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Got some workplace drug testing coming up? With workplace drug testing you need to be careful about what you put into your body. The most obvious thing to avoid when you have workplace drug testing is drugs, this includes illegal and legal kinds, as some legal drugs and prescription medicines may throw up a false positive, which can be massively damaging for you.

 Sadly most people will just point the finger of blame at you instead of asking for a proper explanation, so be sure to inform those performing the workplace drug testing what medication you are on prior to the testing to see if they can adjust the results to reflect that. In terms of what else you must avoid when taking workplace drug testing, a number of foods and drinks also throw up a false positive. Sadly this is a very common occurrence because workplace drug testing is not a perfect system, and a number of false positives are thrown up during workplace drug testing for various jobs. The workplace drug testing system is in place to ensure you are of sound body and mind to perform your job correctly, in the case of athletes it is to ensure you are not taking performance enhancing drugs that may give you an unfair advantage.

In terms of other reasons why workplace drug testing would be happening for your job, high profile jobs like public office and whatnot may require workplace drug testing to ensure you are not under the influence of anything that may affect your judgement or be used against you as blackmail. In terms of what you can do to avoid workplace drug testing it is not in your best interest to do so, running from it indicates guilt and the finger may be pointed at you for not taking the workplace drug testing required. The workplace drug testing kits are similar to the ones you can take at home, so if you are concerned about false positives being thrown up be sure to try a home testing kit before you take the workplace drug testing when you have to.
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Article By: William Pollard

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