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The recession has had many effects on employment and the way that businesses are run. Redundancies, lower incomes but increasing costs, particularly in terms of travel, mean that more people are making the move towards working from home or starting their own home-based business. However, unless you already have a spare room in your home, creating an office space that is conducive to work isn’t easy. Staying motivated while working from home is one of the hardest aspects of this kind of work and your working environment will play a major part of this.

Dedicated garden studios can be created to different specifications and can make a real difference to the way you work. Kit out your new home office with everything you need and keep it as a dedicated workspace just for you and your business needs. Separate garden offices allow you to go ‘out’ to work and then come ‘home’ at the end of your working day, stopping you from getting waylaid by household tasks and other distractions.

What’s more having garden offices, rather than a room in the house or extension, allow you to meet clients if need be without you having to let them into your personal home space. Keep your office as a completely professional space in which you can carry out all of your business operations. You’ll have everything you need to run your business too – heating, light and power. Most WiFi modems will emit signal that can be reached in the garden, so you’ll be able to have internet without any hassle too.
Most garden studios won’t need planning permission either, although this will of course depend on the size you choose. You can usually just choose your studio and have it erected in just a few weeks without any fuss, however.

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Article By: Shaun Davison

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