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   Tacking up your horse is as necessary as you need to bath and dress up yourself. It provides makes your horse fit by look and health both. It is also imperative to training the horse. Tacking up a horse includes grooming and preparing the horse for riding. Saddles, halters, bridles, bits, reins, harnesses, breastplates, martingales are important equipments and accessories used for tacking up horses. Do you know how to tack up your horse? If not, would you like to learn tacking up? Learn some important tips and suggestions which will assist you to tack up your horse correctly so that you can keep your horse fit and enjoy riding smoothly.

Saddling the Horse

   Saddling the horse is important. It provides comfortable sitting for riders. Here are tips for saddling the horse.

(i) Put the saddle pad on the back of your horse, covering the withers.

(ii) Place the saddle tenderly on the pad, leaving gaps in the frond and back. Do not put saddle harshly or with force.

(iii) Fasten the belt with at least enough room for two fingers.

(iv) When fastening the belt, do not rush or hurry. Take your time.

(v) It would be best if you talk to your horse in a low voice to placate him.

(vi) Make sure you have fastened the belt of girth securely.

(vii) Make sure all the straps are straight and not twisted.

Bridling the Horse

   Once you have finished saddling your horse, it is time to bridling. Putting on headstalls is termed as bridling. It is very important to bridling is horse for smooth, safe and comfortable running. Here are some important tips and guidelines for bridling your horse.

(i) Stand next to your horse’s side.

(ii) Put the reins over the horse neck.

(iii) Stand next to the horse’s head facing the same direction the horse is facing.

(iv) Gently remove the halter. Talk to the horse to comfort him.

(v)Gently put untangled bridle on the horse head and gently place bit into the horse’s mouth.

(vi) Fasten the throat latch smoothly and securely.

   Now your horse is well-saddles and bridled. Now your may enjoy riding smoothly and safely. Your horse will also feel comfortable. Remember, these tips and suggestion might help you tacking up your horse by yourself. But it is advisable that you should take proper training on how to tack up a horse correctly.

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