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   Life is full of surprises and not all of them are pleasant. Most often when an ordinary New Yorker runs into legal trouble, he is neither mentally prepared to face charges and get arrested nor financially prepared to pay huge legal fees and hire an expensive lawyer. But when your freedom and life are at stake, you need a reliable and compassionate New York Criminal Defense Lawyer to “get you out of jail, keep you out, and make the case go away."

   Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer is one decision that outweighs all other considerations when it comes to dealing with unsavory situations involving criminal law. You need to take several matters into consideration including:
•     Reputation and track record of the Criminal Defense Lawyer you intend to hire.
•     Overall experience of the lawyer with an emphasis on courtroom experience.
•     His performance in his previous cases: Is he creative enough and capable of out of the box thinking
•     Fee structure, overall expense including upfront fees.

   A good criminal defense lawyer understands that each client has needs and financial ability unlike any other, and that each case is unique which may demand unconventional solutions. A skilled attorney investigates and reviews every case personally before suggesting the best course of action. However, the most important thing is that your attorney tries to settle your case with a creative alternative and devise a settlement you approve of and can live with.
   A settlement is generally known as "plea bargaining" which helps people avoid going on trial. Entering a plea bargain does not always mean that they are guilty; people choose it for various reasons. When faced with numerous charges, a person may choose a settlement and take responsibility of significantly lesser charges so that more serious charges can be dropped. Others choose this line of action because they want the nightmare to end quickly and without much damage.

   When looking for a reputable criminal defense lawyer, bargain hunting is not a good idea. While a good attorney knows his worth and charges accordingly, his rates should be reasonable and comparable to his colleagues.

   Paszynsky Associates, a reputable law firm in Greater New York City, is completely devoted to State and Federal criminal defense. Their New York Criminal Defense Lawyer zealously defend clients in a wide range of criminal matters with consistently outstanding service and successful results. To know more about the firm or contact them, log on to

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