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Are you getting back into biking or upgrading your current ride? Choosing a top notch bike is important. You might be an impulsive buyer or the kind that puts in hours of research. Surosa Cycles research every bike before adding it to their stocks so you know when you buy Cannondale mountain bikes from Surosa you’re getting outstanding equipment. Of course you still have to decide on the style of bike and set your price range but Surosa have halved the effort of choosing a new bike immediately.

So what style of bike is right for you? Choosing Cannondale mountain bikes is your first smart choice. This brand is well respected in the mountain biking community. They’re known to produce strong and reliable bicycles with excellent off road capability. Cannondale mountain bikes although all suitable for off road cycling are divided into 3 categories: 29ers, full suspension and hard tail bikes. Although keen mountain bikers may know what each of these styles mean I’ll give a quick summary for those who don’t.

29ers (two-niners) refer to the diameter of your wheels i.e. 29 inches across. These are reportedly slightly heavier than smaller wheels but through their weight provide additional rolling resistance and stability. Hardtail frames mean that the frame and fork of the bike are rigid. This is more traditional than full suspension but is tougher on the rider as the impact of the terrain is not softened by the suspension. Full suspension Cannondale mountain bikes are based on modern designs and follow the trend toward suspension forks. These give the rider a smoother ride overall, though are less suited to racing.
If you’re also shopping around for a road bike Surosa’s stock of Cube road bikes is fantastic. Mountain suitable bicycles tend to feel heavy on the road so adding another, lighter style of ride to your collection means you’ll have a bike to get around on too. Trust Surosa for an outstanding selection of both Cube and Cannondale mountain bikes.
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