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In the current economic downturn there is an undeniable pressure to decrease headcount, support costs and office expenses. At the same time companies must focus on attracting and retaining high caliber talent from the global marketplace. Ultimately, this process of de-weeding and planting new seeds will increase organizational effectiveness and mitigate business risks from a multitude of sources. Companies that implement achievement metrics such as Key Performance Initiatives tied to compensation get the most out of their investment in talent by giving them the goals, tools and incentives to produce superior business results.

So when times get tough, the one expense you absolutely can’t afford is a de-motivated workforce. Organizations undergoing restructuring efforts need proper training and guidance to ensure the employees remains motivated, energized and challenged to attain market domination.

* Energize de-motivated employees
* Reduce pressure in the workplace
* How to deal with fear factors (boss fear, team mates, customers etc etc)
* Direct your team to decide to adopt what attitude to be top performers
* Realign team around organizational priorities
The payback you get by revitalizing your work force is staggering:

* A positive workplace environment
* Enhanced sales and efficiency
* New and exciting opportunities emerge

The lack of information about critical operating costs is a major reason why so many companies have been slow to adopt distributed or flexible work programs. The last several months in the global financial markets have shown us that investment decisions made with less than sufficient information which can be disastrous for business organizations.

David E Simpson is a Director Investment at Starling Group

Article By: David E Simpson

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