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Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans are considered by many experts, not to mention regular kitchen-goers like you and I, to be the very best vanilla bean on the market. The rich and glossy beans are carefully grown in Madagascar, a process that is extremely time-intensive, and then carefully shipped abroad. It therefore stands to reason that we should take particular care when it comes to using these magnificent foodstuffs.

Storing Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

It might seem more obvious to look at how to use Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans first but if you consider it carefully, knowing how to correctly store these beans should be your number on priority. After all, the chances that you’ll use these beans the moment your package arrives is highly unlikely.

To get the most out of Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans you should take particular care when it comes to storage. Take the beans from their packaging and place them into a sealable plastic bag. This can be a zip-lock style bag or one that uses sandwich ties. This bag should then be placed into an airtight container. This method should prevent the scent and flavors of the vanilla beans transferring to other foodstuffs.

Whilst it may be tempting, you should not place your Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans into the refrigerator. The cold temperature can result in the beans becoming brittle or even crystalizing. Both can have a negative impact on the quality of beans. However, the presence of some crystals on your beans is not necessarily a bad thing; it merely shows that the particular bean is high in vanillin.

Using Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

There are a number of things you can do when it comes to using your Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans that will maximize your use of these gourmet beans. Firstly, although it should be obvious, it’s worth noting that all beans should be handled with care. Minimal touching will help to keep them in a fine state.

If you are looking to de-seed Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans you should place them on wax paper before cutting them open. This should ensure that you are able to recover all of the precious seeds that are extracted, allowing for better value for money. Use a sharp knife to split the bean, ensuring you cut from the center.

If your recipe requires you to simply split the Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans, ensure you also do this over wax paper, again protecting any rogue seeds. If your beans have become hardened, steam them over a pan of hot water for two to three minutes. This will allow them to soften and make extraction easier. Beans that have attracted crystals can be used without removing these, unless they are flat and dull in appearance, which is a sign of mildew.

Making further use of Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Once you’ve finished adding Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans to your recipe, you can make the most of any leftovers. For instance, any remaining seeds can be added to other standard kitchen ingredients to create a wonderful tasting article. Try crushing these seeds and adding them to your coffee granules, hot chocolate or cereal.

Seeds can also be used to create a byproduct, such as paste, powder or extract. Extract created using Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans is a particularly excellent addition to many recipes, particularly those that involve baking. Another popular derivative is vanilla sugar. This adds a new dynamic to the ordinary sweetener. It’s simple to produce also; simply break a few vanilla beans and add them to a container of regular, granulated or confectioner’s sugar. Leave for three to four weeks and the flavors will infuse, leaving you with a sweet supplement to your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Leftover Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans can be used to ferment drinks, including alcoholic beverages. Alternatively and somewhat left of field, they can be used as an air fragrance. The scent of vanilla can make a kitchen even more appealing, and is a natural substitute to artificial air-fresheners and the likes.

Ultimately, remembering to take good care of your Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans from the moment you receive them will allow you to get the most out of them, both ingredients-wise and financially.


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