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If you are decorating a room, do not forget to replace your door handles. It is surprising how much old door handles can detract from the overall look of a freshly decorated room.

When it comes to interior design attention to detail really is important. Small things that are wrong really detract. They are distracting and draw the eye. New door furnishings do not cost a lot, so it is well worth spending the money to finish off a room.

The same is true of your front door, or other exterior doors. If you paint those doors, consider buying new door furnishings to finish the job off.

If you have, new windows fitted also consider changing your door handles. Doing so will bring the overall look of the outside of your home or work together and produce a far more polished look.

If you change the style of your garden, also consider looking for new handles, knockers etc. An Edwardian door opening out onto a colonial style garden will just look odd. If you change the door furnishings to something simpler, you will complete the look of your new garden.

Buying Door Handles

However, do not make the mistake of simply buying the cheapest handles you can find. Bear in mind that they get a lot of use. Consider for a moment how frequently you go in and out of a room each day. Your door furnishings will soon look tatty and stop working properly if you buy cheap fittings.

One of the best kinds of door handles are brass ones. They are extremely hardwearing and always look good. Modern brass handles are easy to maintain, they are lacquered, so keeping them clean is just a simple matter of wiping them over.

The great thing about them is that they come in a huge range of styles. It is even possible to find brass handles that look right with today's minimalist styles.

If you buy the same door handles for every door in your house, consider buying a spare one. That way of one of the handles breaks, and cannot be repaired, you will have a replacement and will not have to change all of the door handles throughout the house to keep them matching. 

Buying door handles from World of Brass is quick and easy. They stock a huge range, at great prices and delivery is always fast.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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