Cooking with Vanilla Bean - A Simple Way to Add Flavor to Any Meal

Food & Cooking Cooking Tips Cooking with Vanilla Bean - A Simple Way to Add Flavor to Any Meal

Much of the focus in cooking tends to be on things that are rather difficult. The unfortunate thing is that this tends to keep many people from taking full advantage of what cooking at home has to offer to them, because in reality, some of the things that add the most to our recipes are going to be the most simple. That isn't even to mention the fact that when you are able to take advantage of cooking at home, it can help you unwind in the evenings, and if it is done as a family, it can give you time to talk and to draw closer to each other. Although there are many things that can simplify meals, while at the same time making them taste fantastic, one thing that should not be overlooked is the simplicity and versatility of vanilla beans. What are some of the recipes that can be used for these items when making your meal so that it is special?

The first thing that I would like to mention is that although there are many different types of vanilla beans that are available, you would want to be choosier than simply picking up some vanilla extract off of the shelf of your local supermarket. Nationwide that is the case, because much of that so-called pure vanilla extract is actually not pure at all. It typically contains unnatural chemicals, and in some cases, may be designed to taste and smell like vanilla, but it contains no vanilla at all. Rather, you should only use authentic vanilla extract or a specific type of vanilla bean, known as bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans. These are considered to be the most delicious, and they come in many different forms, such as vanilla extract, vanilla paste, and vanilla powder.

If you are going to be cooking at home and eating at home regularly, it's likely that the focus of your cooking is going to be on the main dish and perhaps a side dish. If you do make desserts, that is fantastic, and authentic vanilla extract, or vanilla beans in powder or paste form, can certainly make those desserts taste great. They can also be added to many main dishes in order to have a subtle flavor that your family is sure to love as well. Many main courses, such as chicken, pork, and lamb will benefit from the addition of some type of vanilla beans. They can even be added into specific recipes, such as barbecued chicken in order to make it unique.
Your side dishes can also benefit from a little bit of vanilla extract as well. It is important to understand that when you are using vanilla beans in such a way, you're not trying to make it the focus of the food, but rather, it is to accentuate the food and to make it unique. A little bit of vanilla powder sprinkled over vegetables is going to be delicious, but don't overdo it. The same is also true with many other spices and additions to foods, such as salt and pepper. They can help bring out the taste of the food and to make it delicious, but overdoing it could easily overpower the food that you were making.

One other specific cooking suggestion that I would have for you is to mix some bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans in with Basalmic vinegar. It is the combination of the sweet and savory that is going to be a favorite of many people. The fragrance of the vanilla within the vinegar is also going to add something special to it as well. This makes the perfect base for any salad dressing, as well as to be used on cooked greens, although you may want to add a little bit of hot pepper in order to help dress those up as well.

So as you can see, there are many uses for vanilla beans, and they are a simple addition to any meal. Be sure that you keep some in your kitchen, and you will always be prepared to dress up a meal and make it extra special.

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