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Stamp collecting is a hobby in which many people enjoy. Some people are basic collectors and some work at this pastime with huge enthusiasm spending a vast amount of time on each collection. There are many collections to be had from all around the world symbolising many different dates, occasions, pastimes and even animals of the world.

Animals and even birds on stamps appeals to many stamp collectors as it has the most choice and vast amount of stamps to collect, nearly every single bird of the world has been placed on a stamp at some point or other. Collectors can certainly build a great collection with the different amount of pictures of birds on stamps from around the world such as birds of prey, predator birds, seagulls etc.

So where would you start your birds on stamps collection? Well you either choose different types of birds from a specific country or build a collection around a type of bird. You can search lists and lists of birds on stamps either by searching a country or the type of bird you are wanting to build your collection around for example you may want to build a collection on birds of prey in which you can search which country the particular stamps came from and how many there are to collect.

Once starting your birds on stamps collection you can build on this and find out some fascinating facts about each bird, the stamp and date itself and also the history of each stamp. With this, stamp collecting whether your collection is based on birds on stamps or any other type of stamp you may wish to collect becomes extremely interesting and an informative hobby in which you can build your knowledge on specific topics around the world.

You will find in time that you will build a vast stamp collection and want to collect more and more. It’s not just about collecting these stamps but it’s about the time, the search and the feeling you will get once your specific collection at the time is collected leaving you wanting to quickly move onto the next.

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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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