Why Employees Should Not Fear Making Accident Claims Against an Employer

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Whatever the industry, whatever the environment, all employees have the right to complete their work in safe surroundings. Employers have a legal requirement to implement relevant safety measures to prevent putting anyone at risk of unnecessary injury. Likewise, the people they employ must undergo any necessary safety training so that they can protect themselves against risks, as well as react appropriately should any accident occur.

Even with all these measures in place, accidents still happen. When they do, they may highlight an area that has not been considered by an employer as part of ensuring employee safety, which can mean exposing negligence and proving liability. That is why employee liability insurance is an obligation for all employers, and is why making accident claims against an employer should not cause a victim too much worry, with any pay out covered by their insurance policy.

Anyone who suffers an accident in the workplace should seek advice from a personal injury claim solicitor, so that they can ascertain whether they might be owed compensation. It is their right to do so, and fear of retribution from their employer should not jeopardise their entitlement.
These fears may be grounded in the idea that they might lose favour in their work in the future, but with employment law in the UK geared towards protecting employees, particularly those that have been the victim of accidents in the workplace previously, concerns of this nature should be eased.

With the help of a personal injury claim solicitor, anyone who feels like they have suffered because of their employer's negligence, however minor the injury may be, can discover their level of entitlement with a simple phone call. With all costs recovered from the other side, and initial enquiries free of charge, nothing should get in the way of justice following an incident in the workplace.

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Article By: Lee Malcolm

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