive, functional yet interesting, and ultimately it needs to give the room a sense of focus. The right coffee table can say more about you than you realise and can also totally change the atmosphere in your home when you have people over.

In short, a coffee table does far more than any other piece of designer furniture and therefore, whilst in many cases far less thought will be paid to a coffee table than to other items of modern living room furniture, in reality it should be the piece that has the greatest focus.

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