How to Buy a Pre-Assembled Lighting System for a Bathroom

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Lighting is an often overlooked element in bathroom design. The right light can make your bathroom both safer and more relaxing. By adding a pre-assembled lighting system, you can add task lighting over the vanity or mood lighting in the tub area.


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Step One

View your bathroom at different times of th day with the current lighting turned on and off to get a feel for how much lighting you need.

Step Two

Decide whether you want to replace existing lighting or add to it.

Step Three

Check existing fixtures and wiring to decide if you will use them, or whether you want to add to or replace the fixtures.

Step Four

Decide where you want to place lights in your bathroom. Use layers of light as you would in any other room.

Step Five

Decide how many fixtures you need in the bathroom to provide the right lighting for each task.

Step Six

Decide the type of lights you want to use. Track and rail systems offer a great deal of versatility, but you can also choose from bars of vanity lights and recessed lights.

Step Seven

Decide on the type of bulbs that you want to use. Low voltage lights are an excellent design choice for bathrooms.

Step Eight

Sketch the floor plan of your bathroom and take it with you to a lighting or hardware store for professional advice.

Step Nine

Consider both the up front costs of installation and the continuing costs of bulb replacement and energy costs when comparing prices.

Step Ten

Choose light housings and fixtures that complement your bathroom décor.

Step Eleven

Make sure that you have all the supplies you need for installation before you leave the store.

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