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You have probably seen the pitch to turn your home computer into a cash machine, some accompanied by good graphics of a computer looking like an ATM. Money is not going to come out of any slot of your system and these hyped ads are usually just that, hype. Earning money at home with your computer is possible, but similar to an ATM, to get money out of it you have to have money in your account.

In order to make money from your computer you have to put some work into it.You have just bought a new computer and have extra time on your hands and are looking for ways to help pay the bills or to help offset the cost of a special vacation you want to take. You have heard of a lot of people making a lot of money by working from home on their computer and start looking into ways to earn extra money with your computer.
The offers are out there and if you are not careful you can end up spending a ton of money on promises and dreams. Always remember that promises that seem to be too good to be true, will be. Always think through any offer you receive, be it through email, a pop up ad or even in the newspapers help wanted section. Even online job sites are not immune from the work at home advertisers looking to take your money.

Read the ad carefully and ask how this or any company can afford to offer this and why. Once you start asking questions, you will soon realize that they can and will not. The ad is just to get your money, making someone else money. There are companies that will pay you for your expertise and if you are willing to share your knowledge, you can make extra cash from home.

For example, a proven manager can write articles relating to business and some outlets are willing to pay you to write them. You may have to offer some sage business advice columns to your local newspaper at first for free to get your name out but once people start following what your write, your credibility increases and your value rises and you can charge for your columns.

Speech writing can also provide a decent income and many experts in certain fields can sit at their home computer and put together speeches for a companys top executives to deliver to shareholders, employees or other gatherings. While many major companies have a public relations or marketing department to write speeches there are many smaller companies that look for freelancers to put words in their mouths. A good speech writer will see a lot of repeat and referred business.
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Article By: Obinna Heche

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