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There is nothing worse than going into your new neighbour's living room and realising it looks exactly like yours. We all like to feel that our homes are special and unique. They are a reflection of us, of who we are, of our tastes, and, to some extent, of our values.

Naturally, we do not like to feel we are simply following the crowd when it comes to our homes. However, on the other hand most of us like to keep up with fashion and enjoy refreshing our home decor to bring it up to date. So, how do you get the balance right?, and end up with a home that is comfortable and modern, yet does not look like it came out of a flat pack.

Well, the key to this is how you accessorise your home. Accessories are the simplest way to give your home a unique feel and look. They do far more than just finish off a home. The right accessories look good, are practical to use, and reflect your personality.

Cast Your Net Wide

If you only shop on the High Street, you will inevitably end up buying the same accessories as your neighbours. There are some lovely home accessories available in the big chains, so you will find some items there. However, bear in mind that they sell several hundred thousand of each item. If you buy all of your nick naks from them, your home will end up looking just like thousands of others.

Take the time to shop in some of the smaller in independent shops as well. Look for a few second hand items, at boot sales, in antique shops and charity shops.

Use the Web

Do not forget to search online. There are some fantastic independent retailers on the web. To stay in business and compete with the big chains they have to offer something special. This means that the small teams who run these firms work hard. They find truly unique home accessories that you simply cannot buy elsewhere. Their pricing is usually also very good. Buying online gives you a huge choice and the chance to buy some beautiful, and really special home accessories.

My Home Sweet Home sells a great range of unique home accessories. This family run firm is constantly updating their range, so you will always find something new and fresh on their site.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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