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Do you want to know how make your own vanilla extract out of Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans? You will be surprised to know that it is very easy. The main thing needed to create the best vanilla extract is time. Before you can use the vanilla extract for any recipe, you need to let the mixture ferment for at least two months, but the wait is really worth it. By producing your own vanilla extract from Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans you can surely save plenty of money. You can also give this as a gift to a friend for his or her birthday or during the holidays. The vanilla extract that you can produce is much better than any store-bought vanilla extract. Most vanilla extract that is readily available at your local grocery store is made from synthetic ingredients that come from chemicals so it is not a natural or gourmet vanilla extract.

This ingredient will surely change the flavor of any dessert or cooked foods and make them tasty beyond your expectations. The extract that you can produce can be used to flavor things like cake, frosting, ice cream, cookies, coffee and even tobacco. The extract is not only for vanilla flavored desserts, but it can be used to enhance the main ingredients of other types of recipes including seafood. You can even add vanilla extract to your vodka drink and you will love its different taste. Vanilla extract can also be given as gift to a friend for any special occasion. Simply follow the steps below to produce a vanilla extract that will surely be the hit of any happy gift giving occasion.

The first thing that you need is a 1 litre of vodka and 10 Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans. You can use 1 liter of vodka and you can buy your vanilla beans from any reputable online store. I have had great luck getting my vanilla beans from Olive Nation. Once you get your vanilla beans, then you need to remove the seeds from the pod by cutting each lengthwise and scraping out the seeds inside. It is better if you use wax paper and place it over the table as you scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod. The wax paper can help you recover all seeds inside the pod. You need to place the seeds that you have scraped together with the pods inside the bottle of vodka and let it sit for two months. Make sure that the bottle is tightly sealed to prevent any air from entering. Store the bottle in a cool, dark area like your pantry and make sure it is away from direct sunlight. Just shake the bottle once a week and you’ll be all set.
After two months of aging the vodka with vanilla seeds and pods, you need to filter it using a gold coffee filter in order to separate the seeds as well as the bean fibers from the vodka. This type of coffee filter can be found at WalMart for about five dollars. Do not throw away the beans and pods once you’ve filtered them out of the vodka because you can continue to use them until they have lost their flavor. Instead, save them by placing them inside another bottle of vodka and begin the process again. It is important not to discard the vanilla beans pod, because Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans are one of the most expensive types of vanilla beans.

You can give the vanilla extract as gifts if you purchase smaller bottles in 4oz and 8oz sizes. Use a funnel to pour the vanilla extract into the new bottles and add your own personal touch with a personalized label or beautiful ribbons. This is a perfect gift for Christmas or any special occasion. And the Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans are perfect for this recipe.

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