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Entertainment can be described as a form of leisure activity that an individual or a group of people can take part in. This is to say that it can either be collective or individually depending on an individual interest. Entertainment provides fun, enjoyment and relaxation just to mention. Entertainment is a practice that is believed to have started millions of years ago, for instance in most African traditional society families could gather during the evening and grandparents would tell the family a story. Some would take part in traditional activities such as traditional dance, wrestling among others; most of these activities were educational.

As time goes by entertainment has continued to take various forms which are even more interesting, a story that a person could tell the audience while sitting around the fire can now be presented before a theater making it even more interesting. Today’s entertainment activities such as sports specifically running are conducted in a stadium and in addition one can take them as a profession since it provides numerous opportunities for generating income.

It is also important to note that children entertainment is centered on play, which is very important to children as scientific research show that it helps them grow. Furthermore, it is also a powerful tool to educate them, we can do this by using cartoons or puppets as they are appealing to the children. When we compare historic times and modern entertainment has taken various forms hence creating more room for the young and old to come together and engage in various activities hence strengthening the bond.
As earlier mentioned entertainment takes various forms, we focus on music as a form of entertainment and the role it plays in the world of it. Music is used to enhance storytelling, this ensure that everybody is attentive and involved in the whole process. When it comes to dance, music still stands tall. So far it remains the most popular form of entertainment in the world with concerts, classical jazz, and instrument. There are variety of instruments used when performing a song; their main purpose is to make the music more appealing to the audience.

Reading is also another form of entertainment that has been practiced from long ago, it is believed that it was among the first forms of entertainment practiced in the early century. This was so because other forms of entertainment were considered to be expensive for most of the people to afford, reading as a form of entertainment has various advantages especially in the field of education.

Finally we take a look at dance as a form of entertainment; there are different forms of dance depending with religion and cultural background. It is used mostly to express cultural history or to emphasize on a certain aspect in a story. This is done by adding dramatization on the dance so as to ensure the intended massage has been communicated effectively to the audience. It is important to note that dance is powerful form of entertainment.

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