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If you think about, calendars seem to be some of the most subtle commercial printing products that your commercial printer would be able to print for you. You may not realize it, but with each time you need to check on a date or an important business meeting, you are getting a dose of marketing as you take a glance at your commercially printed calendar. In case you want to have a hand in helping people monitor the days with a unique calendar, read on in order to find out some calendar designs that you alone would never have come up with by yourself.

One of the things you could do to ensure that the people who use your calendar will have a constant interaction with your printing product is to turn all of the dates in the calendar into scratch-off portions like those you would find in the sweepstakes. This is a good way to help customers remember the date, because memories are better kept with tactile stimulation rather than simple reading and memorization. You could even print out some special calendars with prizes to claim under the scratched-off portions, because if there is one thing that people love, it is being surprised with having won something unexpectedly.

Also, in order to create a truly unique calendar design, it is imperative that you forget the generic image you have of a calendar in your mind. That rectangular page with the days printed out in groups and columns? Forget about this, because there are ways to print out dates other than this predictable and boring method. Some ideas that have so far already been implemented are calendars made out of matchsticks, legos, ink, and even some calendars made out of pin buttons. Whatever you choose, as long as you can print out the dates of the year, may become very effective calendars.
Finally, calendars provide a mere repetition of the different days, months, and years, which in essence are merely repetitive concepts. Some sources even say that even old calendars become valid again every 28 years, so it is quite an idea to be able to create a calendar that could possibly be used indefinitely as long as you make some adjustments every year or so. Not only is this a cool idea, but it can also reduce the paper wastes associated with printing out calendars because it would reduce the need to create that many new prints. Just think of the convenience of not needing to buy a new calendar with each year that passes.

As long as you keep in mind the primary purpose of calendars, which is to be able to help people manage their schedules, you can implement practically any kind of calendar out of commercial printing. You may need to give out a detailed explanation to your commercial printer on what kind of calendar you want printed, but if you have chosen a reliable printer, your request will be handled well without any problems. So ditch the boring old calendar designs and keep up with the new world.

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